Devious Maids: (S04E10) "Grime and Punishment" [Season Finale]

If you have been following us on Twitter you might have noticed that I was getting caught up with Devious Maids. Having watched all the seasons and ending with the finale in the perfect time.
All season finales have ended with the mystery being solved and while all other seasons have stretched a bit longer this one gave us the exciting ending with a cliffhanger as usual something we should be all to familiar with since it also is a Lifetime series.
Perri Westmore – the subject of this season, brutally murdered and her ex-husband Spence being framed for it. After finding out all about the Circle and everything that was going on Rosie finally told the group her recent discovery and Carmen panicked since Danni went to Hugh for the callback.
Like any mother she called her and tried to convince her to stay away from him, but under the circumstances Danni thought she was sabotaging her. However everyone listens to any warning no matter how much they hate you which is why they say to never let wrong thoughts start in your head as you can make a saint become a murderer and vice versa all by imagining or thinking too much.
Danni switched the drinks Hugh gave her and call it Karma, Hugh got drugged. No matter how old yo are seeing a man collapse infront of you brings panic and who best to call other than your parent – especially when they are angry Peurto Rican maids. 
Carmen went all in with torture, something even the FBI would be amazed to see (or not) to extract information out of Hugh. Admitting everything to them except to the last part as to who handled Perri since he got a heart attack. The women untied him and called the paramedics and fled of the scene.
Since the start Rosie has been called the stupid one or the oblivious one and it has come to her advantage everytime. Turns out Gail is the daughter of Hugh who has been doing damage control. Confronting her at her wedding party, Rosie gets her to admit while wearing a wire.
Speaking of weddings, the crazy couple of Adrian & Evelyn continued with their games, this time however pushing each other’s limits to the point of singing divorce papers. And in all 11 minutes based on history it all went done for Adrian to not marry Gail. 
One incident was exaggerated or tried to made big but it just didn’t fit into the picture was getting Spence shot. It wasn’t a big deal since we knew it was a season finale and he wasn’t going anywhere soon. But what was surprising was seeing Rosie tell him that she is pregnant at the same time leaving out a major detail – Tucker is not his.
Perri, Genviave & several other ladies were drugged then raped by Hughand unfortunately Perri saw Hugh do it again to someone and wanted to out him to the police. Hugh called his beloved loyal daughter and things got out of hand this revealing our killer.
As much as piecing together the whole season is, the biggest mystery left for next seaso was Mirasol’s disappearance. Towards the end of the party Peter showed up and proposed and we were taken to the scene of the wedding where the music played but no bride showed. Instead a broken glass, with blood dripping from it and Mirasol gone.
Season finales in this show don’t have much to discuss over but rather the shock it leaves you in finding out how the writers manage to link every character that shows up on the screen and somehow make them be relevant till the end. Take Kyle as an example as he still played a key role in helping them find Perri’s killer as he left he flash with the recording of Perri for Zoila.
Speaking of Zoila she is back with Genvauve, however they have decided to not interfere in each other’s lives however that was about to be ruined when Zoila sees Geniviave pull another stunt – if 5 times doesn’t work then change your type. 
See you next time.