Sausage Party (2016)

Okay, for this film you really have to ask yourself by just looking at the title of the movie “who the hell in their right mind would even see a movie like this?” Well according to the audience filled auditorium in the theater I was at I would have to say many people! Today’s movie review is: Sausage Party…I hope you laugh your buns off!
In the film: It starts out with store owner Darren (Paul Rudd) opening up the store, we then see the customers rolling their carts in to start shopping for the 4th of July. Theres then a 8 pack of sausages/hot dogs talking in this order Frank (Seth Rogen), Barry (Michael Cera), Carl (Jonah Hill), and others, about how exciting that today might be the day for them to be taken to the “great beyond”the crew of the foods then choose to sing a song about how great it is to go to the great beyond. The one item that gets chosen while the song is going on is Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) who is so stoked and excited to be going to the great beyond.
Once the song is over we are then taken back to Frank (Rogen) and his girlfriend a bun named Brenda (Kristen Wiig) they then choose to touch tips which is forbidden because they fear no one will buy their packages. Their packages are then chosen which makes them incredibly happy to be going to the great beyond. Only to have recently bought Honey Mustard brought back and goes paranoid and crazy; who was then chosen by someone else who wanted to buy him. When Honey Mustard chooses to go all “goodbye cruel world” on the shopping cart, Frank chooses to try to save Honey Mustard but only to then come to Honey Mustards end. Which then leads to the shopping cart to crash and meet to a lot of foods and a complete Douche (Nick Kroll) to fall out of the cart and not be chosen. Frank and Brenda then try getting into their packages before they reach the checkouts but they are too late.
When the Douche chooses to take his anger out on someone he first tries doing it to Brenda but then switches his anger/revenge out on Frank instead. The Douche is then swept up and taken to the trash, but finds his way of getting revenge by sucking a juice box dry (which in this movie would possibly be counted as cannibalism) which then sends the Douche out on a killing spree as he hunts for Frank.
Meanwhile the foods that left with the customer that Frank and Brenda were suppose to leave with ends up revealing that the great beyond, is not so great. The woman chooses to take the freaky potato with ten thousand eyes and thinks its getting a bath of pure enjoyment but leads to boiling murder, the woman then chooses to dice the tomatoes, she then slices and dices the sausages all but one, Barry who falls out a window.
Barry the sausage then makes a mission to find Frank and Brenda and warn them. Barry hitchhikes to a druggies house. Where the Druggie (Dave Franco) takes a large amount of Bath-salts and then starts tripping balls which then he sees that the food actually has a soul and that we are murdering them. When Druggie goes to sleep Barry tries finding a way to back to the supermarket and with help from the greatest scientific mind known as Gum (Scott Underwood). Barry then has the idea to take the Bath-salts with him when he escapes.
Will Barry make it back to the store alive? Will Frank and Brenda find out the truth about the Great Beyond? Will the humans find out what foods are actually thinking? Find out by seeing the film!
Honestly, I only saw a small trailer about this film before seeing it for a free movie screening. And it looked interesting; when I was watching the film I couldn’t stop laughing it was literally hilarious the entire 1 hour and 29 minutes where absolutely hilarious! I think the reason why it is so hilarious is because the film brings you into the minds of what foods are actually thinking when they are in the grocery store awaiting to be chosen to be taken home and be eaten. Although it is a shame that James Franco couldn’t do the voice of Druggie like how he was suppose to but his brother Dave did a fantastic job. And as always Danny McBride is always hilarious even if its just his voice you hear in this R-rated 3D Animated movie, you can always tell that its him because he has that kind of voice that stands out and is always hilarious. This movie is literally not for kids, so parents for your child’s mind to be saved until teen years do not take them to see this film! There is literally an orgee that happens in this film and plus theres a lot of sexual content in the film itself so you all have been warned! But overall its a great film for adults!
I would have to rate this film: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
Sausage Party is now out in theaters!