UnReal: (S02E06) "Casualty"

A lot has been happening as each episode goes by, we have seen craziness at a whole new level.
Rachel seems to be really into her job, but last week’s ending has been affecting her as Quinn put it making her a ticking time bomb.
However call it luck, call it script or call it whatever you want, she managed to get a u-turn to her Alabama plot which was going smooth as she expected to get ratings due to the racism Darius would experience. U-turn being that the Alabama girl is pregnant with the son of her ex-boyfriend.
Going for the ratings Rachel convinces her to tell everyone & not only that but also manages to get her ex to come over to propose for a marriage. Things went madly insane from there. 
The biggest surprise or happiness and sense of pride for us came when Quinn cancelled on her date to come and check on Rachel, reminds you of the saying everyone deep down is good. Even Chet himself has been showing another side & it may be because of trying to win Quinn back but still he deserves credit.
The special thing about Quinn is how she can end you in a second just like she can make you something. The next episode will be one hell of break ups, cheating & full on Rachel playing with two guys.
img 6143 - UnReal: (S02E06) "Casualty"
The Alabama girl surely gets kicked out but back home on set the girls go through a ‘truth mirror.’ Things escalated with insults flying over to each other to a point where Tiffany’s secret came out. It was more Chet’s fault and Maddison’s ambition (can’t blame her). 
Speaking of Maddison, her role this season has grown making her one of the new ‘producers’ to watch. She maybe the lapdog of Quinn but she gets the job done.
Only four remain, as Darius said from day one- he wants honesty. Tiffany was lucky that Darius got played so her being honest about Romeo didn’t hurt her one bit. Or maybe it did?