The Night Shift: (S03E03) "The Way Back"

In this episode, Drew faces his past as he heads back to work and a case of a daughter and father not close sparks up a a lot to him.
Drew has finally made it home from his short service but before he goes to back to work, he makes a phone call to his mother that he won’t be back til October and he’ll have to miss their anniversary. He’s hiding from something from them.
As soon as he walks in the ER, Kenny welcomes him back but ask why he’s back a week early. Drew just wanted to get back to work and he did just that as a bride and her dad come to the ER. The bride comes in after falling in the pond while they say her dad was drunk.
Jordan took the bride as Drew took the father. As soon as Drew understand the father he tries to get his patient to talk to Jordan’s patient. Jordan doesn’t want that to happen right now and told him not to take on family situations.
After awhile in the ER, Jordan sees that her patient didn’t have anything wrong in her head but when Shannon found a photo of her just before she fell. They get a consult from Paul, who gets all the details and figures out that it’s a cardiac problem. And it sure was, it’s a genetic condition, on which she got it from her father.
The bride really doesn’t love her father, as he has never been around her life. He was in the army and did a lot of touring. She doesn’t quiet understand what he has gone through but after her diagnosis she still blames her dad.
Meanwhile, as the bride’s father was being treated with a cut and a fracture. They took his blood and tested. Kenny tells him that there was no alcohol detected in his blood. After listening to Kenny, he freaks out and starts throwing around a blade. Drew tries to take him down after he slash Kenny in the shoulder.
Drew takes him to get a scan, Scott meets him along the way until the dad starts freaking out again and than coughs out blood on Drew and Scott. They rush him to scope him and found out that he hasn’t had any alcohol. He’s suffering from alcohol withdraws and needs surgery.
Both father and bride go in, the bride wanted to talk to him but was out. When the bride comes out of surgery, everything was good. Unfortunately for her father, came the bad news that the alcohol had damaged his heart and while in surgery, he died on the table.
Jordan talk to Drew and tells him about how he and his dad was best friends. They went to ball parks and watch the game and played ball. But after he told him that he came out, he said that his dad didn’t know who he was anymore and they drew apart more and more. He’s afraid to tell him and his mother that he got married.
Drew did talk to his dad but what he got at the end wasn’t what he was hoping for and Jordan helped calm him down.
Let’s not forget about TC, Topher and Topher’s mom’s trip to the Casino. Trying to spend sometime with his mom before she heads back. Topher gives her to TC and have a good time until they’re at the craps table and Topher’s mom talks trash to a guy that’s winning. Soon, the guy falls and suffers from a heart attack. Topher and TC get the guy back with ice water to wake him up. TC takes him to the hospital and left Topher with his mother.
Topher takes the chance and talks to her. After given her motherly advise, he goes after her on her rude remarks. She leaves and he falls her to the bathroom where she opens up to him about how she had a high paying job until she gave it up for him and his sister and moved to the United States. The only reason why she’s tough on him is because she wants him to have all the opportunities. It was pretty good watching them settle their differences.
But she did give one hell of a surprise on him when she announced that she’s staying with him and his family.
This was a very good episode, about family and reconnecting. I was impressed with Brendan Fehr as Drew and Jill Flint as Jordan with them two dealing the situation. Not to mention Ken Leung as Topher and his mother was really good too.
This episode had a lot of good laughs and broken some hearts as well.