The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you are gone for the day? Some may say yes, some may say no; I’m one of the yes people! So heres the movie review to a movie that answers that main question; I’m reviewing The Secret Life of Pets!
In the film: We are met by a back story about our main pet…Max (Louis C.K.) who introduces his best friend in the whole wide world Katie (Ellie Kemper) who found Max when he was a puppy in a box that said “Free Puppies” so Katie took Max home and they have been together ever since. However Max tells us there is a time he hates the most. Is the time when Katie has to leave for the day; which then our main story begins. Max is there waiting at the door hoping Katie comes home soon, while Max is waiting we see the cat Chloe (Lake Bell), Buddy (Hannibal Buress), Mel (Bobby Moynihan), and other pets in what they are going to do to start off the day. Chloe chooses to not go for cat food but instead eat an entire cooked turkey and strawberry cake by herself. Buddy the wiener dog chooses to do chaos and massages with the humans electricals. Mel the pug chooses to take the chair and stand guard from the evil of the outside that tries invading his home like squirrels. Leonard the poodle dog chooses to rock out in heavy metal style while his owner is gone. And then theres Gidget (Jenny Slate) who chooses to make conversation with Max and go on with her big crush on him too. When Katie returns home she has a big surprise to reveal to Max; he now has a little brother named Duke (Eric Stonestreet) the two dogs don’t get along at first by Katie hopes for the best. Duke instantly puts his paw down saying hes there to stay.
The next day when Katie leaves, Max begins his plot to get rid of Duke but Duke does everything to stop Max from ruining the home to try to get rid of him. When it comes time for Duke and Max and everyone else’s walk, Max chooses to try to show off that he has rule over Duke. But Duke has other plans and attacks Max, when the two dogs end up in a alley way, Duke tries to throw Max away in a trash can. However Duke didn’t realize he was in a alley way home of cats. Max and Duke try their best to escape but the cats take their collars, but the one that was truly a sinister little guy was the little blue kitten that attacked Max. When animal control comes, the cats scatter, which leads to our two dogs to being taken by animal control. All seems to be lost until what seems to be a cute little bunny that stands in the middle of the road that the vehicle stops. One of the guys gets out and ends up being attacked by the crazy, insane bunny named Snowball (Kevin Hart) who works on getting his team member out of one of the cells in the vehicle, while the crazy pig Tattoo (Micheal Beattie) ends up driving the vehicle. Snowball ends up liking Max and Duke so he bails them out too and they all end up going to the lair of forgotten pets (I know sounds like an awesome lair but its in the sewers).
Once they are in the lair, Snowball being the sick sadistic bunny he is wanted to know how Max and Duke killed their owner (because they said they did) so they try saying it easily but Snowball wants details, gory, chaotic details! So then they try explaining they killed their owner with a blender; Snowball loves that and then remembers his first human killer which was a duck (taps always played when they showed the ducks photo) everything was going great until the alley cats reveal they have lied to Snowball and all of the forgotten pets are then ordered to kill them. Which leads to the death of Horned Viper because Max ended up having boulders land on top of it. Which leads to Snowball plotting his revenge against Max and Duke.
Max and Duke escape the sewers, then leads them to a sausage factory, the two dogs get into the factory and have a massive feast by eating all the sausages they can devour (which then leads the dogs into a 4 minute trippy/high episode after eating so many sausages). But the dogs are almost caught by animal control again, but when Duke is caught, Max makes it his mission to get Duke back. Max is then chased by Snowball and Tattoo who are trying to kill Max. But during the chase, Tattoo the pig is then caught by animal control. Which leads to Snowball and Max teaming up.
Will Max get Duke back? Will Snowball stop being a sick and sadistic bunny? Will I stop asking questions…Probably not! Go see the movie it will be better!
Now I have to be honest, I was one of the people who thought this would be a nice and fluffy animal piece that Universal Animation Studios chose to do; well I was wrong and instead I laughed throughout the entire movie! This movie is literally one of the best animated comedies of 2016! I especially loved Kevin Hart in this movie, his voice acting for Snowball matched his personality perfectly. Its like there was no better character for Kevin Hart to play.
I give this film 5 out of 5 stars for perfect voice acting, perfect 3D compositing and amazing 3D modeling skills that Illumination/Universal Animation studios provided for this film!
The Secret of Life of Pets is now out in theaters