American Gothic: (S01E04) "Christina's World"

The episode opens with Alison and her campaign manager, Naomi in bed. Alison’s phone rings. It’s her mother. Alison answers the phone. She says Oh my God. Right. Sure. I am on my way. She tells Naomi to untie her. The police are at the house taking Gunther down. Brady says he thinks that Gunther is the Silver Bells killer. Brady says Gunther was in charge of taking the bag to Goodwill that contained the belt. Brady says Gunther hated all rich people. The cat lady is upset that the cops help the Hawthornes but didn’t help her about her cat Caramel.
Tessa tells Maddie they have to tell the police about the bells. Maddie says no. She had Gunther get rid of them. Alison comes over and asks if they are OK. Maddie says that Tessa thinks they should tell the cops about the bells in the shed. Alison says no. Maddie says there is no way to know if Brady’s loyalty is with them or the cops. Tessa agrees to not say a word.
Sophie is working on her art. Cam says he just got a text saying that Gunther killed himself and he is the Silver Bells Killer. Sophie says it’s good that at least he is no longer a serial killer suspect. Cam asks how they should celebrate. Should they go out for brunch? Sophie says Jack is at science camp all weekend so they do a bunch of drugs and alcohol. Sophie asks Cam if he misses this. He doesn’t answer.
Brady makes breakfast for Tessa. She says she has to get to school. Tessa says she asked for no DNA tests on the family and he didn’t listen. He says now they have the Silver Bells Killer. He says all he can do is apologize and promise to never betray her again and no secrets between them. Tessa doesn’t answer and just says she really has to go.
Maddie shows up at the campaign office asking what their strategy is. Maddie tells Alison to check her Google alerts. The woman who was hurt a couple weeks in the bridge collapse is suing the company. Maddie says a lawsuit means discovery and certain skeletons will come out. Alison advises Maddie that Tom is now the owner of Hawthorne Concrete. Alison asks what to do. Maddie advises to make the lawsuit go away.        
Alison and her husband go to visit the lady who wants to sue them and offers them $1,000,000. This lady is not stupid. She says she wants $15,000,000. I don’t know what the family will do now.
The cat lady is at the police station waiting for Brady. She says the lady cop, Detective Linda Cutter, promised he would help her. He says fine. Take a seat. She has a bunch of journal like books with her. Hmmm…what’s in them?
Cam is at Sophie’s and some man walks in asking where Sophie is. Cam asks who he is. He is Sophie’s dealer. He says Sophie owes him $4,000. Cam tells the man he thinks he should leave. The man also asks if Cam has the money. Cam says not on him. The man hits him and tells Cam to tell Sophie that he wants the money by tomorrow night.
The cat lady gets mad when Brady doesn’t say or do much to help her and Linda pulls him away saying they need to go to the hospital. There is evidence Gunther might not be the killer.
Alison and Tom are going through the records and see lots of reports of payoffs and problems with materials. Alison goes to talk to the mayor as he signed off on some of the reports.
Sophie and Cam are talking about the money she owes. Cam says he will get the money.
Tessa is at the house when Maddie comes home. Tessa says Hey Mom. Maddie asks if she is going to tell her what’s going on or if she has to drag it out of her. Tessa says she doesn’t want to have a baby anymore. Maddie says OK. Tessa is upset about Brady’s betrayal and says she is having major cold feet and she misses her dad. Maddie says she knows how much she loved her dad. Maddie says she liked watching her watch him. That Tessa thought he was perfect but Maddie knew he wasn’t but Maddie loved him anyway. Maddie tells Tessa she wants a little Tessa.
Garrett is at the restaurant watching a girl. She gets a text message and leaves. Garrett gets up to go and there she is standing in his way. She wants to know why he didn’t come over and say hi. She calls him a stalker. She isn’t afraid of him though. She says come on. Do you want to see a doctor smoke a cigarette? He asks what was making her so happy in the bar. She says oh a stalker who cares. She says she did a good job sewing him up even though she was distracted. She must be attracted to him. She says she just found out they caught her father’s killer and that is the source of her happiness. She thought she would come out and celebrate with the basics like alcohol, cigarettes, and anything else that presents itself. She kisses Garrett. Hmmm…the last time he kissed a girl it didn’t turn out so good.
Brady and Debra are at the hospital getting Gunther’s files and there are a ton of records on him. He kept getting hurt and he has had lung cancer the last three years. Brady says the cancer might explain why he killed himself. Debra wants to look into his financial records. She says what if someone convinced him to take the fall for the Silver Bells Killer? Brady says that means the Silver Bells Killer is still out there and she says looking for someone rich.
Garrett comes home to the house the next morning and tells Cam he looks awful. Cam says he got in a scuffle. He tells Garrett he needs to get $4,000 from Mom. Garrett tells Maddie he needs $4,000. She says why. He says it doesn’t matter. He hasn’t asked for anything in 14 years. He says take it out of whatever dad left me in the will. Maggie gets out her checkbook and writes a check. Garrett tells Maddie to make it out to cash. He gives the check to Cam.
Tessa calls Brady and says she forgives him and wants to start trying to start a family tonight. Brady is happy. Brady says he loves her big. She says that back to him.
Garrett is with the girl at a park. She says it was sad when her father died and it almost destroyed her. Garrett said it probably had nothing to do with her. Garrett says the killer probably never thought about collateral damage. She says you mean he never thought a sixteen year old girl would head downstairs for breakfast. Garrett says “You found him. She says yes but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She says let’s talk about your baggage. She says it’s written all over his face that he has baggage. He doesn’t say anything right away.
Now the lady that got hurt in the bridge is meeting with the mayor and Alison. They say they’re willing to pay her $1,000,000 today to drop the lawsuit. They show her a video of her drinking and that it violates her parole. Alison says if she moves forward with her lawsuit she could end up in jail. The mayor says jail is no fun for people with two feet let alone people with one foot. They also say she needs to do one more thing. They get her to go on camera thanking the city and Hawthorne Construction for promising to make sure nothing like this happens again.
Maddie gets a letter saying come see me or I’ll come see you. Hmmm…Very mysterious.
Meanwhile Tom asks Alison how much time she has before she has to go to her next function. Tom finds something by the bed and asks if it is hers. Alison says no, it’s Naomi’s, her campaign manager. He asks her if she had sex with Naomi in their bed. Alison says yes. Tom says tell me more.
They get the DNA back and Gunther is not a match. Debra tells Brady the DNA test on his wife is interesting because it shows a Hispanic female. She is a blonde. The lady cop says she wanted to give him a heads up before she goes to the lieutenant. Brady begs for time and says the results must have been screwed up somehow. She says she will give him 30 minutes. That’s not much time. He begs the DNA lady to say she screwed up. She doesn’t want to mess up her perfect record. She agrees to do it on two conditions. One if his wife is the killer he admits it and clears her name and second, a boat. He asks a boat? What kind? She says she will let him know.
Naomi and Alison are kissing in the office. Alison tells Naomi she left something behind. Naomi asks oh no did Tom see this? Alison simply tells her not to worry.
Cam goes to see the guy who beat him up. He says he has the money. The guy says oh no, we are cool. Your girl came to see me and we settled up. Cam says she gave you the money? The guy says I said we settled up. I didn’t say anything about money. Cam beats the guy up. Cam goes home and yells at Sophie for having sex to pay off a drug debt. Cam says what kind of people are they and what kind of person is their son? Cam says they are all depraved and he is depraved for thinking their warped little family can work. He is throwing things.
Tessa welcomes Brady home by saying she made lasagna. Brady asks if she put someone else’s hair on her brush. Tessa says I told you that I didn’t want to give you a DNA test. Tessa says I was testing you and you failed. You betrayed me. She says it was Gunther. Brady says Gunther is not the killer. He was in the hospital during one of the murders. Brady promises that whether it is her or someone else in the family who turns out to be the Silver Bells Killer, he will make sure they go to prison. So much for a happy reunion.
Garrett goes to visit the girl and brings a bottle of wine. She puts on some music and hands him some wine. They kiss. She starts undressing for him. He starts undressing too. He takes off his belt and gets a pained look on his face. Then he gets a crazed look on his face. Is Garrett the Silver Bells Killer? Oh my. I can’t wait until next week to see what happens.