Killjoys (S02E05) "Meet the Parents" Review

Home Sweet Home
Dutch and D’avin start the episode with a bang dealing with some cyborg(?) deviants while John escorts Pawter home to Qresh. Dutch isn’t thrilled about John hanging with Pawter.  Jealous much? Maybe she’s just worried. But then she teases D’avin about his new crush, the spunky blond now bar tending at the Royale, Sabine. Taking a look at Qresh (such beautiful scenery which is a nice change from deserts and slums) Johnny and Pawter are in her childhood home which she hasn’t been to see since her exile. She’s even exiled from the family portraits! Pawter wants to get her exile lifted so she can help Oldtown. They meet Luella, Pawter’s sister (who doesn’t hesitate to remind her about why she was kicked out) and her fiancé, Hank (who Pawter used to date…). But Dad is more welcoming. D’avin visits Sabine and attempts to flirt but it ends up an awkward affair once they start talking about home towns. Sabine nails D’avin’s crappy childhood but he’s “saved” by hearing a creepy tune in his head, blurry vision then fainting on the floor. Khlyen is making a connection with D’avin using the green goo while he and Level Six Fancy arrive on Telen to find D’avin’s parents. Pawter asks her father to help her to convince her mother to lift her decree of exile (since she’s a pure blood Sims while her dad is only a Sims through marriage; Qreshi rules are bogus!) but her father doesn’t believe it’ll work. John takes a dip in the family pool… naked. Turns out it’s the Family Baptismal… whatever that means. John thinks Pawter is over-reacting about her mother Adaline Sims but compared to John’s father, Sheriff Merris Jakobi, how bad could a lady Qreshi be? D’avin is working out after his embarrassing faint and Dutch thinks maybe she should hold onto his gun (last time he beat the crap out of her when he fainted). When he starts humming that Khlyen tune Dutch freaks out saying the only person who knows that song is the man who wrote it: Khlyen. Aw he wrote her a song (but also he made her a killer…). Meanwhile Khlyen and Fancy tie up Old Man Jakobi to try and find answers to D’avin’s immunity. They test this theory by injecting the guy with the green ooze. Pawter teaches John Qreshi etiquette. Eighteenth Century Royal French etiquette was less complicated. As usual with family dinners, awkwardness comes before dessert. Pawter barely gets a word out before Adaline says a flat out “No” to lifting Pawter’s exile. Pawter storms out and John follows her. John says they should just leave but Pawter is determined to help Oldtown and being close to the 9 will help them. Suddenly the Sims Butler Castor trips into the room with a full body case of frost bite! He mentions a fog then crumbles into ice cubes!
A Mile In Their Shoes
Adaline goes to her lab with some Castor samples. Pawter follows her even though her mother doesn’t want her to. Adaline says she’s disappointed that Pawter became a doctor, that she was supposed to become Head of the Family and be part of the 9. After processing the samples they find that the fog contains some pathogen. Dutch and D’avin talk about his visions figuring out that Khlyen linked with his mind. Khlyen and Fancy see that Old Man Jakobi has a bad reaction to the plasma but not the reaction they were looking for. Perhaps D’avin’s immunity came from his mother? Khlyen makes another link with D’avin hoping to find out where she is. Instead they switch consciences by accident. Dutch notices right away. Fancy isn’t a fool either. As the fog creeps closer, Luella runs to save the staff but her hand is touched by the fog. Pawter gives her sister a hand by chopping off the infected hand! Fortunately D’avin gets the cattle prod from Fancy and knocks him out as D’avin (as Khlyen) tries to save his father. At the Sims family Manor John finds out more about Pawter’s dad. He was actually a carpenter, meeting Adaline when his family built her family home. Her family threatened to disown her if she married down but Adaline got her way eventually. John asks why he let Adaline kick Pawter out, calling him a crappy parent but Pawter’s dad insists he had Pawter’s best interests. Johnny finds that Adaline put up an alpha shield that has them trapped, making a connection that Adaline may have something to do with the Pathogen Fog. Khlyen (as D’avin) is injured but doesn’t care so Dutch gives him some staples to bind the wounds. Khlyen talks about Black Root and how they’re gaining on him and Fancy even though they are supposed to answer to him. John confronts Adaline but sees that she infected herself so she could try a cure but it’s not working. But Adaline didn’t release the pathogen. This was a planned attack. Adaline wants to contain the pathogen but Johnny thinks blowing up the power core of the house will help, the pathogen will disperse over wind and water given they are miles from land. But Adaline cries that it will only replicate and kill everyone if that bomb goes off and frees it. Johnny runs to stop the bomb while Pawter stays with her mother. Adaline tells her that Qresh is under a ticking clock. Some of the 9 embrace it while others resist it. The pathogen was meant to freeze land and water, to make it uninhabitable for anyone who would try and take it. Adaline says Pawter’s father didn’t want her to have to become someone she hated to head the family (which was why they exiled her). John manages to stop the bomb in time to come up with a new plan. Adaline dies while John was saving them from the bomb.
The More Things Change, We Stay The Same… Or Do We?
Pawter is now determined to find out how to stop the pathogen. Dutch asks Khlyen why D’avin is so important. Khlyen says he has plans for her but D’avin came in and “changed the rules”. The reason Khlyen won’t tell her his plans is because he knows she’ll just charge in blind. Suddenly Khlyen collapses. They need to right the connection but Khlyen has no idea how. On Telen, D’avin gets his dad on his feet asking him where he thinks he can go and hide. Then D’avin remembers a cave his father made him sleep in (to toughen him up) which would be a perfect hiding place. Wow. Old Man Jakobi apologizes for pushing D’avin away and making him afraid of him but D’avin wasn’t afraid of him because if he stayed one more night he would have killed his father. His father asked him why he was saving him now and D’avin says “Because I’m not you.” Fancy wakes up and puts D’avin in a sleeper hold. Hank is nowhere to be found (wonder why) then Pawter comes up with a plan saying that they can disperse and kill the pathogen with extreme heat. Dutch and Johnny call each other with hypotheticals of each persons’ problem while not exactly explaining the other’s problems. John thinks that blowing up the gas tanks would kill the pathogen. Using Luella’s diving suit John gets through the fog. He makes it to the gas tanks only to find Hank! He was behind the attack the whole time! Hank damages the bomb and offers John a chance to live if he just lets the Sims family die then they can split the joy. But we know Johnny. He tells Hank to suck it and just when Hank is about to shoot him, Pawter’s dad shows up! John beats up Hank and finds that the only way to set off the bomb is for someone to shoot at it but the person who does it will also die. Pawter’s dad makes this sacrifice saving them all. Dutch decides to shock Khlyen and D’avin back to their senses. First try doesn’t work. Dutch tells Khlyen that she doesn’t hate him anymore but she doesn’t know how to feel about him anymore. Khlyen discovers something in D’avin’s brain scans that may explain his immunity to the plasma. Dutch tells him that the military had experimented on D’avin once. Khlyen says that when Dutch cracks the message she’ll have her answers. When she asks him why she was on Arkyn Khlyen says that wasn’t her. WHAT? Evil Twin maybe? Or a clone? Dutch then gives him another shock this time it works. Mr. Sims sets off the bomb destroying the pathogen. Khlyen is back to his old self again and says they’ll find their answers with the military. Pawter becomes one of the 9 so she can help Oldtown and all of Westerly. John and Pawter finally kiss (for real; no trackers to be placed), giving into their feelings. John wants to give a damn like Pawter. Pawter tells John he can’t tell Dutch and D’avin anything for their own protection. John asks D’avin how dad was and D’avin said he seemed smaller now. Dutch says she’s happy that things are still the same with her and John, their honesty but John doesn’t tell Dutch everything. Maybe things do change…
This episode gets an A+! We went really deep into Pawter’s past as well as the Jakobi brothers. I feel like we had some foreshadowing concerning Pawter’s future. Her mother’s last words were “To protect the ones you love you must become the thing you hate.” I feel that describes most of the parents or parental figures on the show. Khlyen refuses to share his plans for Dutch with her to protect her. The entire episode was focused on how one’s parents seem like giants in one’s youth but when one grows up they see their parents as more human, full of flaws with the same weaknesses. And the actors are so great that they can even mimic each other when needed. Rob Stewart and Luke Macfarlane were excellent! Very convincing when they had to pretend to switch their character personas. It gave me many feels! And tickled my interest with the possibility that Dutch could be a clone or something.