Ballers: (S02E02) "Enter the Temple"

As we have previously mentioned, the series doesn’t have enough time to exploit all of the stories and angles they are going at.
But a lot happened with Spencer going after some Vicodin to the extent he tried to get some from Tracy. Tracy on the other hand turned her life around standing up to her boss for equal pay by quiting her job. 
Meanwhile Spencer was going all in for Sizzle and had a sit in with Andre. Rick on the other hand was choosing places to go to. He wants to get a nice offer. But all things went bezerk when Reggie demands for a salary. 
Imagine you asking for $3000 per week but your homie thinking of $800 per week. What is worse is that it all happened in the forest area where they were playing with paintball guns. Reggie took a shot on Vernon with the intention of being undervalued but didn’t expect to see him fall with an injury. Vernon would not be pleased to find that out as Reggie blamed another person.
The saddest part came on when Charles gets an ultimatum from his coach to either move right or go back packing. 
The series has taken the slow tempo this time, but that can be because of the various lines they are playing with. Every player has his own story and it keeps on spiralling into bigger stories. 
This season is surely better than the last. It all makes more sense and well the rivalry between Spencer & Andre is really bringing us to the edges of our seat. 
As Andre put it out there, football players are too dumb which is why they need a financial advisor to think for them. Expect to see more of this feud in the future.