Stranger Things (S1E1) "The Vanishing of Will Beyer"

When a boy goes missing, a mysterious girl appears, This is how the series starts with along with a mysterious creator that’s not even from the black lagoon. 
In the first episode, the series opens up to U.S Department of Energy laboratory where a scientist was running through the hallways for his life from something. When he gets to the elevators, slowly the doors opens and as he gets in, just as he thinks he’s safe, he gets snatched from a creator. 
Just next door from the laboratory, is a town Hawkins, Indiana, where we meet four boys, Will, Lucas, Mike and Dustin, who were playing a game that’s like Dungeons and Dragons when the game was about to get really good, Mike’s mom ends it. Will, Lucas and Dustin head home on their bikes, when as soon as Will leaves Mike’s light begin to flash in and out. 
Dustin challenges Will that if he beats him to his house that he can pick any of his comic books, which he did and pasted his house as he was heading home. He passes an open gate where says no trespassing, he spots a mysterious creator and steers off the road into the woods and runs for his life. He makes it home with no one but the dog. He searches for his mom or brother but no one. As he sees the creator at the door he runs to the shed and gets the gun out. As he loads the gun and awaits for the creator, the creator makes a surprise move from behind.
The next morning Johnathan (Will’s older brother) and Joyce (Will’s mom) are up and about to head out for work until they haven’t notice that Will wasn’t home. Johnathan thought he stayed at Mike’s house for the night. When Joyce called Mike’ mom she replied that he left after 9 that night. 
Joyce runs to the sheriff of the town, Hopper, who has some demons of his own from looks like with the pills, beer and the look to show it. He tries calming down Joyce about it and does what he can to think of where the boy can be, at his secret spot, with his so called dad or at a relative. But Joyce thinks that he might have been taken. 
While there’s a search for Will, at a burger shop comes this shave headed kid coming in the back and looking around, spots something that smells good (french fries) and eats it. But when she gets caught the guy took her in, feed her and gave her some clothes. He calls an information number about the kid but when a women who says is a social worker, she kills the guy, while a group of men try to take the child but she disappears. 
Mike, Dustin and Lucas wants to help look for Mike and they by sneaking out of the house at night. They tried places where Will would have gone, but with no luck they look through the woods until a storm comes and soon bumps into the mysterious girl. 
This episode had some really 80’s spook to it. The performances from certain actors from Winona Ryder to David Harbour. They story is a bit slow at first but picks pretty good. I pretty much enjoyed the episode. The kids might be a problem mostly with the characters like Nancy and her friends and “boyfriend.” That one thing that I really didn’t care for but let it go anyway. 
Have you seen the first episode of Stranger Things? What did you think of it? 
Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix now.