Killjoys (S02E02) "Wild, Wild Westerley" Review

“Breaking the Wall”
Dutch has a weird morning where she hallucinates her mirror self acting on it’s own. D’avin walks in but Dutch lies and says she’s fine. D’avin attempts to flirt but it passes over Dutch’s head as she puts him in the friend zone now. John, D’avin, and Dutch go to the RAC to become a three man team again and guess who walks in… Their old paranoid boss Turin shows up. You really shouldn’t put your boss flat on his back and check his stitches but Dutch and the team wanted to make sure he wasn’t Level Sixed. He wasn’t though he still thinks Dutch is working for Khlyen. Turin gives the team new Warrants to get them into Old Town. What they find is a strange electric wall. It scans them naming Pree a Warlord. The team gets a nasty shock then they wake up in a nice yellow room. Paradise? Nope another wall where Pree, Dutch, D’avin and John are strung up like meat. An agent of the company, Liam appears thinking that Pree is a terrorist. Dutch pulls some great gymnastics getting out her restraints. So Liam allows the Killjoys to enter Old Town if they can recapture some prisoners who escaped. Mainly Tighmon. Next stop The Royale and it’s seen better days. Club music is bumping and Pree is disgusted to see some cretans behind his bar. Dutch gives some Muscle Head a good ass kicking while John looks for a guy on their list, Bucky. However, instead of letting himself be captured then tortured, Bucky shoots himself. The other 7 prisoners they need are hold up in Westhole prison where our three Killjoys find mummified skulls in cells. Suddenly there’s a bright blinding light and some heavy breathing. Who is it? Some guy in a hazmat suit (without the helmet). Should Dutch be wearing a face mask now?
“Let’s Talk Redemption”
Turns out this guy’s name is Carl. He worked in the Prison. When the prisoners rioted he pushed some button that desiccated them. Tighmon is the only one left but he now has a container of the same chemicals. Dutch, John, and D’avin find Pawter in her make-shift hospital to find out what kind of chemical they were dealing with. Pawter knows just who to ask. Pawter has been hiding Hils who explains that the dangerous chemical was created by the Company and was extremely lethal. Dutch suggests they find Alvis who may be able to help them find Tighmon. Alvis is crouched in some alley when he’s accosted by some passer by. Unfortunately for the attacker, Alvis kicks his ass. With that black cloak Alvis could be a Sith Lord! Dutch hugs Alvis (though we see D’avin is a bit jealous) and asks for his help. Alvis leads the team to Tighmon who drops a mummy on them from above calling them “Company Scum”. Tighmon will only talk to Alvis and Dutch. They see the building full of refugees; families of miners he’s giving shelter to until the miners can go back to work. Tighmon wants to negotiate. He offers himself to the Company if they let everyone else (the miners and their families) go. Alvis says there are more people in Old Town than just miners and their families but Tighmon won’t hear it. He thinks of Alvis as a coward. Dutch promises to try but a Company drone starts shooting everyone, Tighmon first. Liam apparently was done waiting. Dutch and Alvis take the gas and get the hell out there. Pawter talks to Hils. She doesn’t want to call her mom and get the 9 involved believing they won’t even though John says she should. Hils says she should and he could help her out to get more meds. Pawter tells him not to have faith in her family. He replies that he has faith in her.
“No Quarter”
Dutch argues with Liam who wants the gas but Dutch refuses saying she works for the RAC and the Warrant was completed. However Liam suddenly puts a hit out on Dutch. People who turn her in (dead or alive) along with the tank of gas would get a nice home on Leith. Dutch, D’avin, and John find that Liam put trackers on them. Alvis says they should try going under the wall to get out. Pree stays behind at the Royale not wanting to leave home again. Pawter and Hils meet with Liam. Liam refuses to let Pawter call her mother saying he’s protecting her but he reprimands Hils for warning Old Town about the bombing. Hils doesn’t care though. He says he did the right thing. Liam shoots Hils right in the head. Pawter is now a “guest” of Liam saying he’ll take good care of her. Alvis leads Dutch and D’avin into the tunnels. However he locks himself in a room with an air vent leading to Springhill. He intends to gas the Company to make them pay for the bombing. John tells them that Pawter and Hils are at Springhill trying to get the 9 to help. Alvis decides to stop but the gas is loose as he tries to take it out of the vent. He breathes it in. D’avin goes in to save Alvis to keep him hydrated so he doesn’t desiccate. D’avin and Dutch almost drown Alvis. Dutch gives Alvis some mouth to mouth while John pumps his chest. Alvis is alive! Dutch gives Alvis a welcome back slap. Anyone else feeling the heat between these two? Dutch returns the container to Liam, empty. Apparently the wall is up because the 9 want pay back for the rebels making them look weak. Liam intends to make Old Town suffer to make them learn that they need the Company. Liam explains that Pawter is now a guest of the Company and that Hils has a “headache”. Pawter says she can do a lot of good from in there and John gives some PDA by locking lips with the fair doctor. But that was more than just a kiss. John put a comm on Pawter so they could hear everything that was going. They have a mole inside the Company. Pree’s bar is bumping again. Dutch asks Alvis to come to Arkyn to help her find the truth of things. D’avin has competition. Suddenly someone puts Lucy in silent mode (sorry no quips from our favorite ship AI) and the ship is lured to a planet. Turin is there to greet them. Turin thinks the RAC isn’t really safe and that something bigger is going on. He knows about Red 17 and that it’s now gone. Turin wants Dutch and the team to take on unofficial warrants so they can find out what the hell is going on with Level Six.
I’d give this episode an A! Still not crazy about the new opening theme but I loved seeing that maybe there’s something more between Alvis and Dutch than just friendship and also Pree sticking that knife in that guy’s hand. Don’t judge a book by it’s fabulous cover.