Killjoys (S02E06) "I Love Lucy"

“How About A Trade?”
It’s always fun to start out the day with a low level warrant. The Jakobi brothers try to bag some old man who sells boot leg explosives. But D’avin didn’t read the whole warrant so he almost drinks a cup of acid. Luckily Johnny comes to the rescue and D’avin makes sure the explosives don’t… well explode. Dutch thinks they should test out the green plasma to see what it does. Since D’avin is the only lab rat they take some plasma from their new team mascot, the moss-ipede, Mossy. Apparently D’avin can attract as well as repel the plasma. But as soon as the plasma touches his fingers, D’avin goes into a seizure, mind-linked with Mossy. With John’s quick thinking he unlinks D’av but D’av will never step on a bug again. John thinks that they need different plasma as the plasma they have comes from Mossy so will only connect with Mossy. They need someone with pure plasma and Pree knows just the guy from his days as a “Stylish Dictator”. D’avin runs into Sabine and they get their flirt on. No passing out this time. John calls Pawter to check in. She has the scoop on the plans for a walled Westerly but most of it’s redacted so John promises to investigate. Pawter is worried that John is having trouble with keeping secrets from Dutch and D’av but John figures that once they tear down the walls they’ll understand. Pawter and John get their flirt on. Pawter knows how to end a holophone call. John has Lucy erase the archive of his conversation with Pawter. Pree tells Dutch that there’s a guy named Romwell who sells a drug that can control people called “Green Magic” but this guy doesn’t buy or sell items he trades. Dutch sees D’avin flirting with Sabine and Pree thinks that Dutch is a little jealous. But right now she wants to find the plasma. They find Romwell’s ship in an asteroid field where it turns out his ship is an asteroid. Romwell has three fembot body guards with him as back up. Romwell has keys that plug into a 3-D printer that prints anything he wants even the plasma. But Romwell isn’t impressed by the items Dutch has to trade until he sees Mossy. Romwell is more interested in the moss-ipede. They cut it in half but then Romwell tries to pull a fast one on the team getting the plasma from the creature then giving it to them. But they already have that plasma. Dutch threatens to invoke one of the many warrants out for him but Romwell’s fembots are prepared. Now Dutch has to trade for their freedom or her freedom with the story behind her sitara harp. Romwell always wanted a pair of brothers. Dutch agrees but the story is a trade for her entire crew as well as herself. Romwell agrees.
“Tale as Old as Time”
Dutch mentally links with Romwell so he could experience the story she tells. Dutch does come from a wealthy family. Her family owned an entire moon! But they lost everything. Dutch was sold to the harem on a planet the moon orbited leaving behind her brothers and sisters. (Wait… Dutch has siblings?) Her father sent her a tutor, Khlyen who gave the harp telling her that she could win the prince through music. Romwell then tells Dutch where he got the plasma. He got it from his planet when some aliens landed on some organic ship (clue?). The plasma ran their ships. John and D’avin resist the fembots with John uploading an app of Lucy into one of them. D’avin takes some green peaches that Sabine had mentioned she wanted. Dutch continues his story and Romwell asks to hear the song that Khlyen taught her. To buy her team time, Dutch hands Romwell the sitara while she sings a lovely song. Suddenly Romwell has visions of marriage, kids, and growing old with Dutch. Is that a side effect? Dutch finishes the story, Khlyen told her that she would be free from killing once she married the prince but it was a lie, the prince was Khlyen’s target and the sitara was the instrument of murder. The strings were coated with a paralytic and Dutch strangles Romwell then goes to help her team. The Romwell bots powered down. Dutch goes and gets the plasma while D’avin and John make it back to the control room. But Lucy gets lost in the tunnels. Turns out Romwell is alive proven by the fembots coming back online and Romwell showing up as Dutch searches the keys for the plasma. Romwell must be level 6 but he denies it. Romwell says he was the son of a lord and the aliens took him and tortured him for his information about the planet’s defenses. Like Dutch he traded other people’s lives for his freedom and hates himself for it. Romwell had made it to some hospital that gave him nanites to heal but they worked too well and now Romwell is centuries old (432 to be exact). Romwell doesn’t want to kill Dutch he wants her to stay. He gives her a jeweled hair comb as a gift (next to the ashes of other people who stayed). Romwell’s link to his bots are down and they’re stuck in kill mode. Dutch and Romwell go to John and D’avin’s rescue.
“Not Everyone Gets A Happy Ending”
Lucy bot kisses John confirming that he’s her favorite. There’s always fireworks when kissing a Jakobi apparently. Lucy bot sacrifices herself. D’avin uses an photonics crystal with the plasma to make a grenade. Dutch, Romwell, John, and D’avin get on Lucy and fly out of the asteroid ship just in time before it explodes. D’avin thinks that he can now be used against Level Sixes and it’s the first time he’s felt good about himself in a long time since leaving the army. Dutch says he should visit Sabine in Oldtown and just have some fun. D’avin isn’t the only one feeling good. Romwell feels good for being a part of a story again instead of just hearing them. Dutch is giving Romwell a new identity and Romwell made an extra copy of the pure plasma. He’s heard that the aliens that invaded his planet are making their way across the galaxy, towards the quad (another clue!). Romwell calls Dutch a one of a kind and that she should be happy whenever she can as not everyone gets a happy ending. Dutch goes to Alvis and bing bang boom (I don’t need to spell it out more than that). Pawter pays John a visit… in person! Dutch isn’t the only one getting some. Afterwards John has to go meet someone who worked for the Company who may have an idea about the wall plans. Alvis wakes Dutch up and tells her his theories about the Scar Back origins. A tree has a sap or elixir that gives eternal life (maybe) Is it the Tree of Life???? It may be that the Scar Backs would cut themselves to prove that they weren’t infected with plasma. D’avin gives Sabine her peaches. Romantic! Then they start to get busy but right in the middle of it all Sabine starts crying out of happiness. But then those happy tears turn green and she has a seizure as green plasma oozes from her face and into a big puddle of it on the floor. Those were some peaches… Or D’avin could be tainted by the plasma now…? Or something.
I’d give this episode a solid A. Wasn’t as exciting as previous episodes but some really important stuff happened. Some clues as to the battle that’s coming and some peak into Dutch’s origins. I knew there were other habitable planets but with different customs and stuff that makes me want to know more about this universe. That ending too was shocking. A good mystery to keep you coming back for the next episode.