Mr. Robot: (S02E05) "logic_b0mb"

Review: I am at loss of words. I watched the episode minutes ago and I am so hyped. It was definitely the best one yet. Yeah! That’s the Mr. Robot we know!
First of all … It seems that Tyrell’s wife is protecting Elliot! She was at a cafe, speaking with that boy she was bribing, when the guy said “why are we protecting that scrawny kid in a hoodie?” Elliot is a scrawny kid in a hoodie and since we know Elliot and Tyrell worked together on the night of the hack (or several nights/days?) that means she knows about it and is in fact protecting both of them somehow. She even ended up planning the guy’s murder to protect the secret. She and Tyrell really are a perfect match …
I like the fact that friendships are being “formed”. We finally got a scene with Elliot and Angela and I love how he is being protective of her and how she is trying to fit into his life. I am also excited to see an allegiance between Angela and Darlene. They’re all trying to delete the evidences that the FBI might have. They’re in this together.
When Angela met up with her old boyfriend (who by the way somehow works for the FBI – isn’t that crazy?) I got reminded that Gideon didn’t have a funeral at all. That makes me so sad. I know Mr. Robot (as a show) practically doesn’t DO funerals … Shayla didn’t get one. However, I just feel like a proper goodbye from Gideon is missing.
Now, is it just me, or does this show make you feel suspicious about everything and everyone? I am looking around whether Angela is being followed, I am suspicious of the acting of the Chinese man, I am searching for hidden clues and answers … It’s crazy and I almost sound paranoid, but at the same time, I know the show has my focus.
Also, out of the topic … I like the fact that Elliot was almost opening up a bit this episode, smiling and being what-so normal. I just feel like it’s important to point out that mentally ill people don’t just have bad days.
Anyway … Last 10 minutes were an explosion. Somebody was shooting on the FBI, Elliot finds out about Ray’s dirty secret (by the way, I know the show didn’t try to hide it, but I knew he was a bad guy) and gets to deal with the consequences. And speaking of … Jesus, apparently Ray is doing some nasty business on the dark web. What is that about?!
The episode is just … 10/10. Let’s tune in next week, shall we?  … AWESOME!