Central Intelligence (2016)

A highly anticipated comedy movie featuring none other than Kevin Hart amd Dwayne Johnson. After watching a few of Kevin Jart’s movies (all comedies) I have realised that it is not for everyone. After also having a chat with some of our followers on twitter some just don’t find him funny. I for one find him hilarious which is why this movie was also epic.
At the same time, Dwayne Johnson better known as The Rock debuted in comedy playing a high school fat kid at the start to only be those dudes who end up with six-packs at the end. His trick being he trained for six hours everyday for the past 20 years.
image2 - Central Intelligence (2016)
The movie follows the common line where the fat kid gets bullied in school but takes a turn when the coolest kid actually decides to help him. The fat kid being Bob Stones (The Rock) & cool kid being Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart). In slight turn of events CJ was voted to be the most successful person in life but he feels like a looser as he is stuck at a desk job with his assistant now being promoted to the point where he has a higher rank than him.
But it all changed when he received a Facebook friend request from Bob Stones. CJ accepted it because he didn’t want to make the other person know he rejected the request otherwise it would hurt his feelings. Bob also asked to hang out with him at 6pm at a bar.
While all this is happening CJ is having a tough time, his wife feels like they should go to therapy as her parents got divorced and in her mind she thinks they would have avoided that by going to counselling. At the same time the reunion of Class 1996 in Central High was happening and CJ didn’t want to go because he didn’t feel like answering the question “What do you do now?”
Once Bob came to the equation his past background being he was bullied on the last day of the senior year. While taking a shower he was dancing around and singing, a group of teens come around and carry him throwing him at the centre of the my where CJ was receiving his award. Everyone saw him naked and laughed him off.
Going on in time, they meet up at 6pm, CJ being surprised at seeing him (it’s The Rock imagine) and they have some drinks. This time a bully shows up taking Bob’s chair where he was seated (Bob went to get shots), CJ decided to let it go but Bob shows up saying he can’t stand bullies. Things escalate and Bob doesn’t give a Rock Bottom but betas them up pretty good. They then go to CJ’s home, Bob still playing the ‘you are a cool guy’ card all the time. Turns out Bob was in the CIA and he wanted CJ to crack the location of the criminal selling satellite codes on an auction to the highest bidder. CJ unaware of it helps him out and allows him to crash for the night.
The next morning the CIA shows up looking for Bob. Then we get to know the CIA blame Bob for the codes and death of his partner. CJ shocked goes to work where the CIA lady follows him. Bob shows up and he makes sure that CJ is ‘in’ and they leave the building in some style jumping out of the window.
image3 - Central Intelligence (2016)
Bob them explains everything and CJ decided to go with him to get the transaction code to the man that bullied Bob. In the office the dude still bullied Bob causing him to be in shock. However the biggest plot twist was CJ turning on Bob by giving his location to the CIA lady. They arrest Bob for questioning.
Going through their torture methods, CJ decides to take his friends side and he helps him get out of interrogation. CJ also gets a nice punch to the throat of the security jumping up and down. (Typical Kevin Hart)
Now they go to an airfield, steal a plane and are in their way to Boston. Bob decided to mess with CJ making the plane go down and the red danger signs light up saying the gas is finished. Since he pretended to the counsellor to CJ’s marriage he wanted to open him up. Yes the problem was not having a child.
image4 - Central Intelligence (2016)
Landing down to Boston and reaching their location, they discover it’s an underground parking lot. Bob goes by himself. CJ sees the CIA lady and he suspected her to be the Crimean and calls Bob to only be pranked by a hilarious voicemail answer. He decided to go underground as well and there he gets shot by Bob.
All the CIA lady’s words struck him- Bob was allegedly blamed for the murder of his partner and for stealing the codes. All hell went loose after the CIA lady showed up with guns. A gun fight started, CJ like in any Kevin Hart movies went with a crazy idea.
Turns out Bob’s partner faked his death, had the codes and was selling them too. But the gun fight made both Bob and his former parted drop their usb and run for cover. CJ ran for the usb and began to run away.
Both Bob and his former partner follow CJ where things go bad again. But Bob worshipped CJ to the point where he thought that CJ shot his leg as a way to make the former partner confess. Don’t know if you call it friendship goals or plain stupidity.
The movie ends with them going to the reunion in a helicopter, CJ meets his wife who gets surprised at seeing Bob. Heck everyone there got surprised and the accountant that bullied Bob in high school got a hard knockout punch from Bob.
It ends with Bob going full on naked – fighting his fear, and getting the girl he had a crush on.
The movie didn’t exactly meet expectations, mainly because Dwayne Johnson was too big for his character’s role. It just didn’t suit his way whenever he said “Wowo” or any other funny remark as it seemed more awkward than comedic from him. But the movie itself was great, though lacking the usual comedy which Kevin Hart has in the moves he is the lead check Ride Along as an example. Otherwise it was action packed, some great gun fights & funny.