UnReal: (S02E09) "Espionage"

This might be the best episode so far, with so much happening in what seemed like an episode that went by in merely short amount of time. 
Our culprit Coleman, yes I truly believe he is the devil in the midst of Everlasting decided to tap into Rachel’s phone and recorded them talking about the past. He still has his plan to take it all down and this time along he didn’t get Rachel on board for good as she is pretending to play along.
However who says he can’t be in for an upgrade as he decided to get on with ‘hot Rachel’ and they will continue to work together. But again is it an upgrade?
However this episode should be better known for how we saw old can be gold and the best. We got to see some good producing by former number 2.
It all started as Rachel decided to take on Jay for her old place back. Jay being the person who brought Darius back decided to get Chantele dropped by convincing her to leave as suggested by Darius. But things don’t go as planned since we all know life takes its own turns. 
Maddison decided to challenge him up and changes Chantelle’s mind. This affects the choice Darius makes to get rid of one of the three left. 
Darius insisting to get rid of Chantelle but without him picking as it would ruin his reputation, Jay wasn’t able to convince her so Darius enjoyed some good action with her. Tiffany on the other and survived but she decided to solver he daddy issues. 
But we got to see Rachel play her magic, poisoning Yael’s food into making her poo on national television. And the best reaction came from Quinn.

This leaves us to a very complicated yet exciting finale. Darius has to make a choice, whether to get a perfect future by marrying Tiffany but getting everyone to hate him for not choosing a black woman. Or he manages to be the power couple but not have a potential huge future since his career is almost if not already over.
A very tough choice. But what is yours?