American Gothic: (S01E06) "The Chess Players"

The episode opens with Tessa telling Brady that Cam had vivid nightmares. Meanwhile Alison is in a mayoral debate. Tessa is telling Brady to drive faster so that Alison is not blindsided at the debate. Alison’s mom is in the front row. Alison is talking about stronger gun control as the number of shootings has increased in the last five years. Cam and Jack are at home watching the debate. Jack says that Alison is way smarter than the bald guy. LOL! A reporter at the debate asks for a comment on the police information that the Hawthorne family has DNA linked to the Silver Bells Killer and flat out asks Alison if she has any idea which one of her family members might be the Silver Bells Killer. Alison looks a little stunned but really she is covering well.
Later everyone is at the Hawthorne mansion. What happened at the debate? Maddie says her lawyer says everyone should give DNA samples. Tessa confesses that she gave Brady permission to test the DNA. Maddie can’t believe Tessa sided with Brady after he betrayed her once. Tessa says yes because she knows Cam is innocent. Alison says only one thing matters. Which one of us is it? No one responds.
Meanwhile Garrett is out in the woods with Christine. Garrett says he brought Christine to the woods to get away from all the noise including cell phones. Christine says she likes the noise.
Cam and Jack are looking out the front door at all the reporters on the sidewalk. Maddie says this is ridiculous. DNA results mean nothing and that the police manipulate evidence all the time. Tessa tries to argue that isn’t true. Maddie says the police don’t want the truth, they want the blood, and they want to catch the killer. The police arrive with the warrants to obtain DNA from all the family members and they all comply.
Maddie says Tessa was ten when the murders happened. The DNA expert says fun fact; psychopathy is determined by age five. Then they ask where Garrett is. The family doesn’t know. The police say there must be something with his DNA on it in the house. Someone says to check for his paper cups.
Garrett jokes about catching a rabbit and cooking it for lunch. Christine says she is vegan. Garrett then holds up a can of vegan chili. LOL!
Maddie cooked dinner but no one wants to eat it. Cam says it looks like human remains and given the circumstances…Maddie throws the food on the floor and asks if anyone wants dessert.
Cam says it’s time for Jack to go to bed and that he will bring something up to him later. Jack leaves the table. Alison hints that Garrett is the killer. Cam confesses his memory of seeing someone dragging a body down the stairs. He says dad makes sense. However in his memory, he can’t see who it is. Maddie says his mind was withdrawing from drugs. Cam confesses that in the memory, the guy’s boots damage a spindle and he checked and there is a damaged spindle. Maddie says that’s enough. The police and the press are trying to rip them apart and she won’t allow it. She tells everyone to go to bed. Alison says it’s 9pm. Maddie says go to your rooms. How funny.
Cam is on the phone with Sophie and tells Jack to say goodnight to his mom so Jack does. Jack is reading a book on vultures. Jack says they are birds of prey and that psychopaths often decorate their homes with predatory birds. Jack says this house is full of predatory birds. Cam gets a scared look on his face.
Alison and Tom are in bed and he says they will get through this. He says he loves her. Tom touches her and Alison says I just don’t like to be touched. Tom blames Naomi. Alison says that’s what you are focusing on right now?
So Cam goes and walks around the house and notices all the predatory birds. It’s hilarious. He sees them in stuffed animals, pictures, and other art. Meanwhile Sophie sneaks in the house. She says she isn’t leaving her kid alone in this house. The kid isn’t alone in the house. Cam tells Sophie about the mark on the stairs. Sophie tells Cam to get out of the house. Cam says it’s his family’s house. Sophie says no, she and Jack are Cam’s family. Later, Cam watches Sophie and Jack sleeping.
Cam is walking around the house. He finds Tessa going through some stuff. I think its Garrett’s. She says she is trying to figure out who he is. Cam looks up at something and sees a bell attached to the wall. He says holy crap, has that always been there and he starts laughing. Then Tessa starts laughing. The stress is getting to them.
Alison is sitting at her desk smiling. What does she have up her sleeve now? She picks up the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. It is hollowed out. Inside are pictures of Naomi. Then she unfolds a piece of paper and gets kind of a stunned look on her face.
Alison walks in to where Cam and Tessa are with a piece of paper saying Mitch beat someone practically to death. I didn’t quite catch who. Alison says maybe he is the killer. They ask Maddie about it. Maddie says it was an isolated incident. Mitch was not a violent man. They ask Maddie to explain it. Maddie says it was completely her fault. She was having an affair with a married man. Mitch beat up this guy after he came to the house after Maddie broke it off. Maddie says Mitch dragged the guy down the stairs and then the neighbor called the police. Maddie says to Cam that what he saw was real but it was not a dead body. Maddie says Mitch is not the Silver Bells Killer.
Cam, Alison, & Tessa are talking about how Maddie has an answer for everything. Cam says that the SBK killer doesn’t have to be a man. Cam reveals he knows Alison is having an affair with Naomi. Tessa doesn’t know about that. They all start blaming each other and then stop. They say they need to find Garrett.
Meanwhile, in the woods, Garrett tells Christine that he lived in the woods for 14 years. Christine asked how it was. Garrett says quiet and beautiful. Winters were a little hard. Christine asks him if he has a family and if they missed him. Garrett says yes he has a family but he doesn’t know if they missed him. He said maybe his little sister. He missed her. Garrett says he came back because his father was dying and then he did. Christine says she is sorry. Garrett says he was going to leave after the funeral. Christine asks why he didn’t. Garrett says you. Christine asks why he left Boston in the first place. He says he had to and he asks her if she is sure she wants to hear this. I know I do. Garrett says he is going to tell her everything.
Garrett says in that case they are going to need more firewood so he goes out to gather some more. Then he sees a bunch of guys in the woods bothering Christine. Garrett sneaks up behind them. One of the guys says they were inviting Christine and him to join them for a drink. He says they can leave or they can stay. He pulls out a knife. The guys leave. Christine asks Garrett what the hell he is doing. He threatened them with a knife. She says she wasn’t even scared. She says she is leaving and to stay away from her.
In the morning Alison, Tom, and the twins are in the kitchen having breakfast. Alison apologizes for last night. Tom says it’s OK. He will be there for her in whatever way she needs. Then Naomi texts Alison’s phone. Tom answers it, pretending to be Alison, telling Naomi to meet him in an hour on the back balcony. Hmmm…
Then Tessa tells Brady about Christine. He says they have to call the police. Brady says she is the daughter of the SBK’s last victim. Tessa says to just find Christine or Garrett.
Cam is playing chess with his son and asks why Jack never lets him win. Sophie is there.
Naomi meets Tom and says you are the one who texted me. He says he thought they should chat one on one. Naomi says this must be hard for him. Tom says no. Alison can sleep with whoever she wants as long as she tells him every detail. Tom tries to tell Alison it is nothing more than that. Naomi says Tom is wrong and that he is losing her.
Meanwhile Cam overhears a phone call where Sophie tells someone she will get them the money as soon as possible. Then Cam tells Sophie to leave. He says he was clean for a year and then he runs into her and falls back down the hole. Sophie claims to have been on the phone with a realtor about a house three blocks from the beach. She wants Cam, Jack, and her to live there. She says his family is toxic.
Brady and Tessa are knocking on a door calling Christine’s name. They get no answer. Someone who works for the landlord is there and lets them in. On the outside it looks like a dump. It is cute and clean on the inside. The apartment is empty. Brady notices dog food but there is no dog. Then he sees contact information for Christine’s dog sitter. They talk to the dog sitter and find out that Christine went to Candlestick Park with her new boy toy. Tessa begs Brady to let the two of them find Garrett together and not call in the rest of the police. Brady says if they do find him, he is calling it in for their safety. Tessa says Garrett is her brother and wouldn’t hurt her. Tessa goes back in for the keys but they are gone. Tessa calls Brady and tells him to not do this. Brady has taken off with the car. Brady is driving and on the phone calling Christine.
Meanwhile at the Hawthorne mansion, Jack says the vultures are leaving. Alison gets a text. She turns on the news. They say that police are looking for Garrett in Candlestick Park. Christine checks her phone and gets Brady’s message saying that Garrett is a suspect in the Silver Bells Killer case. Garrett walks up to her and says hey, I thought you said you had no phone. Meanwhile, the news is telling everyone to stay in their house.
Garrett asks Christine who was on the phone. Christine has the knife now and is pointing it at Garrett. She asks for the keys. She says she knows he is the killer. She makes him drop them and step back. Garrett grabs Christine and says her name.
Cam opens the door to talk to a man and asks if they found his brother. The man says no. They are there because they just got the DNA results. The police come upon Garrett’s pickup and tell him to step out. Christine steps out of the driver’s side and she is covered in blood. Brady asks her where she is hurt. Christine says that is not her blood.
The police man at the Hawthorne mansion says the DNA on the belt matches Mitch’s. Alison says “It was Dad.” Meanwhile we see Garrett lying in the woods with a knife stuck deep into his gut. His eyes are glazing over. That is the end of the episode.
So what did you think of the episode? Is Mitch the killer? Will Garrett survive?