UnReal: (S02E08) "Fugitive"

After a tremendous shocking episode last week, this week was adding cold water to the burn. 
Romeo was nowhere to be seen, but Darius returned going back o the girl he kicked out because he didn’t want to wake up to a disappointed face everyday. She didn’t fall for his games but our new producer saves the day by convincing him to get Tifanny.
The whole game of immunity they came up where the girl who gets the most votes goes back home was ruined for others and the cop went home. But that is what Hollywood is all about giving us a twisted happy type ending. 
But the same can’t be said for Chet, Everlasting and even Rachel. From being rejected to the worst level by Quinn to loosing Tifanny who wanted to get over her daddy issues Chet was really a person you felt for this episode. Even worse was seeing how Rachel was treated by her mom, from being raped at the age of 12 by her mom’s patient to being given drugs to keep her silent and ‘sane’ she left her mom again but told her story to Coleman. 
However Everlasting’s fate now lies in his hands as he got a confession from Rachel already, knows the secrets of the show that he was a runner to for “20 minutes” and he got what everyone that has a problem and wants to outs someone – a reporter.
The reporter being in the form of none other than Yael, who got caught snooping around his computer. Don’t get me wrong but reporters have to be better than that though. Although she flunked in the spy game she managed to get herself a bargain by allying with Coleman who mows wants vengeance on Everlasting and most likely on Quinn who is about to be in a serious relationship with a baby in the plans.
All we can say is that it’s hard to pin point the evil with so many characters revealed. Who does your vote go to?