Mr. Robot: (S02 E04) "init1.asec"

Review: The first scene of the episode is apparently a time-hop. Darlene visits Elliot in his old apartment, they are spending time together, watching a movie, nothing too sketchy. Elliot then starts talking how he should take the job in Allsafe to bring Evil Corp down. He also has the Mr. Robot’s jacket in his wardrobe, which I found interesting.
We time-hop forward, Darlene is once again visiting Elliot. Their roles suddenly swapped – when Elliot was talking about a revolution and Darlene was afraid of one in the first clip, now Darlene is talking about the revolution and Elliot wants her to stop doing the media’s stunts. 
The FBI is further investigating the murder of Romero and thus the fsociety aka the hackers, which makes Darlene more paranoid.
In another scene, Tyrell’s wife is bribing a guy, which means he probably has some informations about Tyrell. I know what went down on the day of the hack is bigger than we can imagine, but could Tyrell drug Elliot and execute the hack himself? I am out of ideas, actually …
Angela brought down the two corrupted men. Apparently, Philip wants Angela on his side for some kind of a deal … And it looks like it has something to do with her mother. Or maybe he just wants to control Angela? When she confronts him, he plays an idiot, like she can’t negotiate with him and as if she didn’t see his intentions through. Weird.
Ray is STILL the most confusing character. I don’t like him at all,  I don’t trust him. I sound paranoid, but he seems suspicious. He told Elliot not to watch any of his stuff on his computer and that his life is private. He even brought a guy to watch Elliot’s action while he is “repairing” the computer. The episode ends with Elliot claiming he is hacking the FBI.
This episode was still a bit slow, it didn’t go as high as the second episode did – for me, because that one is my favorite yet. However, it definitely got better after that annoying third episode. I think the next episode has a lot of potential. We desperately need a scene with the Dark Army to give us some answers. The FBI hack is going to be a big move, too. I think we can’t expect any answers about the night of the attack or Tyrell anytime soon, but things are put in motion and something is happening. Let’s all tune in next week!