Ballers: (S02E01) "Face of the Franchise"

What a return to the season, Spencer has had highs and lows. Beginning with the high which he opened a restaurant called Su Casa. A great combination as the guy’s name is also Su. 
We also meet his competitor called Andre and let us just say the guy isn’t going to be a fan of Spencer by miles. Another thing that happened in the party is that Spencer got an invite to a talk show. 
In the talk show he got ambushed by Sizzle who he shared a feud with in the past. Things escalate and they lunge into each other on live television. 
Towards the end of the epsiode we saw that Ricky lost his deal and another guy got it. The worse part was it was his birthday. But there was some good in the party ofcourse other than the food and the dolphin sculpture Spencer made peace with his long time frenemy Sizzle. 
At the end he has one thing to say. He will sign Sizzle & get all Andre’s clients. If I were Andre I would keep an eye out of that huge four-story building of his.