Killjoys (S02E03) "Shaft" Review

“Enemies in Close Quarters”
Toren and our favorite Killjoys team up (reluctantly) to find out what Level Six is up to. Toren’s first unofficial warrant for Dutch is one that was recently cancelled. Three Killjoys Paolo, Tanya, Deena went missing in the Badlands after requesting back up while on a mission in an abandoned mine. Seeing no other choice, Dutch, D’avin, and John take the job. Dutch and her partners find the missing Killjoys’ ship… covered in moss. Meanwhile Pawter is the reluctant guest of Liam Jalco in Springhill. She even has to wear an ankle bracelet that apparently blows up if she leaves the facility. John checks in on Pawter as she snoops around Jalco’s office. She needs his DNA to access his computer. Getting back to Lucy, Alvis has made himself at home… in D’avin’s shirt to D’avin’s chagrin as Alvis has ditched his religious robes for casual wear. Alvis is thinking of leaving the Scar Backs still feeling guilty that he almost mass murdered a bunch of people. D’avin asks how long Alvis is staying with them (not happy about the new bunk mate). They get to the Badlands to the abandoned mine only to be greeted by one of the people they’re supposed to save, Tanya. Tanya is the only survivor though she says her sister Deena is still in the mines where Tanya’s husband Paolo is trying to kill them both. Tanya was sent to salvage a monk from a mine. They find that weird triangle with the circles carved in the floor. Alvis tells them a story that tells of 12 monks going off to fight the Devil. None came back. Though she claims to have proof that Jalco murdered Hils, Pawter’s father can’t help her. Surprised one of her parents took her call in the first place given how last season Pawter’s mother refused to acknowledge she even had a daughter. Pawter’s father says that even though Pawter’s mother is head of one of the 9 families she doesn’t have the power to help Old Town. Pawter doesn’t believe it but Jalco walks in with flowers and his creepy monster smile. Jalco is a fellow Qreshie though from a lesser family who evidently likes to practice inbreeding however this has lead to Jalco getting a bad heart. Not a metaphor. If his heart isn’t drained of bile or some fluid then he dies. He wants Pawter to help him since she’s a doctor. Does she have a choice? No.
“Heart of Darkness”
Dutch, D’avin, and John with Tanya explore the mines finding more of that green moss. Dutch decides they need someone with experience in mining so she has Alvis join the team on the mission once more to D’avin’s dismay. He’s clearly not happy to have Alvis along as he keeps insulting him but Alvis brushes it off. They find that weird triangle with 4 circles carved in the floor. Odd… Going deeper into the mines Tanya spots Paolo and starts shooting but there isn’t any blood or footprints to prove he was there. Dutch feels that Tanya is too close to this to think clearly so she has John take her back up to Lucy. Unfortunately Tanya slips through John’s grasp (never let them get behind you, John) then there’s a cave in cutting John off from the team. Dutch tasks John with finding out more about the mystery moss as well as find a way to get them out of there. In Springhill Pawter is performing open heart surgery while Jalco is still awake. I guess he loves a show. Pawter suddenly gets an idea. Once Jalco passes out Pawter sticks his body guard with a nasty needle then uses Jalco’s blood to unlock some files and her anklet. She tries to call John but can’t reach him underground so she leaves a message with Lucy. Seems like Pawter and John may become a thing though when Lucy tells her that John has been saying very nice things about her. Her joy is short lived when she discovers that Jalco has plans to put up more walls around more towns on Westerly. Under ground Dutch is trapped with two of her handsome companions looking for Tanya… They find her in a pit of a swarm of moss-ipedes! John comes back and discovers that the moss is actually alive. “It looks like an angry vagina.” And award for best line of the episode goes to John Jacobi! The moss-ipedes have venom that induces hallucinations then when their prey is subdued they feast. Unfortunately the swarm is heading their way. Alvis manages to find the body of a dead monk that left a message behind… with a strip of his skin. Seems important. John discovers that these bugs have the same green goo that they tried to infect D’avin with in Red 17. But Dutch has become infected and starts hallucinating Khlyen who’s still a human popsicle as far as we know.
“Ain’t No Strings On Me”
Dutch falls down a hole where there are a few skeletons there to join her. Dutch wakes up to see Khlyen who tells her that he already made her a Level Six since she was a child. That she was not a natural child to obey kill orders so easily. This is one of Dutch’s deepest fears that she is a cold blooded killer. Imaginary Khlyen confirms her fear by cutting into her revealing not blood but green goo. Alvis and D’avin find Dutch petrified and bleeding as the swarm approaches. However, Alvis manages to get through to Dutch to make her see that she’s not the cold blooded killer she always feared she was. Dutch does snap out of it but the swarm still approaches and yet… as D’avin repelled the green goo before, the moss-ipedes are adverse to his presence. He’s walking bug repellent as the three of them walk out of the mines with John and their new moss-ipede pet that D’avin humorously names “Monk” (though it’s only half a bug since John cut it in half in some experiment; yep it still lives even if you cut it in half). At Springhill Jalco goes to Pawter as she is walking towards the exit (we hear the ominous beeping). Jalco says he’s proven that Pawter wouldn’t hurt him since she was more a doctor (do no harm and all that) also that they’re very much alike. Both outcasts but Pawter reveals that she placed her explosive tracking anklet inside Jalco then walks out the door as he freaks out. But just as Pawter thinks she’s home free someone comes up from behind her and knocks her out. D’avin and Alvis both arrive at Dutch’s room but D’avin concedes entry to Alvis. D’avin seems to hate Alvis less as the monk thanks him for saving him from dying from that gas. Alvis checks in on Dutch asking how she is. He reveals that the monk he found was perhaps one of the missing that went to fight the Devil as proof on his own flesh that matches the one on the skin strip. Alvis wants to go to the Temple to see if he could find out more. Dutch and Alvis get very close until they are interrupted rudely. Dutch pays Toren a visit telling him that she’s changing their arrangement into a more equal partnership. She’s tired of others pulling on her strings.
I give this episode an A! I really love how we’re getting more into Alvis’s character where before he had that aura of faith making him seem untouchable in a way, just a side character in fact but now that his aura is dimmed and his religious armor is fractured we get to know Alvis a little better as a human. Though the love triangle is cliche it felt inevitable. Whether D’avin has given up completely on a romance with Dutch remains to be seen. So far she seems to have moved on while D’avin stretches awkwardly in the friend zone. It may be addressed at some point. John had all the best lines as well earning this episode some points!