The Purge Election Year

The Purge Election Year is the third entry in the Purge series that is about certain given time during the mouth were all crimes including murder is legal and everyone has  12 hours from the time it starts to commit whatever crime they want .
The first Purge movie was more of a home invasion film were the sequels including this one take it more open world were we get to see these people commit murder on the streets along with different locations around the city.
The basic plot for this one is about a  senator by the name of Charlie Roan played by Elizabeth Mitchell who trying to put a end to the purge after her family is killed by a crazed person on Purge night. With her being a threat to ending the purge the founding fathers set up a plan to try to kill her along with everyone else who plans to stand with her on stoping the purge.
There are some returning cast members from the other Purge films in this movie we got Frank Grillo who played Leo Barnes in The Purge Anarchy returning in this one. He senator Charlie Roan head  security bodyguard and the person who has to protect her on purge night.
I do have to say Frank Grillo performance as Leo Barne again is probably one of the highlights of this film for me. I do really enjoyed how his character was just as smart and deadly as he was last Purge movie plus there was some pretty cool fight scenes with him in this movie.
We also got Edwin Hodge who plays Dante  Bishop returning. Bishop character was the homeless guy being hunted in the first film and the person who was fighting with a  rebellion in the second movie to stop the purge. His character is pretty much doing the same thing in this one but the difference is we got more onscreen time with him which I like.
There are some new added characters we follow with Frank and the Roan characters such a deli shop owner by name of Joe Dixon, his  assistant  Marcos,and his EMT  Laney Rucker. Each character has there own reason for what they are doing out on Purge night and why there doing what they are doing.
There are some pretty cool over the top violences in this film that are down right laughable but that the thing about The Purge series I like there are parts that are dark and serous while there are other parts were your going to laugh just because how over the top it can be with the kills.
For me The Purge Election Year is fun enjoyable film for what it is and for fans of this series like me I think you will enjoy this film just as much as you enjoyed the others in the series.
Overall I would give the film a solid 4 out of 5 stars and say check it out if your a fan of this series.