UnReal: (S02E07) "Ambush"

As promised by the creators, this season was going to be going places where no one likes to visit. To be more specific they chose to have subjects that they touch that are linked to our current events. 
This episode was to show the police brutality against the blacks. But that comes towards the end of the episode. The beauty of the series is the way it manages to incorporate all the message they have and also continue with their own plot.
We continue from where we left off, Adam is back in town and he is better than ever. They bring him in the basis of redemption but in reality we all know Quinn brought him in to break up Rachel & Coleman. 
This episode the four ladies left had to present their dates and Darius has to pick one. Fed up with the way he has been played with, Darius had his mind elsewhere showing little to no enthusiasm when he was asked to choose.
Adam however was a great advisor, something tells me that he could make a good producer. He on the other hand isn’t doing good on getting Rachel back.
After going through the date with Chantel, a very unfortunate incident where Chantel’s ex boyfriend’s ashes lands inside his mouth because of the wind. Furious with his treatment, Darius rushes out of the studio with the two other girls (Tiffany & Yael) for a spin.
Rachel thrown a in another bomb, ratings would soar high but it came at a cost. Romeo being shot. Whether he survives or not, the real issue here shows how the situation is in America.
But if you take a closer look, the cop shot Romeo because he saw Romeo rush towards his direction. Call it panic but the question truly comes in whether that reaction came because of the stereotype of colour? 
And my best bet is that the show creators were hoping to illustrate that. But they didn’t stop there as the plot thickened.
Yael meets Jeremy and decides to record him giving away all the secrets. This will prove very dangerous for the new show runner spoiler alert Quinn! And as for Rachel she decided to rid everyone of the plague which is herself and go with her mom.
This season has been the best with every epsiode building the momentum and keeping us on our toes. Every episode improving and adding more twists. I have to say I for one hoped that this series would have had more than 10 episodes.