Black Butler Book of Murders

Black Butler Book of Murders is a continuation of the events that unfolded during Book of Circust and in many way this story should have been included on blu ray set of that some might say Funimation is trying to double down by releasing both  separately  but I believe there enough material here that they could separate them like they did.
The basic setup for Book of Murders deals with Ciel and his butler Sabastian having to deal with fallout for Ciel actions at the end of Book of Circust. Queen Victoria sends her private secretarial officers/butlers to give Ciel a message to hold a party at the Phatomhive place for a list of guest that will be attending there along with Queen Victoria butlers who will keep a close on everything going on there.
Ciel knows right away he is being tested by how this came up so tell Sabastian he will do everything he can to play along and see how the events play out.
Once everyone that is invited to the party shows up  Ciel introduces himself to his guest.Things start to going ok with the help of Sabastian and the Phantomhive servent that help out at the Phantomhive manor but during the night when one of the guest attending ends up dead things from there on get complicated and mystery on who killed this person along with why lead viewers into a pretty complex mystery were not all is what it seem to be.
One of the things away’s like about Black Butler has been there lively characters and while I did  mention in my last review I missed some of them in the last outing Book of Circust I was glad to see the ones that had less screen time in Book of Circust had more screen time in Book of Murders because not having very much screen time for characters like Baldroy,Finnian Mey-Ren, and Tanaka made Book of Circust lack a little so I was really please to see them on screen all throughout Book of Murders.
I will say this about Black Butler Book of Murders there storyline has so many twist and turns your going to think your watching a M. Night Shyamalan movie heck I would personally say this has more twist and turns than his movies that have twist and turns. Now that not saying the twist are bad because there overdone they do explain how everything goes down and by the end you do have a clearer picture on everything that happens  so they do drive a purpose to what going on in the long run of things.
Over all I’m very interested to see were the next storyline take fans and with a anime movie coming out next year to continue were this left off it leave me very excited that fans of Black Butler can expect more to come soon.
Black Butler Book of Murder would get a 4 out of 5