Wayward Pines: (S02E10) "Bedtime Story"

The episode opens with Theo saying they need to do an emergency thoracotomy on Jason. Kerry is fine but she is covered in blood.
Meanwhile outside the walls Margaret is on top of a mountain and she screams and all the abbies gather. I wonder what her plan is. I don’t speak Abbie. Then another abbie who is darker than the others also appears at the top of the mountain and it is clear he is communicating to them. There are thousands and thousands of abbies.
In the city, leaders are on the speakers telling the citizens an extraction team is coming and they are only to pack essentials. Those who are not picked up first should remain calm and will be picked up in the next round. They say that those who leave will not be returning home.
Theo is operating on Jason. He is crashing. The other doctors panic. Theo remains calm. They do not have the necessary medicine to treat him. Theo declares Jason dead. Kerry is watching from the observation deck.
The people have gathered outside the hospital. Theo tells the people to go home and they will be evacuated and safe. He tells them Jason died just a few minutes ago. Theo says Jason served the town the best way he knew how. Theo says the best way to honor him is to survive. Theo says the citizens do not deserve a dictator. Theo says they will make it to the other side and humanity will start over with them. He says he will see them on the mountain.
Theo is asking the residents if the patient’s files are all updated. Then one of the residents questions Theo’s procedures on Jason. He flat out asks if Theo did something wrong on purpose. Theo says he did all the necessary steps. Arlene tells Theo his speech is wonderful. Arlene says she has had a lot of different jobs in her life. She says working at the hospital is the most satisfying because of Theo. She says she thinks she can really make a difference in the future and that she feels Theo and her can work together. She says I will see you in the mountains. Arlene is basically fighting for her life.
The resident questions Theo about Jason’s blood type. It is AB something. I can’t remember exactly. His is rare. Only four people in Wayward Pines have it and one of them is Kerry Campbell. The resident says that is weird, right?
C.J. is in Theo’s office trying to explain to him the freezing process. Theo says they have 571 pods available. Most will be filled with children. After that, only essential people will be frozen. Essentially, the others will die. C.J. hands Theo the list that Jason made. Theo doesn’t look at the list. C.J. says there are 300 people who have never been woken. C.J. says Theo will be granting pardons and death sentences at the same time.
Kerry asks Theo if Jason suffered. Theo asked Kerry if she wanted him to. A pod just opened up. Kerry defends Jason and says he tried to do what is right. Theo asks if Kerry knows David Pilcher changed her file and that Jason was frozen shortly after birth and she arrived soon after Jason and that they share a blood type. Kerry throws up in the waste basket.
The abbies are running through the forest.
Theo goes to his desk and gets his gun. He takes down the picture of Pilcher and smashes it. I really wouldn’t want to be in Theo’s shoes.
On the mountain a voice comes over the speakers saying families are to stay together. They are to be wearing their special outfits and they must have their IDs in order to be able to enter the pod room. I sense impending doom or panic. What about you?
Theo, C.J. and Kerry are observing this process. C.J. asks if Kerry if she is all right. She says no.
The police are going around the city collecting people, detaining some people telling them they are going to be in group two. I have a feeling the people in group two are going to be killed or tossed out to the abbies. What do you think?
The students are leaving the school in line. Lucy is looking for Frank. Frank is still inside. There is a little girl who asks Frank what is happening and what is wrong with them? Frank says nothing. They will be back. Yeah right. Lucy is getting frantic over Frank. She sees him in the window at the school. He tries to run to her on the bus but a guard knocks him out. Lucy cries. Lucy says she doesn’t want to go. I feel bad for both Lucy and Frank.
A policeman knocks on Rebecca’s door and tells her it is time to go. Xander is there too. What are they going to do with Rebecca? She is pregnant. The guard tells Xander to wait. Xander gets a look on his face that makes it seem like he knows what that means. Rebecca argues and says she is not going anywhere without her husband. She asks Xander what is happening and if Theo did it. Xander says they don’t know who did it. Rebecca says she doesn’t want to go alone. She can’t be alone again. Xander says when she goes to sleep he will be there and he will be there when she wakes up too. He says wherever she is, he will be too. They hug and kiss. It is a touching scene. Rebecca goes with the guard into the car. Xander stays on the porch of the house.
C.J. and Theo are talking. Theo talks about saving the human race. C.J. tells Theo he is saving the entire world. Theo says Pilcher was playing God. C.J. asks Theo if he thinks Pilcher was making a mistake taking on the fate of human kind. Theo isn’t sure.
Meanwhile the abbies are still running through the forest to gather at the foot of the mountain where Margaret is. One of the guards sees this on the monitor and he looks horrified.
Xander is walking down the street with a gun. People are looting and breaking store windows. I don’t think the people are happy. I probably wouldn’t be either.
Theo gets out a voice recorder and says he hopes whoever hears this understands. Theo says Pilcher was wrong. He said Pilcher created a town ruled by inhumanity. Theo says they are out of food and enemies are about to overtake the town. Theo plans to kill himself with three of the most dangerous diseases they have. He says after thirteen hours he will walk outside and be consumed by the abbies. He says doing so should wipe out about half of the abbies. He says he is doing this so the existing members, if and when they do awake, they will have a chance at life. Theo says there is no greater good. Only good no matter how small the act. Oh Theo you are breaking my heart. Someone appears and tells Theo his former wife is there but there is a problem. Theo comes out to meet Rebecca. C.J. shoots a gun and tells people to go home.
Lucy is in a line. Rebecca comes up to her and they hug. Rebecca asks where Frank is. Lucy counters by asking where Xander is.
Xander is drinking at his shop. Frank asks Xander to give him some. Xander says Frank is too young. Does that really matter at this point? Frank says he wishes he was somewhere else. Xander says unfortunately, there is no somewhere else. Frank asks what it’s like out there. Xander says scary kind of like it is in here. Then he lets Frank have a drink. Frank says Rebecca is like a mom to Lucy. Xander says good.
Theo drives up to Xander’s shop and tells both Frank and Xander to get in. Then Xander sees people approaching with fire. Xander says he has this. He shoots them before they can throw the fire. Theo then pulls up to the mountain and Arlene stops him and says he could have just told them. Arlene says I thought I did a pretty good job for him but she guesses she was wrong. She tells Theo to say hello to the future for her. Theo says you are taking his pod, pointing to a dead guard. Come on. She plants a big kiss on Theo and thanks him. Theo and Arlene run into the building and C.J. closes the door behind them.
Xander finds Rebecca and they hug. Frank finds Lucy and they hug. Rebecca looks at Theo. Kerry is in her suit ready to enter the pod room. C.J. tells Kerry it is not her fault. She says he doesn’t even know. C.J. says yes he does. Kerry survived everything with her intelligence and instincts. They need that. C.J. tells Kerry she deserves a fresh start. She says one was enough. Hmmm… What is she planning? She goes on to walk into the pod room.
Theo is in his office and Rebecca comes in and hugs him. It must be hard to love two people. She didn’t choose this. Rebecca thanks him. Rebecca says they couldn’t save their marriage but he can save the town.
The abbies are still gathering in astounding numbers. Theo enters the lab. Someone is playing his recording. It is Kerry. Wait. I thought she walked into the pod room. She quotes him about the greater good. She says there is still a way she can serve her purpose and make things right. She throws down three syringes. She has infected herself. She also admits she knows that Jason was her son. She says Theo is needed. Theo gives her some morphine to take before she goes outside the fence. She says she has made the right choice for both of them. She says the future is not going to miss her and she tells Theo goodbye.
Theo tells the crowd he doesn’t know what the world is going to wake up to but he knows they did everything because that is what humans do. It’s in their nature. He says he has seen both their best and their worst. He wants them to carry their best with them and he wishes them all luck. Theo says he hopes to see them all very soon. Xander and Rebecca hug one more time. So do Frank and Lucy. Rebecca and Xander enter their pod.
Power to the city is cut off. They need all the available power for the pods. One guy in town is still painting his house as if it is a normal day. Then he hangs himself.
All the pod doors close. Theo is in a pod.
Margaret is standing above the crowd looking at the abbies gathering.
C.J. is working on the pod controls. He sees a vision of his wife who says he looks tired. She asks him if it was a mistake. She says you can make the world whatever you want. You have that power. His control says pod terminate yes or no. Kerry walks outside the city. C.J. puts the controls down and walks away. We see the control he set down and he has chosen to continue the cryogenic process. He enters his own pod. The camera pans to the sign that says to return to Wayward Pines and that they will die beyond this fence.
Next we see the abbies in the woods with newborns and that is the end of the episode as well as the end of season 2. What does this mean for the future? Does Kerry’s plan to infect the abbies fail? Does she join the abbies? What do you think will happen to the humans in the pods? What about the humans left behind? I am ready for season three. What about you?