Mr. Robot: (S02E1 and E2)

Review: Mr. Robot FINALLY returned this week! The creator of the show, Sam Esmail, released two new episodes from the season 2. If that isn’t generous!
The first episode was quite slow and steady comparing to what we are used of. We got the ‘previously on’ clip that freshened our memory a bit. Then they slowly drove us into the series’ timeline by letting us know what has happened since the season finale. We see Elliot lives in his mother’s house by a regiment. He is keeping himself away from the technology and the insanity. It seems as if he thinks that Mr. Robot will go away that way. However … Things get complicated pretty quickly.
Darlene seems to be the leader of the fsociety now. They’ve ‘conquered’ the home of an E-corp employee together. The fscociety are still trying to take action. They sent a threatening message to E-corp, saying they want milions of cash. When Scott brings the cash to the place and time, Darlene is in the crowd with other people and by the instructions of the fsociety, she watches as Scott is forced to take on the mask and burn the money. That was a bold move even for them.
We also get to see Angela for the first time in the second episode and she’s working for E-corp. Later, she has a meeting with a woman in somekind of a bar where they talk about her job and how it’s time for her to quit it. This makes me think maybe Angela hasn’t gone completely bad, maybe she wants to find answers or somehow get her revenge. It’s obviously that she is changing, though and the fact that she didn’t keep in touch with Elliot is even worse …
Gideon is the character we get to feel sorry for this time around. The media thinks he was the man behind the hack that went down. He is suspicious of Elliot’s involvement, that’s why he asks him to tell media the truth. It’s obvious he is desperate, he doesn’t know what to do next.
Now that we know Mr. Robot is just an illusion, it’s a little bit easier to know what is happening and what isn’t. Mr. Robot shoots Elliot in the head, killing him, yet Elliot is fine. However, one thing hasn’t changed – even though it’s a bit easier for us to tell what is the truth, Elliot still can’t. He struggles with trusting himself and his thoughts. In a scene, he meets a new friend on the basketball court and he tells Elliot they had a conversation the other night. Elliot can’t remember the converstation and there is no proof of one in his diary. It seems as if ‘Mr. Robot’ is doing things for him. This makes me question – can Mr. Robot be stopped at anything? We’ve seen people talk to him in season 1, meaning that was probably just Elliot in “another body” that was pictured to us. Mr. Robot even slices Gideon’s throat, but thanfully Gideon remains intacked. So, is he just a ghost in season 2 or is he still “the other side” of Elliot’s mind (and body)?
Throughout the episode we still question one thing – where is Tyrell and is he alive? The media reports he is one of the most searched men and Elliot is asking Mr. Robot for answers. When Tyrell’s wife gets a gift with a phone (that later on starts ringing), it seems obvious that Tyrell is alive.
Things get EVEN MORE suspicious when Elliot phones someone and we hear the response of someone saying ‘bonsoir’. Was that Tyrell? If I remember right, Tyrell used to say ‘bonsoir’, but it’s hard for me to know for sure.
In the end, Gideon takes a shot in his throat by a misterious man who claims he did that ‘for the country’, meaning he believes what the media has written about Gideon. By this, the serie once again highlights the ‘do not listen to what media tells you’ thought. I’m probably being delusional by hoping that Gideon lives. He is one of the most lovable characters. And … How is this attack – and possibly his death – going to affect Elliot? If Gideon in fact dies, Elliot will be full of guilt and he might spill the beans …
Also, what even happened on the night of the attack? Are Elliot’s memories intacked, are we being lied to? Elliot’s shrink tells him in the episode “it took her a lot of courage to keep talking to him after what he did” – does that mean she knows the truth? 

A lot has happened in such a short time, we’ll just have to wait to get more answers.