Ballers: (S02E03) "Elidee"

A continuation of everything we left off. Beginning with Vernon who was hiding at his home after being released from the hospital. 
A very simple tip to all future football players, during vacations don’t do anything which has the word ball in it.  
Spence agreed to the suggestion of Reggie to call it a football injury so his contract isn’t cancelled. Vernon on the other hand couldn’t tell a lie and he told the boss with Spence beside him as support. It didn’t turn out so well…
Elsewhere Andre keeps on trying to poach all of Spence’s clients and they are trying their best to keep them on. With a few promises here and there but the worst part was seeing how Spice wanted to make a hotel in a very bad location. Spence played along with his partner but got straight with Spice. Let’s hope he understands and doesn’t jump ship.
The cutest moment on the episodes was seeing Charles demonstrate to his wife using his daughter as to how his new position will be like. He even tried it on the PlayStation to only fail miserable. He was left wondering whether he was up for the challenge. But hey he got some this episode (if you know what I mean).
But the majestic moment was seeing Ricky visit his new home, the money not being his issue but all he wanted was love. And the did show love, a whole parade in his honor and his replica a huge one with his new Jersey on and a whole group of singers from the church as well as cheerleaders all showed up cheering for him with banners of his picture. He felt the love and so did we.
This episode wasn’t a very special one, a very slow tempo one as it didn’t really add much to the plot but rather showed how much of a tough situation Spence is in. They even went on to highlight the need of the drugs he is taking. But expect the next one to cause a blast.