American Gothic: (S01E05) "The Artist in His Museum"

Garrett was getting frisky with Christine when her dog walker came in and interrupted them. Garrett leaves saying he can’t do this.
Cam is washing his hands in the sink. Brady comes over. Brady yells at him saying Cam needs to be straight with him. Cam said he didn’t mean to hurt the dealer. Brady says no, this is about the Silver Bells Killer. Cam says it was Gunther. Brady says Gunther was cleared.
Tessa says to Brady that there is no way Cam could be the Silver Bells Killer. She will get him sober and bring him in for questioning. Brady says that he has the needle Cam was putting in his arm and asks permission to run a DNA test. Tessa says she does not give permission. Tessa tells Brady to find the real Silver Bells Killer and leave her family out of it. Brady leaves.
Tessa brings Cam some toast and says she will be with him through this.
Maddie is taking money out of an ATM and stuffing it into an envelope.
At the police station, the lieutenant is saying to the group that Cam is now their prime suspect but they don’t know where he is. Then Brady comes in. Brady knows where Cam is. Then Linda says to Brady, unless the family knows where he is. Brady says Cam is not the killer. The lieutenant tells Brady he is off the case but lets him go through old files to see if there is something they missed on the Silver Bells Killer.
Kimmie, one of the staffers, comes into Alison’s private office as she is talking to Naomi. Kimmie says she is not being paid for what she does. Then she confesses she saw Naomi and Alison kiss.
Alison receives a text from Cam saying he is at home drying out. Alison says she has to go. Cam washes his face in the sink and sees a bunch of Silver Bells falling out of the medicine cabinet and then he sees his dead father. It is a hallucination. Cam comes down the stairs completely out of it. Garrett comes over. His father says you know what you saw.
Linda comes over to the Hawthorne house looking for Cam. Tessa says he doesn’t live here. Garrett is holding Cam up against the wall holding his mouth shut. Cam is saying he doesn’t want to talk about the body. He is hallucinating seeing himself as a little boy in counseling. Tessa says Linda better get a warrant. Linda leaves. Garrett says to Tessa that Cam was saying some pretty weird stuff. Tessa says he does that when he is getting cleaned up. Alison comes over and asks where Maddie is. Tessa says she will call mom and asks Maddie where she is. Maddie says she is at the Red Sands Resort destressing. She is actually at a restaurant or diner and claims the phone is breaking up and ends the call.
Cam is sitting on the floor by the bed holding a waste basket in case he needs to vomit. Alison comes in and sits down on the floor next to him. Cam is concerned about her campaign. Alison says don’t worry about it. Cam talks about seeing things and doesn’t know which is real and which is not. Alison says Cam can turn this around and that she has seen him do it before. She says she really believes it and she will do anything in her power to help him. She asks if he believes that. He says yes, that is why you are my second favorite sister.
Tessa tells Alison that mom is at the Red Sands resort. Alison says she will stay to help.
While at the diner, Maddie gives a lady she calls her mom the envelope of money. Does anyone else know Maddie has a mom?
At the house Alison and Garrett are in the kitchen. Alison is preparing some vegetables for Cam. Garrett says she has a feeling that Alison has been avoiding him since he got back. Alison says the campaign and her kids are keeping her busy. Alison says she is not like the others and cannot stand back and watch Garrett waltz back into this family and smile. Garrett says you have no idea what happened. Alison says so tell me. Garrett says you want an open book. Well what about your life. Do you keep some things quiet for the greater good? Alison’s phone goes off. The police are at her campaign office asking about Cam. Garrett tells her to go take care of it and Garrett takes over preparing the vegetables.
Alison arrives at the police station and Linda is there. Linda asks Alison where Cam is. Alison says to try his friend’s house. Linda says let me know if you hear from him. Alison says you’ll be the first to know.
Alison asks Naomi why Kimmie is still there. She is blackmailing us. She has a new laptop. LOL!
Cam is hallucinating again. He sees his son Jack with the doll he made with the real dentures. Then Cam sees a frog hanging himself in the hall. Next, he sees his father tell him to look at the stairs. There is someone dragging a body down the stairs.
Now Maddie is outside of a trailer home. Maddie’s mom drives up like she is drunk, plowing right through the flower beds. She says she just had one drink on the way home.
Linda is talking to Jack at school. Tessa comes up and tells Linda she can’t do that. Jack asks if his dad did anything wrong. Tessa says no he didn’t. Jack says that Linda said that she can take Jack’s father away. Tessa calls Brady and tells him that Linda was talking to their son and this has to stop. She gives Brady permission to run the DNA on the needle that Cam had.
The next morning Garrett is sleeping on the floor by Cam’s bed. Cam is talking in his sleep. Garrett tells him to tell him what he saw. Cam says please make it stop. Garrett then ties Cam to the sink in the bathroom. What?!?! He tells Cam not to pull too hard otherwise it gets tighter. Then Garrett leaves.
Garrett goes down to see Christine at the hospital or clinic where she works. They go to talk privately. He tells Cam his brother is going through terrible heroin withdrawal and asks for Christine’s help. She tells him to bring him in. Garrett says he knows she is mad at him for just leaving. She says not to worry about hurting her. She is strong. She writes a prescription for Garrett and tells him to keep an eye on Cam.
Back at “mom’s” trailer, Maddie is still sitting outside. Mom comes out in a robe. Maddie says what is this about? I need to get back to my son. Mom says it’s funny you mention family; I would love to meet my grandchildren. Maddie says that is not our agreement. I send you money and you stay away. It comes out that Maddie’s mom was in jail for half of Maddie’s childhood.  Mom thinks it was Mitch who wanted her to stay away. Maddie says it was her idea not Mitch’s. She said it was Mitch’s to spare her feelings. Mom says she didn’t know that. Mom starts crying. Maddie asks why she cares so much. Mom says she is getting older and people change. Maddie says but you don’t. Maddie says how much money do you really want? If you really wanted to see your grandchildren you wouldn’t have shown up drunk. Maddie says fine. You want to see the kids, you can come to Boston and meet them right now or I can give you twice the amount of money each month to stay away. Guess which option mom chooses.
Tessa and Alison arrive home and Garrett is giving Cam those pills but they seem to be making Cam worse. He is sweaty and convulsing. He hallucinates his dad is taking him by the hand saying he has to face the past. Mitch is saying you remember the stair case and someone dragging a body down the stairs by the hands. He hallucinates both Mitch and Garrett asking if it was them. I don’t trust this medication that Garrett is giving Cam.
Garrett, Tessa, and Alison are sitting at the Hawthorne kitchen table when Alison gets a call about one of her staffers and needs to go. Alison tells Garrett that tying up Cam was wrong. She says next time call, if he wants to be a part of this family.
Naomi and Alison accuse Kammie of leaking the information that is on the news. They say it came from Kammie’s computer. She says you gave me this computer. Naomi says you give me too much credit. She says Kimmie is fired and that no one will take the word of a fired staffer.
Garrett goes into Cam’s room and says he doesn’t know how much he remembers. Cam says you hogtied me to the bathroom sink. Garrett says he apologizes. Cam says no he apologizes. He assumed the worst about Garrett when he first came back. Garrett says to Cam that he said some things when he was out. Images about a body. Cam says he has had these images since he was a teenager and they are disturbing. He says they came to life last night when he was hallucinating. Cam tells Garrett it was about someone dragging a body down the stairs. Cam says he thought it was drug induced but now he wonders if it was a repressed memory. Garrett says the stress and the drugs mess with your head. Garrett says whatever it was you think you saw, it was not real. Now how could Garrett possibly know that, Hmmmm?????
Cam tells him mom he doesn’t blame her for being gone while he was detoxing. Maddie says it’s OK. It’s in his genes because her mother was an addict. Cam says he never knew that. Maddie says Jack needs him. Cam says he is really trying. Maddie says she knows. Cam asks Maddie how was the spa. Maddie says more expensive than I remembered. LOL!
Garrett goes to meet Christine again. She asks how Cam is. Garrett says better. Garrett says he wants to take Christine somewhere that will help her understand him better. Why do I have a sense of doom? Christine asks what changed his mind. Garrett says I will tell you when we get there. Run, Christine, run!
Cam is going down the stairs and notices a scratch on the railing right after he remembers his vision. Hmmm…
Brady arrives home. Tessa says hey I’ve been waiting for you. We are going to be late. She takes one look at his face and asks what’s wrong. Brady says the results came back. It was not Cam’s blood. She says thank God. Brady says wait there’s more. There was a familial match. Tessa asks what does that mean. Brady says the blood on the belt belongs to someone in your family. One of them is the Silver Bells Killer. That is the end of the episode.
This was a fairly eventful episode. What did you think? Who is the Silver Bells Killer?