The Night Shift: (S03E02) "The Thing with Feathers"

In part two of this two part episode, lives will change for better or for worst.
We picked off right where the previous episode left off, we see Drew on the floor and as he moves we see blood on his gloved up hands. But not to worry he wasn’t shot, but the General was and he soon is taken into the other room as Jennings tells Drew to help him.
Meanwhile, as TC and Jordan pick up the missing kid and tries to get him back to the hospital. With the winds being dangerous for the chopper to go, Jordan performs a chest tube that turned out to be successful and soon the chopper moves.
Scott is waiting for the kid and takes him to the OR, but before that the mother had complications as she was a bit panicky of the news of her son. TC comes in during surgery later on and there seems to be an infection. The only way for the kid to fight the infection is for a blood transfusion, but the parents aren’t his parents, adopted parents.
TC later talks to the mother, alone and she tells him a story that came to a surprising twist. Her husband and her stole the kid at the mall. That left TC upset but soon find the parents but won’t get on time for transfusion. That lead up to the umbilical cord from the kid, which he found and was on it’s way to the hospital.
Jordan has her hands full with a patient and teaching Shannon. When an patient who comes in with nothing wrong with him, but somehow keeps going into cardiac arrest,  Jordan figures out that a fracture in the neck has caused his thyroid issues. But not only did Jordan help the patient, but help him and his daughter become close again.
And as Kenny tries to help Topher get in shape (ha! that was something!), he gets news from Gwen that she got accepted to Georgetown University but she has to leave the next day. Seems like these two are another broken up couple.
As for Drew and Jennings, they helped the brother and his sister and his nephew to escape from the compound. After what had happen, their Captain is not to pleased but he also thought it was a good thing (he gives the high and low of the situation). For the two’s punishment, Drew is relieved from duty, even thought he had three months to go. That leads Jennings to stay for another three months as she was about to go home in nine days.
At the end, TC and Topher go for a run, which was fun seeing TC shirtless and Topher wearing running outfit. Jordan and Shannon have breakfast and talk about how Jordan will help her stay calm while Shannon will help Jordan with her outside life and would you know it that the paramedic shows up with his friend and the four have breakfast together…shots.
It’s gonna be awhile for TC and Jordan to get things going I think. Will they get back together, I hope but this could be a break. I couldn’t get enough of Paul and his big head attitude towards the nurses and doctors in the ER.
I enjoyed this episode very much. It picked up quickly and never lost interest at all. Shannon and Jordan have a good intern-doctor chemistry. It had such a good twist, that had me hating her but also feel bad for her too (I know I’m a softy).