Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

In most Batman animated movies we get ratings such as PG-13, PG, and one time G, but never have we gotten an R rating. Well we got our wish and the movie did indeed give us one hell of a laughing ride! Today I’m reviewing Batman the Killing Joke!
In the film: we are given a wonderful view of Gotham city with Batgirl (Tara Strong) giving us a narration of this is not how this story will be with a beautiful view and such and such. We then see Batgirl/Barbra Gordon, find Batman (Kevin Conroy) talking to Commissioner Gordon (Ray Wise) about a new case. The man that they are after who then fascinates over Batgirl is Paris (Maury Sterling) who tortures his victims with laughter. Batgirl then has enough one night when Paris almost kills Batman; Batgirl punched him to a bloody pulp. Batgirl then quits by giving Batman her cape and cowl and smoke bombs and batarangs and everything pretty much.
3 Months later we are taken by a horrific scene in a hospital, Batman walks into a room where everyones faces are in a big smile and its at a microphone/comedy stand room. Bullock (Robin Atkins Downes) says to Batman that the Commissioner assumed he would like the site of the room. Batman then decides to make a visit to ones room at Arkham Asylum…you guessed it the Jokers room. Batman starts talking about how he wonders whose going to kill who. Batman then reaches for the Jokers hand only to find out that its paint. Batman then tries to find out where the Joker escaped to but got no answers. Batman leaves to find the Joker. Meanwhile the Joker (Mark Hamill) is out buying a carnival and sets it up for a beautiful mind-fuck moment for a special someone.
Commissioner Gordon is at home adding to his scrapbook of Batman’s shenanigans, while Barbra asks why he tortures himself. Barbra is awaiting for her friend to come over so the two can go out. When Barbra hears the knock on the door, she goes to answer it to find the Joker there with a gun in his hand pointed right at Barbra’s stomach. The Joker shoots the gun and Barbra flies to break the table. The Joker then makes some hilarious puns about librarians (which Barbra is a librarian). Commissioner then runs to his daughters side to stop the bleeding but the Joker’s thugs pull Commissioner off of Barbra and take him away. When Barbra asks the Joker why he’s doing this; The Joker says to Barbra “to make a point” the Joker then undresses Barbra to rape her.
The Joker then takes nude Commissioner Gordon on a carnival ride of madness, to try to turn a sane man into madness. Batman then makes a visit to Barbra thinking its his fault that Barbra is now like this. The doctor comes into the hospital room to test Barbra’s feeling within the lower part of her waist, the doctor then tells Bullock and Batman that Barbra will never walk again. Bullock gives Batman and Barbra the room; Batman then hears from Barbra of Jokers true plan for Commissioner Gordon. The Batman and the Joker then have their epic fight but ends what I believe to be a tie.
In the end we see Barbra wheeling into her apartment setting down her batsmitting gear. She tells Commissioner that she has something important that she needs to do and there we have Oracle born!
Honestly I have to say that this film was a fine point to prove that a comic book can indeed be turned into a film right from the pages of the comic itself and turn it into a fantastic film. This film has to be the best Joker origin story out there and yes we get a peek at what Joker was like before he became the dark clown prince of crime. This film was also the best comic story of how Barbra Gordon becomes Oracle.
I would have to rate this film: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
Batman the Killing Joke is or might be still out in theaters for a limited time only but will be released onto DVD in August of this year.