Ballers: (S02E04) "World of Hurt"

Vernon was not axed – that’s the highlight of the day as the club takes care of their own. With ups and downs he will be playing next season.
Throughout the whole episode Spence was trying to find dirt on Andre, he was also pulled into the bought by the old man who gave them a whole lecture about bringing a new client. After loosing Sue who was a money making athlete for a retired Spice their company has been in a tough situation. However the same can’t be said for Andre who managed to overcome the blackmail. Have you ever seen someone who smiles at you and tells you what you are going to blackmail him with? 
Jason went out of town to get a client but he was tricked into getting off the boat in the middle of nowhere. But that was a test to see how he was going to react and show determination. He had a good day as he got the client. 
With every character having their own part of a short few minutes we also got to see a little of Tracy. She got a job at ESPN but the only problem being it is in Connecticut and far away from Miami.
There were two moments in the epsiode which are noteworthy to mention. One of them being Ricky and his dad. Ricky finally finds out that his father has kept an eye on him for long but he still doesn’t know why he left or why he is the way he is. Second being Charles given the boot from his team. The most important part was how supportive his wife is. Imagine she was willing to give up her whole life to move so that he could play again. 
With so much happening we should be seeing less of Tracy now since she is most likely going to leave & Charles will come up with something like he did with the sales job. The best part that we should all be looking forward to is the Spence & Andre saga.