Mr. Robot: (S02E06) "m4ster-s1ave.aes "

Review: The start of this episode was quite frankly confusing as hell. They show us a different side of the show, it’s filled with humor, where Elliot’s entire family is alive and they’re going on a trip. It’s weird, trust me. Of course, Elliot is only imagining this, because those guys beat him so badly. He is in fact in a hospital, but they keep torturing him and he hasn’t said a word, so this can’t be good …
Darlene and the rest of the team is teaching Angela how to hack, which was really exciting. We got to see Darlene disguised as a business woman, going under to perform the hack, while Angela is helping her from the inside. I really like it when they show us the bits about hacking, even the little things, such as stealing somebody’s business card when passing them. It’s awesome.
Nothing much happened beside that, we sadly don’t get much answers about the attack on the FBI. I have got to say it, though, everything seems a bit suspicious. So, Dark Army was behind this? And is the Chinese president in fact a woman in disguise and the leader of the Dark Army? He had a closet with woman’s clothes in the previous episode and he was the only one who knew the FBI was looking into the Dark Army. It makes sense. If it’s the truth, it’s going to be one of the most awesome misteries of the season. How many times is a president of a country in fact a leader of a hacking group?! It’s just a theory, though.
Why are the people protesting, by the way? There’s a protest going on infront of E corp’s doors, I don’t think anybody mentioned what is that about, so that is a bit confusing?
It was an exciting episode that passed by pretty quickly, but it definitely wasn’t better than the last one. I can’t wait for next week, though, I hope we get a snippet of the Dark Army and what is in fact going on with Elliot.