Wayward Pines: (S02E08) "Pass Judgment"

The episode opens with Jason over the town speakers saying they need to join together. Go to school. Work hard. Be happy. Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines.
Theo is going to talk to Margaret. He tells Kerry she may not speak to them after they killed her friends. Theo tells Kerry he has the results of her examination. There is trauma and residual scarring. It could be from the abbie attack or it could be endometriosis. She can’t carry a child to term. She tears up and says she is supposed to have children. She needs to have children. She wants to do her part and contribute. Theo says or what, they will make you disappear like the others. Kerry thanks Theo and says she will meet with Jason. Have they discovered Megan yet?
I guess not. Theo walks in and sees Megan dead in her wheelchair and a giant pool of blood on the floor and hits the alarms. Margaret is sneaking around the lab. She is remembering everything they did to her and her friends. Jason and other policemen go to the lab. Jason comes in and sees the huge pool of blood. Theo says Margaret memorized the codes on her cage and did this in retaliation for what they did to her friends. Jason and the other police go to search the building.
Margaret is outside running through the forest. She falls off a ledge but is unhurt. She passes a sign that says two miles to town. The lab must be outside the town. Theo tells Jason they have to tell the town now. Jason agrees. Jason tells Kerry they will find Margaret.
Xander finds Rebecca and asks her if she talked to Theo. She says he didn’t come home. Xander says we both know it’s not his. So Rebecca is pregnant with Xander’s baby. Rebecca says she will tell Theo. She says she still cares for Theo. Xander says they can’t control what happens out there but in here they can.
The phones are ringing and the school sirens are going off. They herd the children inside and say there has been an emergency and their parents have been notified. Over the loudspeakers, the citizens of Wayward Pines are told to head inside and lock the doors.
Frank wants to go to the dorms. Lucy wants to go see Rebecca and says Rebecca makes her feel better about things.
Meanwhile Margaret is out in the forest. She comes upon a young couple kissing. She must ignore them because the next scene shows her in town. A policeman sees her and she attacks him. Lucy and Frank hear his cries and they run.
Adam comes to the lab.
Rebecca tells Frank and Lucy to get in her shop. She hugs them and asks if they are OK.
The police force is patrolling the town checking the roofs. Margaret is on the roofs. She was carrying the body of the man she attacked. They shoot at her. Adam and Theo are out in the woods.
Jason is at the hospital holding dead Megan’s hand and tells her she was always there for him. He says she taught him how to stand on his own two feet. He regrets not being there for her. He said he tried to do the right thing.
Xander has a lot of weapons. He is in Rebecca’s beauty shop. There are a few people in there and they take the weapons and join the search. It comes out that Rebecca built the town. Xander defends her saying she was abducted like most of them. Rebecca says they built the town on the ruins of the old town and she has an idea and wants the old plans and says she knows where the old plans are. Xander lets her go off alone and tells her to be careful. What?!?!
Adam and Theo find a body in the woods. Later they argue about which direction Margaret is going in.
Rebecca enters Jason’s office and finds what she is looking for. Kerry finds her there. Rebecca asks Kerry why she is with Jason. Kerry asks Rebecca why she is with him. Rebecca says he is strong.  Rebecca says she is her own person and that Kerry should be too.
Policemen and armed civilians are on the streets of Wayward Pines looking for Margaret. The civilians and the policemen get in a shootout with each other. Hmmm….Art imitating life. Somehow Theo stumbles across this scene. The civilian is dead. The policeman is wounded. The civilians are smart and ask Theo what he did. The police and civilians point their weapons at Theo. He says the plan is not working and talks them into putting down their weapons. They take the wounded policeman to the hospital.
Jason takes Kerry to this room that he says is for us. There are baby sized pods. Jason said he told Rebecca that they will need a nursery soon so they built a nursery. Jason tells Kerry they can fill up the nursery. Kerry tells Jason she cannot have children due to the trauma and scarring from the abbie attack. Jason asks if she is sure. Kerry says yes. Theo wouldn’t lie about this. He knows how important it is to her. She cries. Jason tells her it is OK. He doesn’t go to her to comfort her though. Hmmm…Is he going to kill her? She says she wanted to have a child. Jason says he knows. He tells her he is proud of her for telling him. Kerry tells Jason she loves him. Jason says he loves her too.
Rebecca meets Margaret in the middle of the street. Oh my. Margaret starts toward her. Rebecca instinctively grabs her stomach. Xander shoots Margaret in the arm and Margaret runs away. Xander and Rebecca kiss. Rebecca tells Xander nice shot. He says he tried. Rebecca tells Xander about the drainage system of the original town and thinks that Margaret is going there. Margaret is out in the woods and Adam has a gun on her. He sees she is wounded. She looks at him. He lowers his gun and lets her go into the drainage pipe. Why does he do that? Then he looks around the forest, puts down his gun, and follows Margaret into the drainage pipe. What? Does he want to join the abbies now?
The other policemen come upon the drainage pipe and debate whether he let Margaret go or if Margaret took him. Then, there is an explosion in the drainage pipe
Theo is with Sergio telling him the bullet went right through him just missing his liver. Sergio asks Theo if they are dead. Theo says he doesn’t know. Sergio starts repeating the rules of Wayward Pines then he starts crying. I think he is losing his mind.
Adam crawls out of the drainage pipe and faces a bunch of abbies. Margaret gets them to back off and leave him alone. Hmmm…
Xander takes Rebecca back to the beauty shop where Theo is waiting for them. He yells at Theo for giving civilians guns. Theo tells them Margaret got away and that people got hurt or died. Rebecca says Xander was just trying to help. Theo walks off.
Margaret is getting weaker. Two other abbies help her. Margaret remembers what her life used to be like. She remembers when the leaders of Wayward Pines came and shot at them killing so many. Does Margaret die? I guess we will have to watch next week and find out.
It was an interesting episode. I wonder about the relationship between Adam and the abbies as they do not hurt him. There are only two more episodes of Wayward Pines left for this season. It has gone by fast.