Mr. Robot (S02 E03) "k3rnel-pan1c.ksd"

Review: This episode started out weirdly. Romero and Mobley were talking about murders and other absurd things. Ironically, Romero is later found dead – which I in fact suspected, so this was a bit disappointing.
Gideon is also dead … I said it in the previous review that I really hoped he pulls through, but I knew it was foolish of me to think he wasn’t going to die. I understand why his death was necessary, but I am sad. He was one of the good ones, he deserved better and I will really miss him. Of course – his death triggered Elliot, as I suspected. He started using drugs again and I have to say I wish he had a different reaction. I actually thought he would get an idea to confess he was behind the hack to try and clear Gideon’s name, but he didn’t seem angry enough? Then again, I don’t remember we ever saw him being angry, he just feels numb all the time. Either way I wish he reacted differently.
Tyrell is alive. Well, he communicated with Elliot, which means he might just be a pigment of his imagination, we can’t know for sure. But it seems as if he is indeed in the hiding.
Something big went down at the night of the hack, we still need a lot of answers, but we are not getting any.
Philip and Angela are getting cozier and quite frankly, I don’t know why.
Who is also getting cozier? Ray and Elliot. It seems as if Ray might be a shrink or something like that, but I am (again) not sure what is going on.
The most suspicious thing is the fact that Elliot hasn’t talked to any of the people from his life. He hasn’t heard a thing from Angela, Darlene or any people from the fsociety. I’ve read theories on the internet and some people are suspecting he might be in prison, but others are saying that would be “too easy”. But … He is going to church meetups, he is talking to shrinks … A lot doesn’t add up. Why didn’t he keep in touch with his friends?
What went down on the night of the hack is truly the biggest mistery of the season and I know we won’t get any answers for a long time, because that’s the POINT. But … I personally found this exact episode incredibly boring. They’re dragging everything on, giving us new characters and introducing their stories, but the only story that is in fact important remains hidden. It’s like the creator is ignoring it. This was disappointing. All of the new faces just make me feel incredibly confused and – at the moment – there is no story to follow. After first 10 minutes of the episode, nothing even happened. Well … Let’s just wait and see what happens next week, shall we?