Chatting with Sarah Power who portrays Dr. Pawter Simms on Killjoys.

In the Quad, a planetary system on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class war, a fun loving trio of bounty hunters attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants. [IMDB]

With the new season exploring further into the mess of politics, warrants coming and going, one person emerged to impress us all – Dr. Pawter. If you haven’t been impressed by her you might want to see her performance:

There is plenty more where that came from and all of it has been happening this season. We got the opportunity to interview the actress that plays the role as Pawter – Sarah Power.

Hexecutioners stills 3 - Chatting with Sarah Power who portrays Dr. Pawter Simms on Killjoys.
Sarah Power

Every person has aspirations and dreams, not all of the actors/actresses grow up with dreams of being in the entertainment industry but Sarah always knew she wanted to try acting. “I think I always wanted to be an actor.” She also got the opportunity to start early, “When I was 16 I went to an open call for a role in the mini series ‘Random Passage’ that was shooting in Newfoundland, where I grew up. It was my first audition and I booked it. I was very lucky.” For those not familiar with her she has made appearances in Californication (2007), recently on American Gothic (2016) and also in notable movie Saw V (2008). Her role on American Gothic as Jennifer is very different than Pawter, “Jennifer’s kind of nasty but really fun to play. She’s like a Suzanne Stone from To Die For. But that show is very different from Killjoys.”

She has no ritual or habits prior to filming but a simple trick, “No, not really. I just read the scripts as many times as I can, learn my lines the night before, show up prepared and then have fun.” Her character plays a doctor on Killjoys, her performance might have fooled you but she has no experience in the field. “Nope not at all.” But there always is a solution and like any other person she also goes for it, “Thank god for google!” However she did see a real surgeon on set, “We actually had a real surgeon on set in episode 203 who operated on Jelco’s prosthetic heart and showed me how to do everything which was very cool.” 

Killjoys S1 101 13 - Chatting with Sarah Power who portrays Dr. Pawter Simms on Killjoys.
Sarah Power plays Pawter Simms in Killjoys.

For a cast to have a great chemistry, the relationship between the cast should be strong. Killjoys isn’t an exception to that as they all share a great bond. “Everyone is so fun.” Apparently they can sing too! “Hannah, Luke and Thom are incredible singers and they’re very funny. There’s a lot of laughing on set with the cast and crew. Our blooper reels are pretty great.”

A very familiar question everyone always wonders – how is the actress and her character similar? “We’re not that similar. Though I am also pretty impulsive. I like to think that’s both a strength as well as a weakness. The stakes are much higher in her world though so the repercussions are far greater. I often read the scripts and think “Pawter NO! STOP! This idea is BAD.” But it’s always with the best of intentions. I really love this character.” Another question which always pops in my mind, does an actor/actress like to see their own face on screen. The answer is no in her case but, “I usually don’t like watching myself but I really love the story and I’m so excited to see it each week. The cast is fantastic and I’m not on set all the time so I’m really excited to see the scenes I’m not there for.” 

Everyone needs to have someone pushing them to their limits and supporting them during ups and downs. They smile with you on happy days and cry along on sad days and she doesn’t lack them her support are “my family, my friends and my fiancé.”

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Sarah Power (left) and Aaron Ashmore (right)

Going on a serious note, during the old days the roles for women were limited, the opportunity scare and when given the roles weren’t very impressive. But things have been changing for the better. “I have a lot of thoughts on this subject but basically I think there’s so many great roles for women on TV right now.” She even adds “It’s an exciting time to be an actress on television.” Her reason being “TV is way ahead of film in offering real diverse representation.” Her views also include which most of you might agree are “And well, women are really independent and powerful and vulnerable and complicated so that’s how they should always be depicted.” She also has kind words for the creator “Well Michelle has created some really strong and complex female characters. With Dutch and Pawter and the characters on Lost Girl, you’ve got an intimidating roster of women.” 

Turning towards the show itself, you might remember that episode where you got to see Pawter in action for most of the episode. Sarah opened up about how filming went. “Oof. That episode was a doozy.” She adds “It was a really busy episode for me and I think it helped that I didn’t have time to over think it or get overwhelmed by it.” While most of us are left in awe with her performance she feels the connection “I feel really connected to Pawter and her back story and I’ve had the experience of playing her for a season already.” Never forgetting her friends who made it easier she adds, “And I had great co stars there to play off of. Aaron is so great to work with and was amazing in that episode.” Since we were on that topic why not ask her view on seeing John and Pawter together, she replied “Haha I cannot say a word about future episodes” I take that as a yes but anything can happen.

Being on set means they get to see what they are filming, if you are a fan you would call it spoilers – and we all hate spoilers! The good news is she doesn’t get affected by being a part of the cast, “No. When we’re shooting we have no idea what’s going to happen from one script to the next. And we’re under strict instructions not to reveal anything in interviews or online.” She was being dead serious about not revealing any secrets, “And I wouldn’t want to because there is a LOT of crazy stuff coming up and I’m so excited for the fans to see it.” 

killjoys come the rain - Chatting with Sarah Power who portrays Dr. Pawter Simms on Killjoys.
Fans ship Pawter and John.

However she did give a small hint, Pawter being on the top comes with a price. “Pawter gets herself into a little trouble. She slightly underestimates her political foes… (cough, Delle Seyah)” Pressing harder to know whether the crew will be choosing sides soon she leaves us with a mystery “I can’t give anything away but like Johnny said, ‘maybe the warrant isn’t all’?” 

Killjoys airs on Fridays at 9/8 c on Syfy.