Killjoys (S02E04) "Schooled" Review

First Day of School
Quick opening with some kid in a pod screaming then cut to a weird (kinda sexy) moment between Dutch and D’avin. When it comes to sex and a good brawl, with these two you can never really tell. But as they spar D’avin wants Dutch to know that if something happens between her and Alvis then he’s cool with it. D’avin and Dutch are complicated. I guess that’s code for “We’re on a break”. Lucy’s timing still sucks as she gets a call from Toren who tells Dutch and D’avin that he now knows where Khlyen’s huge data stream went. It went to a Prodigy School where gifted Westerly kids can get an education. Toren got them a warrant so that they can escort the new class. Dutch is a little apprehensive. Not a kid person. Dutch and D’avin pay a visit to Pree to see if he knows the kid they’re looking to escort and the Royale is bumpin’! Pree calls over his new attractive blond employee. D’avin certainly takes notice of her. Pree tells Dutch about how Pawter put a bomb in Jelco’s chest and that Johnny is now out looking for her after she was jumped. Now we go to Johnny who drives up on some gypsy caravan/camp where Lucy tracked Pawter’s last transmission. Pawter is arm wrestling… for her freedom. Salt Plains Law! Who knew she could wrestle with the big girls? Anyway Pawter beats her captive who suddenly hears that she’s a doctor. No way she’s letting a gem like that get away, her sons are looking for a good woman. Cave Man rules still apply I guess. Johnny and Pawter are out numbered but this wedding party turns into a bar brawl. Johnny and Pawter manage to sneak away. In Old Town, Dutch and D’avin go looking for their new Prodigy student. Dutch thinks Pawter is a distraction for Johnny and could get him hurt. D’avin points out their team’s dynamic that says Pawter isn’t one: Dutch leads; D’avin shoots; Johnny gives a crap about people. Pawter is walking through the desert  until Johnny catches up. Pawter is worried about the Company’s new plans for all the towns in Westerly. A wall around every town. Pawter feels she has to warn people before it’s too late. She doesn’t want to get Johnny in trouble since he works for the RAC (which essentially works for the Company). Johnny offers for Pawter to stay on Lucy for a bit until they figure out what to do. Dutch and D’avin find their new Prodigy, Jake with his crap dad who holds the Killjoys at gun point. No way he’s letting his son go after Prodigy took his first son, Olan, then his wife in the bombings. The guy knocks his own kid down, but D’avin can’t stand bully fathers so he knocks him down and takes Jake.
Ghost in the Machine
On Lucy with their 3 Prodigy students, D’avin asks Johnny how long Pawter is going to say. He hasn’t asked Dutch yet… D’avin asks Jake if he’s excited to see his older brother again. Jake is apprehensive since he hasn’t seen his brother in 3 years. D’avin doesn’t think Jake should worry because brothers always have each other’s back… unless they stab you. Brothers are complicated. At least Johnny and D’avin can joke about that incident now. Dutch asks Johnny how long Pawter plans to stay. He reminds Dutch about when he didn’t say anything when they let Alvis crash on Lucy. They gotta stop bringing strays on this ship. Dutch agrees to let Pawter stay as long as Johnny promises to focus on their current mission: recover the data stream Khlyen sent Prodigy. Johnny gives D’avin and Dutch data miners to help them find Khylen’s data stream. They need to plug them into the security monitors. The team escorts the three new students onto Prodigy station but find it empty. But then they hear a familiar, bitchy voice. Delle Seyah appears on the monitor with a pre-recorded message of welcome to the new students. The station is like a ghost town however. Apparently Khlyen sent the last message to Delle Seyah. Last time they worked together they almost over threw the 9 government. D’avin takes the kids to safety while Dutch and Johnny scout ahead. They find a few cryo pods… with no kids. Delle Seyah walks into the room in her super villain haute couture with her body guard. She thinks Dutch took the kids but Johnny finds a bloody hand print. Delle Seyah locks down the station and Lucy. Delle Seyah says she got in right after Dutch. Only other person who had access to the kids was Malta Chambers, class guardian. Dutch slides in her data miner while Delle Seyah brings up footage of the pod room. But it’s gone. Delle Seyah wants to know why Dutch is really here but Dutch doesn’t trust her, not until Delle shows her cards first. D’avin and Delle Seyah’s body guard protect the kids as they escort the children. Jake over hears the body guard talk about the missing kids then runs off. D’avin goes after him leaving the body guard on baby sitting duty. Pawter and Johnny do some investigating on the cryo pods while they flirt a little. Turns out the cryo pods were neuro-feeding the kids in their sleep. The fastest way to learn. D’avin finds Jake hiding in some room after finding his back pack. They bond over Nova Cadets and crappy dads. D’avin sees a woman pass by. It’s Malta! Dutch and Delle Seyah see her on the security cameras. The body guard finds her then chases after her only to get a real shock! Something electrocutes him, killing him. This knocks out the security feeds. D’avin and Jake get back to Lucy where the two other students are hiding. Pawter discovers that the kids didn’t go anywhere. They melted in their pods! Pawter blames Delle Seyah’s method of learning. The neuro-feeders killed the kids but Delle Seyah denies it believing that it was Chambers. Chambers appears on the monitor demanding Delle Seyah so that she can answer for her crimes. I’m for that plan! Delle isn’t up for it but Dutch shoots her in the leg. She’ll heal. Dutch suspects that Delle is doing something to these kids behind the 9’s backs. Johnny thinks D’avin should try to talk to Jake. D’avin tries but Jake isn’t interested in being comforted seeing nothing but bleakness. Delle Seyah plays bait but tells Dutch that she knows that Khlyen is gone and that Red 17 was destroyed. Dutch finally reveals that they’re after the message Khlyen sent to Prodigy. Delle says she communicated with Khlyen on a schedule but he was never early. Turns out Khlyen’s message was what over loaded the cryo pods, killing the kids. Delle sees Chambers and Dutch and Johnny spring the trap but Chambers turns out to be a hologram. Lucy is being hacked. The kids walk off of Lucy (hearing some announcement that we didn’t hear) where they find a little robot. The robot gives D’avin a shock! Pawter discovers that Chambers has been dead the whole time. Olan was the only survivor. He reveals himself then takes Jake on board Lucy.
Give up the Ghost
Johnny and Pawter find D’avin and tell him what’s really happening. Olan cuts life support unless they release Lucy and allow them to escape. If Delle Seyah can get to the control room they can over ride Olan’s command. Pawter and D’avin take the kids to the cryo pods (the only place they can get life support) while Johnny works on trying to get back into Lucy. Olan tries to get control of Lucy and Jake begs him to restore life support for the station. Olan refuses believing that the Killjoys are here to hurt them not help them. Olan suddenly gets these headaches with flashes of… that memory of Dutch, Khlyen, and the green goo! Dutch and Delle Seyah make their way towards the control room. Delle Seyah decides to play a game. Perfect timing (rolls eyes). Delle Seyah is using the kids as a Qreshi seed bank to protect Qreshi culture and knowledge. Dutch says there are 2 reasons for keeping a seed bank: winter and/or war. Delle doesn’t know what Khlyen’s message is about but she likes to be prepared. Jake lets Johnny back into Lucy. He’s worried about his brother, Olan. D’avin and Pawter put the kids in the cryo pods. Khlyen’s message is in Olan’s heads. Johnny surprises Olan with his own shock-bot with Jake behind him. Olan feels betrayed then threatens to blow all of them up. Johnny talks Olan down. Revealing how Olan got out of the pod. Chambers was trying to save him but Olan freaked out pushing Chambers into a cryo pod. D’avin and Pawter talk about Johnny. D’avin essentially gives Pawter his blessing if she wants to pursue something with Johnny. Dutch carries Delle Seyah to the control room. Delle gives Dutch a kiss (a kiss we’ve been waiting for) then tells Dutch how to turn the life support back on. Once it’s back on Johnny talks Olan down revealing that Jake isn’t really there so he doesn’t have to know about his older brother as a crazy guy threatening to kill them all. Johnny knows how to play that Little Brother card. Lucy is unlocked so now the team can get out of Prodigy. Delle wants to know what’s in Olan’s head and demands that he be given to her. Dutch refuses and instead black mails Delle Seyah, saying that she will tell the 9 that she was using the kids as a seed bank without their knowledge. Delle Seyah backs down while Dutch promises to tell her what she finds in Olan’s mind. This makes Delle and Dutch allies… for now. Dutch takes Olan and Jake to a Scar Back Monastery on Leith. Dutch asks Alvis to help Olan and asks about his progress on the skin message he found. Though there’s some flirting happening here that I totally love! Zombie Fancy wakes Khlyen up from his ice nap after killing the crew of the ship they’re on. They’re going on a road trip to the Jacobi home planet to find out why D’avin was immune. No one’s gonna clean up all the… black blood? Just gonna let it sit there the whole trip? Okay then…
This episode definitely gets an A+! The team is in top form and my secret wish came true that Dutch and Delle Seyah (the Queen B) finally locked lips. Though Delle Seyah may not be able to compete with Alvis and his sexy robes.