UnREAL: (S02E10) "Friendly Fire" [Season Finale]

After an outstanding season with some changes in the behind the scenes, we got to have a season that went full on bezerk from the beginning. As every episode progressed, the tension grew thicker and it kept us on the edge of our beds (unless you were watching it while sitting on a chair). 
The material this season has went perfectly with how the current situation is of the world. From focusing on the tough topics such as racism and police brutality to showing how rape can affect victims and make their lives miserable filled with low esteem and constant fear of not being loved.
Like any dating show there were plenty of girls but the drama was constantly changed and juiced up more. Not only was this season about the suitor and the girls lined up but we also got to see more of Rachel & Quinn working together through ups and downs. 
The finale gave us two options whether Tiffany would make it or Chantel. Have you heard something called “think outside the box”? 
Because that is exactly what happened, even though Darius was limited not choosing two girls on the spot for marriage Rachel & Kay found him someone who is truly a great person – giving a special true love ending we read to our children as bed time stories. 
You also have to give credit to Darius for facing rejection with style. Very few guys manage to smile after hearing a ‘no’ infront of a huge crowd which is not even related to you but rather to the two brides you are supposed to choose to marry – ok no one has done it.
With the two options, the best choice would have been Chantel since she didn’t go on Darius’s back to others as compared to Tiffany. But that discussion can be kept for another day. 
The highlight of the day came from an unexpected person, someone who was filled with rage and hate towards Rachel and Everlasting yet he saved the day. He is none other than Jeremy. The true question is why he dis it, as in what suddenly ticked him off into sticking to Rachel and leaving team YaCo? 
The answer can be put as the emotional connection he hasn’t. If you remember he called her mom in the last season and he thought he was doing the right thing for her. Or did Rachel manipulate him into doing it by playing with his feelings. – that is one to keep an eye out for next season.
As usual UnREAL kept their endings full on cliffhanger as the new couple of Coleman and Yael aka Hot Rachel went on their happy trip to CNN to report about Everlasting. But they didn’t make it. Or did they?
A year to find out. See ya next season.