Suits (S06E01&02): "To Trouble" and "Accounts Payable"


Suits finally returned, and it was a perfect way to kick off the season. It was such a refresher, and reminded me exactly why I love this show. It was a nice and light episode, which is was a nice change to the usual premieres of Suits. 
So the premiere started us off with Mike in his first night in prison, lets just take a second to appreciate how lucky he seemed to get it, in terms of his attire, he also lost that hair do he was rocking last season which I know most fans didn’t take to kindly too. This scene were there cutting of his hair is so metaphorically important, its Mike coming to terms that he’ll be in prison for the next 2 years.  Anyways the most obvious plot twist in this episode, was Frank. I mean we all saw that one coming, trust is a great virtue, but is something that can’t be given so easily in prison. Which is a little disappointing on Mike’s part, since he’s a smart dude,  yet he gave that guy the benefit of the doubt, but its a lesson he needed to learn, so I guess you could say he’s lucky for catching on so early in the game. 
Meanwhile, this aren’t looking any better at Pearson, Specter, Litt. Literally everyone that was working for them left, its actually a terrible situation for the firm, and we haven’t seen them at a point which is this low. I’ve got to say though, we got a lot of great humour from this premiere which was great. Especially with the whole Chinese delivery guy serving Jessica, then the 3 partners decide to get high, it was pure brilliance on screen. 
Another thing worth mentioning is the growing bond between Rachel and Harvey, its so nice to see him looking out for her, while Mike is in Jail. Also the scene that Jessica and Rachel shared, and how she talked about what it was like being a female in this law industry, this was fine writing. The dialogue in this scene was perfect, Gina Torres doesn’t get enough recognition for Jessica, but she’s such a great female character and needs some appreciation, in the premiere she truly shined. 
Second episode into this season, and Suits, is still going strong, serving some really good content. This show is everything and consistent with both acting and writing, two of the most important things a show needs, this has it all. 
Mike yet again is impulsive in this episode, he let his imagination take control of his emotions and he shouldn’t of snapped so easily at Frank. Harvey came to his rescue, though Mike dismissed him so quickly, he never gave him the time of day. Prison is definitely putting a strain on there relationship, more so than usual. Not only that, but Mike’s attitude to Kevin isn’t all that welcoming either, like he seems decent and you need at least one confidant in prison 
Donna came through like she always does and she managed to get Rachel into see Mike, but because of his little incident in the prison, things don’t go according to plan. Lets just appreciate seeing such Rachel be a total badass though, like it reminded me of season one Rachel who was really goal ordinated, she went after what she want. 
The real twist of this episode was seeing Jack beg Jessica for help though, I didn’t really feel for him though considering his past transgressions. But it was really big of Jessica to change her mind and help him, she has a point though, she’s always the smartest one in the room. “Having enemies right now isn’t a good thing”. I’m loving these moments by Jessica this season.
Anyways all in all, these two episodes were brilliant, I can’t wait for the rest of the season.