American Gothic: (S01E08) "Kindred Spirits"

A reporter spills the beans about Cam being in rehab after it was revealed his father was the Silver Bells Killer. Maddie is wondering where the reporter is getting this information. Maddie says maybe it was Naomi. Alison says she knows it wasn’t Naomi. Maddie says well it was someone close to us.
A nurse comes up to Cam and tells him she likes the comic strip he created. The nurse asks him how long he was an addict. Cam says since he was a teen. She understands that the drugs helped him create the comic. The nurse says people don’t have to stay what they are. In other words Cam doesn’t have to stay an addict.
At the police station Linda is talking about the car the Silver Bells Killer owned and that Mitch never owned that kind of car. Brady is looking at footage of the car and says there is car damage so maybe there is an accident report so Linda does a search. She finds an accident report with the owner’s name.
Tessa has Jack at the gynecologist’s office. LOL! She leaves him alone in the waiting room. Tessa’s doctor says she can’t find the heartbeat but to not panic. They will schedule an ultrasound in a couple of days.
Tessa drops Jack off at the special camp. Jack says his mom says there is nothing wrong with him. One of the camp employees says no there isn’t. You are just built differently. The employee wants to know more about Jack. He talks about how certain characteristics are nature, not nurture so Jack could have inherited things that make him behave a certain way.
Alison and Maddie go to talk to the reporter who says she has an inside source. The reporter declines an exclusive interview with them. The reporter is named Jennifer.
Jack is on the phone with Cam saying he has to get out of there. The people there are crazy. Then Jack sees a girl stomp on a bug and Jack says he has to go and he talks to her. Her name is Sadie.
Maddie and Alison discuss how it didn’t do any good to talk to the reporter. Garrett says he will help them find the reporter’s source.
The nurse and Cam are playing a game and Sophie comes to visit so the nurse leaves. Sophie and Cam talk and Cam says he wants to write a graphic novel when he gets out. Sophie says it’s a great idea. She figures out that the nurse suggested it. Sophie says Cam looks well and clear after only three days in rehab. She says she likes it and says maybe she should give getting clean a whirl. She says both Cam and Jack are in rehab and she feels left out.
Linda and Brady head out to talk to the car owner. He lives in the woods in a dumpy house with an unkempt yard. Linda knocks on the door and says Boston PD, open up. A blind old lady opens up a different door. Linda introduces them and asks if they can come in. The woman lets them in. Brady is filming. The lady says you should ask permission before taking photos. How could she know Brady was taking pictures if she is blind. Brady apologizes. They tell the lady they are looking for James Canby. She says that is her husband.  They ask if they can speak to him. She says only if they have an Ouija board. He died 27 years ago. They ask if he had the car they are looking for. She said yes but it was stolen and she never reported it stolen since she can’t see to drive it. Then they ask her if she knows Mitch Hawthorne. He is the Silver Bells Killer. She says she doesn’t read the newspapers. Is she trying to be funny?
Tessa asks Garrett if he has heard of the MAOA gene. She says what if she passes it on. She is pregnant. Garrett is shocked and says it should be great news. Tessa says it would be except for this gene. She hasn’t even told Brady she is pregnant. She explains she has to go back for an ultra sound. Garrett asks when the appointment is and asks if she wants some backup.
Jack and Sadie are playing. She says they have to get out of here. Jack says Garrett has a cabin near here and they could go there. She said it sounds lame. Then Jack says they suspected Garrett of being the Silver Bells killer. Sadie says you should have led with that. LOL!
Alison and Garrett are on a stake out watching the reporter Jennifer. Garrett wants to go but then they see the reporter kissing her husband Tom. Alison says Tom is the source. Well, that’s a shocker.
Alison sends Tom a text to meet her. She says so you told Jennifer about our family. Alison says they ended their agreement to see other people. Alison says she saw them today. Alison says if this marriage is to have any hope, they have to have total transparency from here on out. Tom says he agrees. Alison says so start talking.
Linda and Brady are going over evidence from the Silver Bells Killer. He is looking at a picture of a piece of ivory. Brady suggests that the investigation was stopped all those years ago. Linda says no, if they can’t solve the case, it’s on them. Brady sees a copy of Mitch’s funeral program and looks at a picture of the old blind lady’s house and sees a copy of Mitch’s funeral program at her house. The old lady lied about not knowing Mitch.
Sadie and Jack go to Garrett’s cabin. Sadie shoots an arrow at Jack as he has his back turned to her. Then she tells him to put a cup on his head and she will shoot it off. Jack says you first. So Sadie puts the cup on her head and Jack gets ready to shoot her but then they decide not to and leave.
The nurse is talking to Cam and says Sophie talked to someone at the rehabilitation center and tried to get the nurse in trouble. The nurse asks Cam about his relationship with heroin. He says he loves it and hates it. It has a hold over him. It screws up huge parts of his life and demands all of his attention. The nurse says now tell me about your relationship with Sophie. Cam says the same things he says about heroin.
The reporter Jennifer is talking about MAOA or the psychopath gene. Garrett, Maddie, and Tessa are watching and Jennifer talks about Tessa being pregnant. Garrett finds a bug in the kitchen and that is how Jennifer has been getting all of her information. He shows it to Maddie who puts it in a glass of water. Maddie asks how Jennifer got in the house. Garrett says he is going to call Alison.
Alison and Tom are eating Chinese together and she asks him if they had sex in her mother’s kitchen. He says pantry. Alison says that is when she planted the bug and how she is getting her stories.
Linda and Brady are back out at the old lady’s place. They go inside and Mrs. Canby is dead on the floor of a gunshot wound. They get another detective out there who says “Damn, I thought we were done with this.”
Brady arrives home and is upset that Tessa told other people she was pregnant before telling him. Tessa says she is not sure she wants the child. She says there is something wrong with her family. She says Brady would be an absentee father as he is obsessed with work. Brady says Mitch may have been working with someone else. They are looking into it. Tessa says it never ends. She doesn’t know how to do this. Brady says a baby is a good thing. This is what they wanted.
Alison is holding the bug and talking to Jennifer who apologizes for bugging their house and sleeping with her husband. Alison says it’s been easy to get caught up in her own issues but then she says it could be worse. She could be someone who revels in and profits from the misfortunes of others. Alison says she is glad she is not Jennifer. Alison says as for the bug if she decides to press charges Jennifer could face five years in prison. Alison tells Jennifer that she will continue to report on her family but talk about a family rising from the ashes. Then she tells Jennifer to take off her shirt. I think she wants to check Jennifer for bugs. She makes Jennifer hand over the shirt. Alison cuts up the shirt and tells her to put it back on. Jennifer looks scared.
Cam is talking to Sophie and tells her they are through. Good for Cam. Sophie says if it was about what she did with the nurse April but Cam interrupts her and says this is just him taking responsibility for his part in anything and making a decision that he will not reverse. Sophie looks skeptical and says they always get back together. Cam says that is part of their dysfunction and that is not what he wants anymore. He flat out states that Sophie is not what he wants anymore. Sophie reaches out for him and he throws her off and walks away. I don’t think this is going to end well.
Garrett comes home and finds Tessa on the stairs. She says it is her thinking spot. Garrett sits down next to her. Garrett says Tessa is going about the baby thing all wrong. Garrett says maybe the kid will have the MAOA gene and that maybe they all have it but the child will also have her as a mother and she is compassionate, kind, nurturing. He says you throw Brady in the mix and he is moral and upstanding. Garrett says you owe it to humanity to have this baby but no pressure. Somehow Garrett always knows the right thing to say.
Brady is at the ultrasound appointment with Tessa and they can see the baby. The doctor says she will see them in 12 weeks. Tessa wants to take a picture of the ultrasound but then she gets a message on her phone saying that Jack got kicked out of camp and that she has to go pick him up. She wants Brady to stay and work on the case so they can be free of it.
Jennifer is reporting on how Alison is bouncing back and how the family is donating money. Maddie, Garrett, and Alison are watching the news and drinking wine.
Tessa comes home with Jack and tells Brady Jack was found with a knife but the camp has a zero weapons tolerance policy. Brady looks at the knife and it has a chip out of it that matches the picture of an ivory chip that Brady was looking at earlier. Brady asks Jack where he got the knife. He says Garrett’s cabin. Brady calls the police and says he knows who the accomplice is. Meanwhile Garrett, Maddie, and Alison are drinking wine and toasting to family but Garrett has a strange look on his face.
What did you think of the episode? Do you think Garrett is Mitch’s accomplice in the Silver Bells killings?