Dark Matter (S02E05) "We Voted Not to Space You"

When we last left our happy little family, they were wondering about the space-time key. Arax went to so much trouble, only to get the fake key. Oh—-did I mention how good Six looks in a hospital gown? No? Well—YUM!! Now back to our regularly schedule programming.
Well, Android installed her chip-card. Hair down, skin-tight clothes, she struts into a run-down bar and orders whiskey. Damn!! From wow to BOOM-CHICKA-WOW-WOW in zero seconds. She gets her drink paid for by a cute guy–naturally— and tosses it back quickly. The guy warns her to be careful, being “such a pretty little thing by herself.” She assures him she can handle herself just fine, “watch me,” she tells him. She heads over to a table with three shady characters. Danny Bones–someone Wexler told the crew to go to for info. Right now, they need some info on a certain someone–but we’ll get to that shortly.
Android tries a bribe–no, Danny will just take the money. His BIG goons stand up, ready to rough up the lady. Yeah…okay…let’s see how that works out for ya. Our sweet little “Okay” Android just smiles, as she proceeds to beat the crap out of both guys, tossing them all over the bar. Cute guy is watching, mouth slightly open in wonder (and maybe a little lust?) She then tosses the table in front of Bones out-of-the-way, then tosses Bones across the bar. Yeah it seems like the pretty little thing can handle herself just fine. Bones breaks a bottle and comes after Android. That dog don’t hunt. She disarms him and starts dragging him out of the bar. No, I mean literally dragging Bones by one arm out of the bar. The bartender pulls a gun, she draws fast, not letting go of Bones. Does he really mean that much to the guy? The bartender puts the gun away…on second thought…no.
Let’s do our own time warp….back 24 hours….to see how all this started. Three is complaining (how do you know Three is complaining? His lips are moving. HA!) about them letting Six live. He’s still the cop that turned them in, after all. But two is convinced Six has changed. Two heads to the infirmary, asking Devon to leave them…he does so. Two informs Six the good news is they decided not to space him YAY!! BUT…she wants Six’s help in finding One’s killer–-Jace Corso. Maybe this will cement Six’s loyalty to the crew. Though with Three, little Mister “She’s mean, I’m Hungry,” may not be fully convinced.
Six’s plan is to find an isolated outpost, sneak into the GA,and hack their files. Two tells Three about Six’s plan. Sure….no problems there…oh wait…the crew of the Raza are still wanted felons and escapees, also, nix Nyx and Devon. Pretty sure the crew won’t be going..so that leaves only one person..or should I say Android. She has no record and also has the chip-card, which she now tells the crew about. Once docked, Three’s ready to go drinking….ahh..no. The only one going to Balda 9 is Android. Speaking of, she shows off her new look, to the surprise and delight of the crew. Of course, Three still doesn’t buy it. Android walks behind him, slapping his ass, “Would it kill ya to give a girl a complement? I got this.” She’s off to get arrested.
She’s trying hard to get arrested….opening a DO NOT OPEN RESTRICTED ACCESS ONLY door. The cop is only mildly interested…next time a ticket and a fine. So she rips his uniform…that’ll do it. Off she goes. Once at the desk Sargent, she hands him her ID. Eva Aaron, no priors, she gets a fine. Oh she won’t be paying it. Yep, arrested and more paperwork for the sargent. As soon as he turns his back, she downs his coffee. When he comes back, finding his cup empty, he turns to get another cup and she says she’d like a coffee, too, two sugars. While his back is turned, she opens the console and plants the bug…sargent comes back with the coffee before she can get the panel cover back on. Evadroid meets him behind the desk, tastes the coffee and said no sugar…so he turns around to fix it, she put the cover back on. The bug is now active.
Back on the ship, Evadroid is telling three about her court date….yeah she won’t be making that. Everyone is on the bridge for the big revel….while the investigation is suspended, they still have a picture…ONE!! …..NO it’s Jace Corso. Now the search is on….but Devon knows someone. after giving them the info, Devon heads back to his quarters. Now we get a Devon flashback….he froze in surgery, hands trembling and the person died. Was that before or after he became an addict? Speaking of, there he goes again with that neck injection. What is that stuff? Space heroin?
Evadroid is training with swords….very good as Four watches on. When she turns..Four asks why practice? Her programming is the best, she can’t get any better. She asks the same thing about Four. He says it’s relaxing and gives him control. That is pretty much her reason, too, in addition it adds new dimensions to her new upgrade. Evadroid likes this upgrade. Frankly, so do I. It give the character more depth and let Zoie Palmer explore and expand on her character. Zoie is clearly the star of this episode. 
They want to send her on another mission. “Thought you’d never ask.” That brings us back to where we came in…the bar fight. Evadroid takes Danny Bones back to the ship, where Five tapes him to a chair. Now he’s willing to sell out his own mother—-literally sell out his criminal mom. Scumbag. Anyway…Wexler told the crew where to find bones, because they were drinking buddies, so where is Jace Corso? Bones seems reluctant to talk about that. So…they threaten him…no need to worry about Corso, they’ll take care of him. So the little rat talks.
Back on Balda 9, the desk Sargent gets surprised by Chief Inspector Kierken. They know the Raza crew was there, his man is looking for the bug. He pulls off  the console panel. BINGO!! Now they know where the Raza is heading, and now, so are they. I see a fight in my Raza crystal ball. The planet is a snowy cold place, that has scattered abandoned outposts. But there is a certain place they are looking for. Evadroid found it. Off goes Two Three and Four, suited up, guns locked and loaded. Nyx catches up to them…she wants in. Three informs her it isn’t her fight. Nyx: ” Your fight is my fight. We ride together. Am I wrong?” WHOOO!!! YES!! Nyx is ride or die for our Raza crew. My girl. Two gives her a gun which she handles like she was born with it. Three finds it a little sexy. Now, Make up your mind, Three, is she mean or sexy?
In the infirmary, Six is slowly moving around, as Five comes in. Five knows everyone is after them, and she feels it’s time to stop running and start fighting back. I love how Five still has faith in Six. More so now, I think, because when they needed him the most, he was there for them. On a snowy planet, Two, Three, Four and Nyx enter and abandoned building…dark and eerily silent. They wonder if Corso knows they’re coming. Ummm…..from the target sighted on Two, as Corso hides in the shadows with a long gun, I would have to say yes. 
Nyx stops Two just in time before Corso gets her. How, exactly, does Nyx know these things? Is she half cat? Back on the Raza, Five and Evadroid are monitoring things ….when suddenly…INCOMING!!! a GA cruiser is now in orbit. So Evadroid does the only reasonable thing to keep them from being dectected…takes the ship to the planet. Which will prove to be a correct action in a little bit. Meanwhile, our folks are in a fire fight with Corso, who takes a bullet in the leg. Corso manages to lock himself in a storage container…and sets a timer, which is never a good sign. Nyx knows a weak spot. Of course she does. So Four welds the spot….down the ladder into the caves. 
Six comes to the bridge and is informed of the situation. They have to go down to the planet to warn the others. Off goes Devon, Six and Five. While our kiddos are in the tunnels, the GA is swarming the upper part of the building. Kierken sees the newly spent bullet casings and follows the trail, finding the tunnel entrance. Him and some men start down. Now that’s just too many Alice’s down the rabbit hole. As Six, Five and Devon trek through the snow, Devon can’t help but remind Six it took a lot to save his life. Six knows….so no bleeding Six. Corso’s timer is at 1:02. As he hears a noise and moves towards it, Two blindsided him. Kicking him in his bad leg, he goes down, but she’s got the draw on him. Kierken hears noises and moves towards it. !!BOOM!! buildings start exploding causing massive cave in throughout the tunnels. Three, Four and Nyx feel the shaking, Four getting trapped away from them under some rocks. Nyx pushes Three out-of-the-way as rocks come down where they were. Again, how does Nyx know this stuff??  Please people, I like my Raza crew stirred not shaken. Five, Six, and Devon hear the explosions and quicken their pace. Two can’t reach anyone, so she has Corso start digging. Nyx and Three–together at last!!–he’s upset she pushed him. She destroys his ego by telling him he’s just not fast enough. Four, trapped under some rocks, is found and arrested by Kierken. Don’t worry, Kierken sent an emergency beacon so people will be here soon. Corso tries telling Two about the real Derrick Moss. Two doesn’t care, he was a member of her crew. He knows that Portia Lin wouldn’t have cared, but now she has a weakness as Two: caring.
As soon as she sees light, she shoots Corso between the eyes, then leaves. Four is “rescued” by the other GA that show up. Planet side, all the groups surround the GA trying to take Four. Our folks are outnumbered. But, no, not really….here comes Evadroid and the ship….okay, here’s your Four back. All back on the ship the Raza is outta there. Six and Two are eating and wondering who had One killed. It wasn’t Traugart…but it could have been the CEO of CoreLactic Industries, Darius der Hooven. Three is talking to Devon about how hungry he is. As they enter the dining hall, Three sees Six and loses his appetite. Evadroid has a talk with holodroid. Because of her “flawed” programing and her new upgrade, she’s become a danger to the crew and the ship.
Tell us what you thought about the episode…Should we keep Evadroid (I vote yes)…Will Three accept Six? What is Nyx’s secret?  Tune in Friday and let’s what gets answered.