The Night Shift (S03xE08) "All In"

In this week’s episode, the doctors face some stuff that really hit them in an emotional way.
Let’s start with the case for Scott and Jordan as they still trying to be professional and not friends at work. Jordan gets a patient that suffers from FOB (Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva) which is that the person has brittle bones. The patient complains of pain in the lower area of his stomach and with everything Jordan can think that it could be asked for a surgical consult and can you guess who could that be?
If you say Scott, you’re right!! As Scott takes a look, he think that it’s gallstones and that needs to see another specialist for a consult. After that consult, he advise surgery, but the patient doesn’t want it but lucky for him there’s another way and they went for that against the specialist advise.
Few things do take a turn, the machine for the procedure wasn’t working and Jordan had to get TC’s girlfriend to come fix it but by the time that was all done, the patient was take a turn. But that didn’t stop Scott of not refusing the patient to use the machine as it was fixed and passed the stones.
Topher and TC gets a patient that they closely know, Topher’s mother. Topher’s wife brings her in as she seems confused and faints. Topher and TC check and tested her and as soon things seem questionable it goes south.
As she gets an MRI, Topher tells his wife that he doesn’t know what to do if she is dies. He mentions that they had a bit of a scene the other morning and feels bad that they ended it at that. The thought of that seemed real and does get you thinking about a family member too.
But here where the kick to left field comes in, as Topher treats his mother, TC gets a VIP from a familiar person, the guy at the casino a few episodes ago, who met Topher’s mom. The guy did have a heart attack but when he told TC about seeing Topher’s mom and having sex, TC knows what happen to her. He ask Topher and his wife to look around their mother for a nitro patch, which they did on her back and TC tells him that his mother was having sex with the guy from the casino. Topher was stun, as we all could be.
The two lovebirds got back together and after hearing the news of his heart attack, Topher’s mother pushed him to get the surgery. He does and was successful.
But the other storyline was a killer, as in great. Drew and Shannon get the call of a car accident and take the chopper to get there. At the site, there was a girl who was not as badly hurt wanting to know about her foster mom. Drew gets to the foster mom, who happens to be in the car that’s flipped over.
The mother tells Drew to promise her that he’ll do anything to project her girl and he does. With the wounds that she suffers and the surgeons doing their best, things don’t look good for her. Drew opens up to the girl very well with the book that she was reading and they connected. Shannon on the other hand is taking this very seriously and trying to get the social worker of the child to get over.
There are moments through this storyline that had me reaching for the tissues. Shannon really opens up to Paul about the life of a foster child. We finally know a little bit more about her. When the mother was gone, her, Drew and Paul pretended to keep her alive for the girl can say goodbye but it didn’t turn out well.
The social worker gets there and is stressed out of what to do with her. She can’t take her in because she had two other kids and her parents at her home. But Kenny opens to her and tells her that the kid can stay her with the pneumonia and that three doctors can sign on to keep her overnight til she gets better.
Along with that Drew gives the little girl his phone number whenever she needs to talk or something medical. He’ll always pick up the phone no matter what.
I thought that this episode had a very good balance of emotional drama and humor. Topher’s mother seems so serious at the time but than her boyfriend comes in and boom it was  makes things hilarious. The emotional drama comes in for the foster mother and daughter along with Shannon. And after what Paul has done to help make things great, she not only kisses him for the first time, they have a bit a morning pick me up in the back of his car.
Also Scott finally mans up and ask Jordan for a do-over on their friendship. Not to mention that everyone was congratulating Kenny for something that he has no idea and for me I thought it was a baby with that nurse, crazy right? Nope, he was just named the Union rep for the staff, which he doesn’t want. Hey that’s what happens when you miss the meetings, Kenny.
For the next two weeks, The Night Shift will be on a break due to the National Conventions of the Republican and Democrats. The show will be back Wednesday, July 27th at 10/9c with a big bang.