Wayward Pines: (S02E09) "Walcott Prep"

The episode begins with kids at Walcott Prep Academy for girls in Chicago. This is clearly before Wayward Pines. It doesn’t say what year. David Pilcher is talking to an employee of the school. They are discussing a particular student. They talk about a child coming in December so someone must be pregnant. David says something about how timing is everything.
Kerry and Jason are talking in Jason’s office. She is looking at monitors. She says there are so many abbies outside the walls. She sees Margaret and says she may be dying.
Theo walks down Main Street like a gunslinger as he has a gun in his right hand. He goes to the ice cream place where Xander works. Xander says to Theo, come on, she made her choice. Theo says that’s not what this is about. Theo says he is not going to live with that kid in charge, obviously referring to Jason. Theo is obviously referring to a revolution. He says he is doing this with or without Xander. Xander says he needs to know what the plan is. C.J. comes in and says to Theo that Jason wishes to see him on the mountain. Jason says they only have food for a month and there are thousands of abbies out there. Jason says they can accept their fate and tell their friends in Wayward Pines so they can say their goodbyes or they can fight the abbies. Jason talks about getting everybody back in the pods to go back to sleep.
David is talking to a doctor about trying for kids. He says he wants to leave a legacy of service and future leadership. A legacy of love. Unconditional love. I am not quite sure what he is talking about. Then he walks to a greenhouse and meets a young pregnant girl named Abigail. She says her interview with Princeton is put off. They discuss a book she is reading. David says sometimes rules are good or essential even. She says the book doesn’t describe her world. David says not yet. He says it was good to meet her and thanks her for her time. She tells David she calls her unborn son Jason.
Margaret is with the other abbies who tend to her. Meanwhile the phones are ringing off the hook in Wayward Pines. The citizens gather in the street. Jason is on the podium speaking. He says he has been honest with them about where they are and what this place is. He says he will be honest with them now. He says their enemies, the abbies, have moved closer in large numbers and that an invasion is imminent. He talks about an immediate evacuation of Wayward Pines. He talks about the citizens moving to the mountain and going back to sleep for a while. Arlene asks for how long. C.J. says that is yet to be decided. He tells them to go home and await instructions and they will come for them.
C.J. is talking to a class full of students and explaining the process of sleeping in the pods. One asks if he dreams. He says sometimes.
Next we see C.J. in the room full of pods and he gets on the phone and says we have a problem. Then he meets with David Pilcher. Clearly this is before Pam murdered David. David gets a phone call. It has to do with Abigail. Something must have happened to her baby.
Back to the present, C.J. is telling Jason about the problems with the pods. Not all of the pods are working. They can only save 571 people. Oh my. How are they going to choose who gets saved?
A family comes to the gates saying they are ready to go back to sleep. The guard at the gates says to go back home and they will come get them when it is time. The family says they will wait.
Jason goes to Theo and says he needs a review of all the medical records of all the residents of Wayward Pines. Theo says you can’t take everyone, can you? Jason admits not all the pods are working. He admits that they can take just over half. Only Theo and C.J. know. Theo says there should be a lottery. That’s the only fair choice. Jason says there are some people who are needed such as Theo who is a doctor. Jason says they will take all the first generation of course. Theo asks if the first generation is valuable because of their youth or their intellect, physical ability, or their size. Theo also talks about the defectives, like those who can’t give birth. Jason tears up thinking of Kerry. At that moment Kerry comes in. She says she has been working on some rough projections. She asks if everything is OK. Jason kisses her and leaves. Theo says they can only take half the people and that Jason is starting the selection process right now. Theo tells Kerry he is not taking the defectives. Theo tells Kerry he tried telling Jason how valuable she is. Theo says the only thing to do is to take Jason out. Kerry says she won’t do that. Kerry says he loves me. Theo says he loves Pilcher more.
Rebecca is talking to Jason about projections in the future such as climate changes. Jason tells Rebecca he heard she is expecting. Jason says that’s wonderful. One of the most important ways to contribute. Rebecca says he doesn’t have to do anything. Sometimes he just needs to follow his heart. Jason tells Rebecca to go home and say goodbye to Xander. Jason thanks Rebecca for being such a productive member of Wayward Pines.
Next we see David Pilcher at a nursery window in a hospital in Boise, Idaho. David has donated a large sum of money. The mother of the baby that David wants to take wants to meet David to make sure her son will be in good hands. They go into her room. It is Kerry. She says hello to David. She introduces herself as Kerry. He asks if she is feeling all right. He says he knows she was probably expecting him to be younger. David says he won’t be raising the child. The child will go to a couple in Texas. I’m not sure I believe that. Kerry says she hasn’t thought about his new parents. She was consumed with the pregnancy and childbirth. David asks about the father of the baby. Kerry says she has known him since she was seven but she didn’t really know him. David said he hurt you? Kerry says no, not really. He tried to like her father and step brother but she didn’t let any of them. David tells her she is strong and a survivor. David says he wants to talk about the money. He asks Kerry what she is going to spend it on. She talks about traveling. So who is her baby?
Jason is in the office looking through people’s files. He comes across Kerry’s. He looks at her file and sees that she gave birth to a boy and it is him. It shows his full name, date of birth, and birth weight. OMG. Kerry is Jason’s mother. Jason gets out a gun like he will shoot himself. Kerry comes in and he puts the gun away. Kerry asks if he is all right. He says no, He is not all right. He says they can only take half. Jason tells Kerry he loves her. She says she loves him too. He tells her she is a person he can share everything with. She says yes, always. Jason says that’s why she never told him about the baby? She says what does it matter? Pilcher told her the baby went to Texas. She says what went wrong?  Jason tries to kill Kerry and she tries to kill him. She gets his gun and it goes off.
David Pilcher is looking at Kerry’s file on the computer. Jason is looking through physical files in the city. He comes across Kerry’s file and says he wants her for a partner. She wakes up in David Pilcher’s office. He says he is Jason Higgins and that it is very nice to meet her. He says there was an accident in Chicago. She is afraid of him. He is having a difficult time telling her what he needs to tell her. He says he wanted to be the first face she saw when she woke up. He tells her to take it easy. She was out for a while. She says how long? Then she says tell me everything. Jason says he will. He will teach her everything. He tells her she will be fine now and that she is safe and will always be safe and to trust him.
Back to the present. Jason and Kerry are lying on the floor next to each other both wounded. Jason says Wolcott Prep. They take each other’s hand.
Meanwhile people are lining up at the gates to the mountain to be frozen.
Margaret wakes up healed and howls. The abbies around her howl as well. She is on top of the mountain. Looking down you can see thousands of abbies.
The song playing now is hilarious. It is an oldie saying something about the end of the world.  This is the end of the episode. What do you think about Jason and Kerry? There is only one more episode left. What do you think will happen?