Suicide Squad (2016)

I don’t know about all of your guys and girls thoughts but I’m thinking DC Comics is killing it this year! First we had the epic Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, then we had Batman the animated movie The Killing Joke, and now we have the movie that I’m reviewing today Suicide Squad!
In the film: We are given a narration that leads to a prison guard torturing Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) or is it Harley torturing the guard thats what you really have to ask yourself in this beginning scene but when Harley is electrocuted by the fencing of her prison cell we then see the inner mind psychotic that Joker helped create. We then see Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) walk into a restaurant to meet with Dexter Tolliver (David Harbour) who speak about Amanda’s proposal of creating in her Argus department a special squad of villains who she believes can do some good. The first file she introduces is Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot (Will Smith) who is a professional hitman which we see him in the middle of a job calling his employer whose refusing to pay him before he kills off the officer that is in need of being killed off. There ends up being hateful words but Deadshot gets his money and he kills the officer. We then learn Waller has leverage over Deadshot to cooperate with them by having a target on his daughter Zoe (Shailyn Pierre-Dixon). Lawton/Deadshot is then walking with his daughter on an enjoyable night in Gotham city, Deadshot is then confronted by Batman (Ben Affleck), by defending his daughter he pushes her aside and starts fighting the Batman only to have his daughter stand to protect Batman, pleading with Deadshot to not kill Batman; Deadshot then gives up to authorities.
The second file Waller reveals is Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) who at the time is going through a heist in Central City Bank. Boomerang tells his partner in crime they gotta go with the cash, but Boomerang kills his partner with his boomerang. Boomerang is then confronted by The Flash (Ezra Miller). The third file Waller reveals is Harley Quinn (Robbie) who used to be Dr. Harleen Quinzel a psychiatrist at Arkham who thought she was curing The Joker (Jared Leto) of his madness but in reality The Joker was curing Harley of her saneness. It then jumps to when Joker then created the psychotic state of Harley’s mind. We then see Harley in her famous jester suit that she wears in the comics standing by her sweet Mr. J! The fourth file Waller reveals is Waylan Jones aka Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) who is currently in a prison cell of his own choosing where its close to the sewer water and has a skin condition that makes him look animal like with making his teeth razor sharp. The fifth file Waller reveals is Diablo (Jay Hernandez) whose ability is to set things on fire, however he turned himself in when he burned down his “queen” girlfriends house with her and her two kids still in the house. The final file Waller reveals is a witch, whose Archaeologist June Moone who was investigating a mysterious cave when she was confronted by an ancient witch of the old world that then possessed her to turn her into the witch known as Enchantress (Cara Delvingne).
The idea is very ridiculous to Tolliver, but he considers in proposing it when Waller brings the idea in his head of the next Superman being not on their side. So Waller and Tolliver bring the proposition to the Pentagon. At first they are all not too happy to bring the worst of the worst criminals that they just got into prison out of prison for an experiment. But then when Enchantress demonstrates her abilities their minds are then changed to accepting it.
Waller then brings her first in command Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) their first visit is with Deadshot to demonstrate with his shooting abilities. They then visit the rest of the team, they are then bagged and tagged (literally) to the location of a possible terrorist attack. Meanwhile The Joker, sitting in the middle of his circle of knives, one of his henchmen then tells the Joker where Harley is being held captive; Joker then chooses to take a ride.
The team is then able to get dressed in the clothes of their choosing from their trunks. As they are being boarded on the plane the team is introduced to Katana (Karen Fukuhara) they are warned by Rick Flag if they choose to disobey they will have to deal with Katana and her sword which collects the souls of those that are killed by it’s blade. The team try to go to location of the attack but are thwarted by mutated block monsters that they have to kill. The team then learns that the one who is involved with the so called “terrorist attack” is in fact Enchantress whose plotting to destroy the world.
Can the Suicide Squad band together to stop the threat? Or will the team be destroyed? Will Joker every rescue his sweet, lovely Harley Quinn? Find out by watching the film!
Honestly, I would have to say that Warner Bros. was in fact smart for putting aside for all of these years in doing Suicide Squad movie because if they would’ve done it way back in 2001 when they were first planning to do the film, we would’ve got a horrible movie with major bad visual effects. Now that all of the softwares and systems have “evolved” in a way to help make visual effects even more better and even more amazing; it made this idea of Suicide Squad become a true reality and a true dream come true for all comic book lovers. Because after seeing this film all I could say to myself is man this was a great film; but I was also saying to myself that this film was also visual effects heavy in the film. Especially when they did the Enchantress’s doomsday spell the visual effects where very heavy in the film. Now I would have to say I do see why director David Ayer had to do a lot of reshoots in the film, mainly because he thought the film was not going to be funny enough. With these reshoots the film was a success and pretty hilarious. I would have to say though that Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn was much more better than what I had expected it to be. I was really thinking that it was going to be with a horrible New York accent and petty acting but instead I was blown away by her having the personality and accent of Harley Quinn that took me back when I was a kid watching the Batman Animated series with Harley Quinn in that series. Overall I would say this film is worth your time and money, I would see it again and again if I had the chance.
I would rate this film: 5 out of 5 stars
Suicide Squad is now out in theaters