The Night Shift (S3E7) "By Dawn's Early Light"

Fireworks goes off in a bad way, as one doctor’s condition is in question and another loses something he enjoys having.
Let’s jump to the Fourth of July fireworks that Drew, Syd and her kid were at as they were to have fun until the fireworks went off early as schedule and causes chaos in the park. Drew and Syd jump to action and helps out a mother and daughter who were badly injured from the blast.
As they help them, Topher and TC get there and has them taking the chopper back to Memorial as Topher and TC take care of the others. TC gets word about that truck full of fireworks has caught on fire and one of his guys is trying to put it out. But when he told him that he already told another guy, TC sees that it was Topher and sees him running towards the fire until the truck explodes.
TC gets to Topher, who’s down, after getting up they get to a worker, who is badly injured with second to third degree burns and missing half an arm. TC notice that Topher acting strange from the time there to the time they get back to the hospital.
Topher says he’s okay until he falls down on the floor at the hospital. Both Jordan and TC make a case for him to get tested but he rejects the request. Soon, after having a temper with Kenny, TC and Jordan decide and announced that Topher was unfit to manage the ER. Jordan gives him the motherly of do it or else and takes him to the CT.
Later TC apologizes and brings coffee to Topher as he tells TC that he has a concussion. But tells TC that after making the changes in the last couple of months, that he was trying to be that 25 year old that he was. TC tells him that he isn’t but he’s making a great effort of changing that he’s wife has been very, very happy.
As for Drew and Syd, the mother need surgery as the daughter need just stitches. Drew and Jordan treated the daughter as she was scared about what the kids will think of how she will look after. But Syd’s kid comes in and helps calm her down and be her best friend. Later she sees a cut on her face and asked if she was going to have a scare. Drew tells her yes but if a plastic surgeon will figure something out, but her mother can’t as they don’t have a lot.
As for the mother, Scott and Syd operates on her and fixes her up. It didn’t take that long but when her and her daughter reunited, Syd’s kid tells them that her dad will help the daughter’s plastic surgery for free and make her beautiful.
Grateful for that, there’s a price for what Syd’s kid just did. She calls her dad for help but also explains what happen. A father who’s divorce fro Syd, gets very upset and files for full custody.  That pissed of Syd and takes it out on Drew. For that she and her daughter has to move to D.C. where he and his family lives in order to have custody. Drew loses a family that he really enjoyed being part of.
Other things to mention, Shannon and Paul help treat a famous artist not doing well. The artist complains of pain in his head and legs. Kenny thinks he’s a druggie looking for a score but Shannon thinks it’s something more than that. Paul comes in and gets some test on the guy. After testing the fluid in his knee. After the test, Paul figured out that it was lead poison from the paint that he’s using.
I thought that this episode was really good. The characters do open up, for Shannon and Paul. Shannon really opened up to him with her drawing of him on a sailboat. It was hilarious that he still doesn’t get it that she likes him, even the artist, who was resting noticed it.
As for Drew, I wonder that after losing Syd and her kid that this is going to get him to see his parents, even thought it doesn’t look that great in episode 2.
This episode had some really good moments from Jordan telling Topher to get the CT to Shannon and Paul talking about art and not to mention the tension between Jordan and Scott about dating TC’s sister. Hell those fireworks in the first scene of the episode was something else.
What did you think of the episode? Did you like it? Hate it?
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