Dark Matter 02 episode 04 "We Were Family"

The last episode saw the true nature of three of out beloved characters. Not much change in Three aka Marcus Boone, he’s still the scheming guy, though a bit more ruthless. Four, aka Ryo Tetsuda, is vicious…cannot wait for his back story. Two aka Portia Lin, is a different animal all together. As Portia, she can access the ship, which is not in the best interest of anyone but herself, Boone and Tetsuda, but we’re not yet sure why. 
After Five gets into Two’s head, bringing put some very painful memories for Two, Five convinces her to sever the link with the ship. As the link is severed, all three pass out again. Upon waking, they have come back to the Two, Three, and Four we’ve come to know and love. Six is still in stasis, awaiting surgery, but they must restock before that can happen. Arax, unbeknown to the rest of the crew, sent a message to Reynaud, so she can collect her precious Five. Five brought Three his lock box, with Sarah’s necklace, and another box. Fiddling with the box, he unintentionally turns on a transponder. Sending a message to who knows who, informing them he’s alive and where he is. This does not bode well.
Opening the episode “We Were Family,” we see a mother hurriedly waking a young boy up. We can hear struggling and the breaking of things, as well as raised voices outside the door. She hides the boy in a closet, giving him a toy rocket ship. The same one Three found in his lockbox. Mom heads out, and we can hear her begging, then the sound of two shots. The closet door opens and the boy looks up———
Back on the Raza, in the infirmary, Two tells Devon they’re less than an hour from the space station. They need med supplies and other supplies. Devon also needs plasma for Six’s operation. Two asks him if he’ll stay with them after the operation. They need his medical training and it seems nice Two might have a bit of a crush. Devon: Should I stay or should I go?
Arax found Three’s hidden stash of booze and wants to have a drink with Three. Now, Three doesn’t trust him, but any excuse for a drink, he’ll take. It seems Arx wants to stick around–indirectly hinting they need to dump Six—-having a cop on board is a bad thing. 
Four is training as Nyx comes in. They begin to train with staffs, Nyx matching him blow for blow. The they move to swords. Again, she matches him blow for blow. She’s never trained with either weapon before, and Four wants to know her secret. Nyx teases him: “Maybe, if I’m around long enough, I’ll tell you.” Nyx is such a tease.
Three seems to be developing some paternal feelings for Five. He checks on her, but she knows him better than that….what does he want? He wants to borrow some of that money she stashed away before the ship got impounded. Okay 500.00, with 20% interest weekly. Okay, he’ll take it. 
Android wants to go with Five to get supplies. She wants to study human behavior. So off they go.
Two had Five sketch a building she had seen, so Two and Nyx head planetside to find out where and what the building is. Two’s building is the headquarters for Dwarf Star Technologies, location: Earth. She doesn’t seem thrilled to hear that information.
As Arax and Three drink in a bar, three men, one older come up to them. The older man says, “Hello, Titch.” We first heard that name when Five went into the crews memories. Now we know who that is. The older man, Tanner, says he worked for the Boone family and when their house was set on fire, Tanner rescued Titch and raised him as his own son. Supposedly what happened was that a few punks decided to pull a home invasion. The parents resisted, so they killed them and set the house on fire to cover their track. Tanner reached Three just in time and shows him a scar on his collar-bone he earned rescuing the boy. To make himself look even better in his “sons” eyes, Tanner tells him that he killed the punks…long and hard. When he goes back on the ship, Three is suiting up with his guns. He was offered a money-making “mission” with Tanner and his band of merry men.and intends to take it. Besides, he owes Five money.
Arax Nero decides now is a good time to leave the family reunion. Off Arax goes, to place a private call to our favorite stalker lady, Reynaud. He tells her she can come pick up her package. Still talking, Reynaud tells Arax that no, she can’t and won’t tell him what she wants, just that it’s valuable. Call ended.
After getting their supplies, Devon and Five leave Android to study human behavior. She is just watching people when a security guard comes up to her demanding to know what she is doing and who does she belong to? Android, being so innocently honest, begins to tell the guard….but is interrupted by a man who says she belongs to him, is there a problem? Nope….the guard goes away. The man introduces himself as Vincent and asks Android if she’ll come with him. “Okay.” Off they go to meet a group of people, who reveal themselves to be androids as well. HOLY UPGRADES, BATMAN!!! The others want to know what such an inferior,level three, discontinued model is doing there? Victor tells them she’s special. He runs an eye scan on her and confirms it……her emotional responses are an intentional design. He gives her a special chip-card that, once installed will allow her to blend in with humans. Then he takes her shopping…quickest way to a girls heart…even an android girl. Victor has Android try on a dress. OH MY HOT DAMN!!! She looks wonderful….but then we are back to Raza crew uniform onesie. As Victor says goodbye, he tells her to think about installing the chip card, then kisses her good-bye. Android got her first kiss!! So very happy for her. Now, install the damn chip card already!!!
Back on the ship, Devon promises Five to everything he can to save Six. Sending Five to fetch him some coffee, we see Devon inject something in his neck. How lovely…we’re relying on a drug addicted doc to save the person who betrayed, then helped escape and saved the crew. 
On the bridge, Nyx, Two and Four watch the news about One’s death. Two looks sad and shaken.
During the operation, Arax takes this chance to search Five’s quarters. He finds a keycard, pretty well hidden. As he’s heading back to his room, he runs into Five. The operation is going fine, but she needed a break. Arax tells her that no matter what happens, she’ll be fine—-she’s got good friends to lean on and protect her. impulsively she hugs Arax, catching him off guard and leaving him feeling uncomfortable. After the hug, they part and Arax heads planetside.
Out in the woods on the planet, Three and a few other men sit around a fire. Soon a man comes out saying the mining payroll is in the shuttle and once he sees his son, he’ll get them the money.Three is not comfortable with the kidnapping…it’s that paternal thing coming out in him. Too bad, so sad, the man gets shot for his trouble, since they have the explosives to blow the door. As they are walking away down the road, Three asks one man how Tanner got his scar. The man laughs and says gambling. Three: “Are you sure?” Yeah, the man was there. Three stops. The others turn and look at him: is Titch gonna give them trouble? No, it’s no trouble for Three to shoot all three men dead. He finds Tanner’s cabin. Sitting across a table from the boy, Three has the boy get up and go in the other room. Three is so on to Tanner now. It was Tanner who killed his parents….Tanner draws, but we all know Three is faster. He leaves Tanner there to rot and takes the boy back to his parents.
Six is waking up, Two is there, filling him in on what’s happened. Seems most have forgiven Six, but to what extent remains to be seen. Planetside, Arax and Reynaud meet in a bar. He hands her the keycard. She looks at it then tells him it’s a fake. On the Raza, everyone one is around as Five tells them about the hidden cameras. She said Arax was looking for this and holds up the right keycard. She’s such a hugging little pickpocket….she switched the cards. Five tells them that the key is for accessing pockets of interdemsional space-time. Later, Three meets Five in her quarters and pays her back, plus the interest. Android is seriously considering her fancy upgrade.
Reynaud is in a private pod talking to her boss. Commander Neiman, who we last saw in the second part of the plot episode. Seems a war is coming and the Raza crew holds the “Key” to victory.