American Gothic: (S01E07) "The Gross Clinic"

Christine is at the police station talking about her relationship with Garrett. Garrett is in the hospital hooked up to machines. The police are there to talk to him. The news is reporting that they have a concrete link connecting Mitch Hawthorne to the Silver Bells Killer murders. The family goes into Garrett’s room and asks him what he told the police. He says 14 years ago he found some of dad’s stuff like bells and rope. They asked if he told the police. He doesn’t really answer. He says the day after he found the stuff; someone was murdered so he confronted Mitch. He says he and Mitch argued and Garrett assumed Mitch was the killer. Garrett told him he would leave and if he heard of one more Silver Bells killing he would come back and expose him. No more murders happened. The family is mad that he left them in the house with a murderer. Garrett says he didn’t have proof. Cam enters his room and Garrett says he needs a favor.
Back at Alison’s house Alison tells Naomi that she can’t believe she is living under this shadow.  Tom comes in. Naomi says she was just heading out. She tells Alison she will call her tomorrow. Tom says he will be in the guest room.
Tessa is at home with Brady. Brady says he will ask for some time off so they can work on their trust issues. Tessa tells Brady the best time to go on a hot air balloon ride is early in the morning. She says on her tenth birthday, her dad took her to the field where the hot air balloons take off. She shatters a souvenir from that time and says Mitch was already killing people. She asks Brady what kind of person her dad was. Brady says maybe Tessa should talk to her doctor again and go back on her medication for a little while. She leaves the room and slams a door.
Linda is overseeing the filing of the Silver Bells Killer documents. Brady is there. He takes a file.
Maddie is talking to Garrett in his hospital room. Maddie says she was worried about what he would say but that he was smart. Garrett says he thought this way the family would ask the least questions. Maddie says don’t second guess yourself. Letting your father take the fall is the best way to handle this.
Brady pulls up to a house then sets a stop watch on his cell phone and times the distance to the Hawthorne House. He has sped like crazy. It took 49 seconds. A cop car pulls in behind him. It is his boss Linda. She says you just left the first silver bells killer murder victim and sped to his in-laws house. He better explain. Brady gives a detailed timeline of the day that Tessa’s father took her to see the hot air balloons and how it was possible Mitch could have killed the victim that day.
Tom is on the phone with a client who wants to leave. Tom begs the client to stay. Tom says to Alison that he lost six clients this week. Tom says they need to discuss what this means financially. Tom says that means it is just the two of them. No one else. Alison says we agreed to sleep with other people. Tom says not to say I love you. He says Naomi texted I love you but Tom deleted that text. Alison tells Tom to take advantage of their agreement and go have a little fun. What do you guys think of this arrangement?
Cam tracks down Christine and says Garrett sent him to see her. Cam says Garrett wants to see her and wants to explain himself. Christine says Garrett is insane, Cam is insane, and his whole family is insane. It is in their blood. She tells him to never come there again. 
Tessa is at her house and she isn’t doing well. She must be having a panic attack or something. She calls her doctor and says she needs his next available appointment. She is able to get in tomorrow. Meanwhile Tessa gets another call.
Alison’s staff had a focus group and it shows that no one approves of having a serial killer as a father. Alison says to schedule a press conference for tomorrow. She is dropping out of the race.
Cam goes over to Sophie’s house and she invites him to do drugs. Cam is about to put the needle in his arm when Tessa comes over with Jack. Tessa tells Cam he is going to rehab right now or he is going to lose his son.
Cam, Tessa, Jack, and Sophie are at the rehab center. Cam says he wants Jack to stay with Tessa. Sophie tries to say she has rights. Tessa says not if I call child protective services. Sophie gives Jack a hug and kiss goodbye. Jack is drawing. I wonder what he is drawing.
Linda and Brady are talking to the new owner of a house. The house just happens to belong to the first victim of the Silver Bells Killer. The owner says he is a true crime aficionado.
Jack and Tessa are visiting Garrett in the hospital. Garrett has a stuffed animal and asks if Garrett wants it. Jack really doesn’t want it. Then Garrett tells him to squeeze it and it plays a message saying “Ouch. You are crushing my pancreas.” Now Jack is interested after Garrett tells him he can record his own message. Tessa tells Garrett Cam is in rehab. Tessa is mad at Garrett for not telling them about dad. Garrett says he tortured himself for years asking if he made the right call. Garrett says he would wonder about what he had missed. He made what he thought was the right call for everyone. Jack is tying a cord around the teddy bear’s neck. Jack says he has been at the hospital a lot this week and still hasn’t seen a dead body. Garrett says all right; let’s get this out of your system. Garrett takes Jack down to the morgue and they peek through the door and see an autopsy being performed.
Alison tells Naomi she is not going to run for mayor any longer. Alison asks Naomi what she will do. She says she would stay in Boston if she had a reason. Naomi says that Tom confronted her. Naomi says she just adds a little spice to their marriage but she thinks there is more to it and Naomi thinks Alison knows it too and at some point Alison has to make the choice. They kiss and Naomi leaves.
Linda and Brady reenact the killing with the house owner manning the stopwatch. They talk through the possible scenarios. The home owner talks about some details of someone who used to break into houses and rearrange stuff. Linda and Brady talk about how the killer was practicing setting up the scenes. They also discover that a gnome in the neighborhood had a video camera in it.
A reporter is asking Tom how married he is. He says very married with two kids. He tells the reporter she has no shame. There are a ton of reporters there. Maddie comes and asks what is going on. Maddie goes in to talk to Alison. She is disappointed in Alison for wanting to quit and slaps her. Maddie says she made sacrifices for Alison to be where she is today and that Alison will not squander this for either of them.
Alison goes out front to face the reporters. She lists the names of the victims of the Silver Bells Killer. She talks about how you can’t calculate their loss. Alison wishes she would have known who her father was so that she could stop him. Alison says she is not a killer. Alison says she is not to blame for what her father did. She should be judged on her own virtues and failings and she will not quit this race because she cares too much about Boston and its people. She knows she can effect positive change in the city. She won’t stop until she can do exactly that.
At the hospital Christine enters Garrett’s room and tells him he looks terrible. Christine says your brother says you had an explanation. Garrett apologizes. Christine says that’s not an explanation. Garrett says he felt guilty for what his father did. He wanted to know how Christine’s life turned out so he found her and followed her. Christine asks Garrett how he cut his hand. Christine says you are out of your mind. Garrett says he just wanted to know she was OK. Garrett said he never thought she would mean something to him. He assumed she would be married with kids. Instead he found her open, honest, fragile, and beautiful. Garrett says that what they had was real. Christine sits on the edge of his bed and says tell me everything. Garrett says that is everything. She asks him if he is sure he is not leaving anything out. Garrett says he isn’t. Christine says you are good but your pulse increases just a little when you are lying. Christine says last chance. Talk to me. She leaves when Garrett doesn’t say anything. He gets angry and slams around his medical equipment.
Jack has the teddy bear and is with the twins. They ask if they can play with it. Jack says if you can get it and he throws it on the covered pool. Oh my. He says see. The bear doesn’t sink through the pool cover. You won’t either. He has to know they will. Sure enough. One of the twins goes in the pool. Tessa sees it and runs down to the pool. Tom pulls the girl out of the pool. Alison is there too. Tessa says she was watching them but she got distracted. Tom says to Alison I think we should go home now. Tessa asks Jack why he didn’t call for help. Jack says it was science. He wanted to see how oxygen deprivation affects their brain. Tessa asks what is wrong with him. That’s a good question.
Tessa is at the rehab center telling Cam about what happened with Jack. She tells him about a facility for Jack. Cam asks Tessa what is in their genes.
Tom is in bed with the twins hugging them. Alison gets in the bed with them. Alison says she knows some scary things happened today but there is no one she loves more than the three of them. She looks at Tom when she says this.
Tessa checks her voicemail and finds one from her doctor saying she is pregnant.
Naomi tells Alison they raised a lot of money in the last 24 hours. Alison tells Naomi she can take a job with one of her friends. Alison said she had to make a choice between Naomi and her family and she chose her family. Alison says she would rather keep her family and lose the race than the other way around. Naomi says she will show Alison the resignation letter before she releases it to the press. Alison says she doesn’t have to but Naomi says she insists.
Meanwhile Brady is not giving up. He is in the gigantic police evidence warehouse where he locates the box he is looking for.
Maddie goes to visit Garrett in the hospital saying “You wanted to discuss something?” Garrett says “I am done Mom. I can’t keep staring people I love in the eye and lying to them.” Maddie says “Of course you can. You know what is at stake.” Garrett says “But if I do want to tell the truth, what would you do?” He says dad wanted to tell the truth but you killed him. Maddie doesn’t deny it. Maddie says you think if you come clean you will get the girl back. Maddie says that is not the way it is going to work out. Instead the whole family would crumble and you would upend their lives all over again. She says maybe that’s worth it to you. My goodness what secrets is this family keeping?
Brady and Linda find the footage from the gnome. They watch it and see a car pulling away. They see the killer getting into the car but it is the passenger side. Brady says the car takes off as soon as the door shuts. Brady and Linda realize at the same time that there are two Silver Bells Killers as one of them is the driver. That is the end of the episode. Who do you guys think are the Silver Bells Killers?