Ghostbusters (2016)

So like I’ve said before; there are remakes/reboots that are bad and there are remakes/reboots that are good. Well I’m here to say that this film which is a remake and a female cast and the whole world went ape-shit over it well I will get to that in a bit but for now lets get to the movie review of Ghostbusters!
In the film: we see a tour happening at the Aldridge Mansion where the Tour Guide (Zach Woods) is telling the tour of the Aldridge family horror stories. When they come to a door that is locked and bolted shut the tour guide has the tour follow him to the living room where they look at a portrait of Gertrude Aldridge who apparently slaughtered all the servants and the tour guide says that Mr. Aldridge said “I believe God must’ve been drunk when making my precious Gertrude.” Its not until the tour leaves is when the creep factor of the mansion raises to a 10,000% when the door that was locked and bolted shut the tour guide gets the scare of his life.
We are then met with Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) who we think is teaching a class until we see that the chairs are all empty. Erin is trying to get ready for a teaching session when shes reminded about a book that she wrote a long time ago in high school. After thinking she had burned every single copy known to man and woman alike, a kind man Ed Mulgrave (Ed Begley Jr) tells Erin that copies are being sold now on When Erin goes online to look at the book she realizes her co-writer for the book and high school best friend Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) is still having the book out to being sold.
Erin makes a mad rush to where Abby is located at which seems to be not that far away from the college that Erin works at. Erin then enters into the ‘Paranormal Research Division’ of the institute. Abby then feels the betrayal all over again when she sees Erin’s face but yells at Bennie (Karan Soni) telling him he better have gotten the chinese order right. Erin is then met with wacky, sexy, brilliant Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon) who analyzes Erin as a fascinating subject. Holtzmann and Abby then hear from Erin about a paranormal case and instantly take Erin with them to investigate the Aldridge Mansion. When Abby and Holtzmann start to investigate the mansion when nothing happens near the door they start to think the place is full of shit. Until Erin steps into a puddle of slim and the door magically opens for her. Abby, Erin and Holtzmann then watch the apparition of Gertrude come out of the basement. Erin then wants to make contact with Spirit Gertrude (Bess Rous) when Erin then introduces herself to Gertrude; Gertrude slimes Erin and then escapes from the mansion.
Shamed by the youtube video that went viral within 5 seconds Erin was fired from the Columbia University. Its not until Erin comes with Abby and Holtzmann with the bad news is when both ladies are also fired from their college institution but not until they steal all the equipment that they needed to start their own lab somewhere. The three ladies search for a place, the first place was a old firehouse but of course it wasn’t in their price range. So they stay in the above apartment area of the chinese restaurant that Abby orders from only to get even worse chinese service than before from Bennie (that jerk).
We are then introduced to a metro subway woman Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) who investigates what the hell this creepy dude by the name of Rowan (Neil Casey), when she tells Rowan to get the hell out of the subway tunnel she is then met with a creepy electrocuted spirit (Dave Allen) that scares the shit out of Patty.
Abby and Erin then see what Holtzmann is inventing that looks like the proton pack but Holtzmann uses a very scientific phrase describing the pack. They are then startled by a man who is to be interviewed for the secretary job named Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) they see the web design that he did for the group, the group being totally offended with everything he had designed they hired him anyway but only for the secretary job. They then hear from Patty that has seen a ghost and the three women take their equipment to test it out to try to catch their first ghost. When Patty takes the women to the subway they meet a spray paint artist that does the perfect symbol for the team. Holtzmann takes a photo of the picture and says to herself “am I crazy or does that make for a good logo” Holtzman then takes Erin and connects the testing proton pack to her and also connects a not so sexy neck belt so that her body does not combust into a million pieces. When the team sees the ghost Erin aims at the ghost and releases the blast from the proton pack but still having the ghost in a grip with the pack they carry Erin off from not being hit by the subway train only to lose the ghost on the train going to Queens.
After what Patty witnesses she immediately wants to join the team especially since shes the only one who has full knowledge of the history of New York, so the team allows her to join. Kevin acting full on blonde dumb dumb does not realize the phone is ringing until the ladies tell him to answer the phone, but the phone is in the fish tank or so he thinks until they tell him look at the desk. When he takes the memo he then hangs up the phone, the ladies demand to know what or who it was on the phone. They then get the memo that theres a ghost in the theater. Holtzmann surprises the team with a pimped up car that Patty gave to them. The ladies then catch the ghost but only to let it back on the loose when Erin tries impressing Martin Heiss (Bill Murray) that they caught a ghost. But the ghost killed Dr. Heiss!
The team then realizes that there is something bigger happening here and makes a map of the lay lines of an apocalyptic event. Its then the team tries to stop Rowan from unleashing full on evil only to witness Rowan kill himself with his device which then gets shortcircut. Erin then takes some of the things from Rowan’s lair only to see a bigger plan.
Meanwhile at base, Abby gets possessed by Rowan’s spirit and almost kills Holtzmann if only it wasn’t for Patty saving Holtzmann’s life. Patty then slaps the spirit out of Abby but to be on the safe side “THE POWER OF PATTY COMPELS YOU” and a second slap to Abby. Abby, Holtzmann and Patty tell Kevin who rides up on a badass motorcycle to get inside before he gets possessed but it ends up being too late. Rowan’s ghost possessed Kevin and takes him back to the lair to reactivate the machine to release all of the spirits onto New York. The Ghostbusters then team up to get Kevin back and to also save the city from full on destruction. In an epic battle in the city in the end the Ghostbusters bust the ghost by sending them all back into the spirit world along with Rowan’s ghost. At the end credits Patty hears an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) one word repeating Zuul.
Honestly I know that there were lots of hate when the news was brought out that the remake of Ghostbusters was going to be made with an all female cast. But you know I knew that it would do well, because one its Ghostbusters why wouldn’t it do well. And its a movie made by Paul Feig and he has done lots of funny movies in the past and I knew he would succeed with this one. I was really relieved when I saw Slimer in the film after a rumor broke out that he wouldn’t be in it. But truth be told this film did have a lot of action and awesome special effects and had a little bit of a Extreme Ghostbusters vibe to the movie as well. I was really excited to see Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Anne Potts, and Earnie Hudson make a cameo in the film as different characters but one thing that made me sad was that Dan Akroyd didn’t make a cameo like how he said he would. Overall this film is as funny as the original movie! TAKE THAT HATERS!
I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars
Ghostbusters is now out in theaters