Killjoys (S02E07) "Heart-Shaped Box" Review

“What’s Your Safe Word?”
Each start of a Killjoys episode starts with a bang and I mean a sexy bang. We open on the Scar Back Temple where she and Alvis find a different (much hotter) way to pray. But Dutch’s evil twin crashes the sexy romp by cutting Alvis’s throat. Fortunately Dutch wakes up; it was just a dream and Alvis is still alive and tied to the bed post (wink). But D’avin is not waking up from his living nightmare. Sabine is still unconscious in a pool of plasma. She’s a Six! D’avin goes off to find Johnny to help him get Sabine back to Lucy so they can figure out what’s going on. But Johnny is busy on his secret mission talking to the woman, Miss Semback who built the walls around Oldtown but she’s too afraid of the Company to snitch. Since D’avin interrupts, Semback sneaks away. Seems like sex with D’avin is dangerous… Dutch isn’t happy to have Sabine unconscious on her ship. But since she’s weakened Dutch is happy to finally have a Six they can interrogate on board. Sabine’s real name is Jenny Avery and she’s… 89 years old?! She’s look good for a granny (is she a granny mild then???). Johnny talks to Pawter about Semback. He asks her to take a warrant out on Semback. Back on the Sabine Six train, Johnny shoots their guest up with some adrenaline to wake her up. Takes a few seconds but she wakes up… until Dutch knocks her out. Was that necessary? Once Sabine is real awake this time, Dutch asks why Khlyen sent her. Sabine was ordered to protect D’avin… from Dutch. Sixes are actually soldiers working for the true purpose of the RAC though no one knows what that true purpose is. Dutch tries to up her torture game (which makes me think she’s jealous though no one will say it out loud). D’avin has a talk with Dutch’s approach who excuses her merciless behavior saying that she’s angry that Sabine tricked D’avin. Nice cover but we know the truth. D’avin suggests they bring in Turin. Turin brings in his creepy interrogator: Phil. Not a name that strikes fear in the hearts of men but Phil turns out to be a Six too. They’re everywhere! Phil is killed by Sabine (death by decapitation) when he tries to use some silver barbed spike… But Sabine is super sorry for beheading Phil. It’s a dread knot, an instant brain dead method for executing Sixes. Turin has to go dark so he tells Dutch about Black Root, a secret police for Sixes in case they step out of line. Sabine takes her kill pretty hard, the first time she’s felt anything in a long time. Dutch attaches a bomb collar to Sabine to make her behave. Sabine tells D’avin that he’s still not over Dutch a bit saying that she knows she was the “move on lay”. D’avin sees that Sabine is still bleeding from her fight. Dutch doesn’t feel sorry for Sabine while D’avin feels more sympathy for the girl. They argue about how to handle Sabine where Dutch wants to use her then kill her, D’avin wants to help her.
“What Makes Us Human”
Johnny looks at Sabine’s brain scan. The plasma shuts down everything human about a person. Right now Sabine’s brain is normal but the plasma is still present and is coming back slowly. Sabine tells Dutch all about the selection process where a RAC agent is picked for physical strength to withstand the physical transition but also emotionally broken enough to withstand the mental transition. However, Sabine never asked to be recruited. The green plasma breaks down a person’s empathy and their bonds to other people. Dutch’s name was on the list to be recruited because as Sabine put it, Khlyen broke her in the cradle. Sabine agrees to help Dutch only if she agrees to let her go. Dutch agrees. Johnny goes to Bellus to get his warrant and Miss Semback. Bellus is suspicious of Johnny’s solo warrant but Johnny pulls rank so Bellus lets him go but she says his team deserves better than his lies. Returning to the ship, everyone gathers for some non-sexy bath time with D’avin and Sabine sharing a tub where they mentally connect to identify other Sixes that may be hiding in plain sight. They come to a wintry planet where there’s a silver cube in the woods. D’avin tries to get to the cube but he’s blocked. D’avin’s eyes are bleeding?! Fortunately they identify some Sixes living in Oldtown. Johnny asks Dutch if they should call Turin or take Sabine and take down the Sixes themselves. But Dutch says she doesn’t trust Sabine. Dutch wonders though if she just hates Sabine because D’avin doesn’t. Dutch decides that she and Johnny will scope out the Sixes while D’avin baby sits Sabine. She’s still bent on killing Sabine if she goes full Six. In Oldtown, Dutch locates a few Sixes and with her magic gum and other physical charms, she marks him so they can keep track of him. Johnny finds Semback while Dutch goes to the Royale and checks out Sabine’s place. Dutch is entering crazy ex territory here. D’avin asks Sabine about the silver box in the woods. Sabine says she hijacked D’avin to get one last look of her grandfather’s peach farm. Sabine tells D’avin that he’s the first human connection she’s had in 60 years though D’avin doesn’t feel the same intense feelings for her. Sabine asks D’avin to help her make the best of her last moments as a human. Johnny tracks down Semback and threatens to call in the warrant he has on her if she doesn’t talk. Semback tells Johnny about the Company experimenting with some new Wall technology in this town called Green Wall. The walls did something to the people in Green Wall where many were slaughtered in one day and the only survivors were taken by the Company never to be seen again. When Semback asked too many questions they dropped her in Oldtown after they set up the mystery Wall. Semback tells Johnny that the controls for the Wall are in Springhill in Jelco’s office. Ugh. We gotta see that creep again.
“The Walking Dead”
D’avin and Sabine bond over firsts (apparently D’avin’s town is so small his first kiss was with his third cousin) while they look at the stars. Sabine tells D’avin she doesn’t want him watching when Dutch kills her. D’avin doesn’t believe that Dutch would kill her but Sabine is positive she would once she starts to turn Six. Sabine wants to matter to someone before she’s gone. D’avin is reluctant but he gives in to Sabine’s pleas. Sometimes a hug can make all the difference. Dutch snoops around Sabine;s place but doesn’t find much… except Black Root. Dutch finds out that Sabine is actually Black Root. Dutch manages to use the dread knot on her attacker and kill him. She comes back to find only D’avin with Sabine’s bomb collar. Dutch is angry telling D’avin that Sabine was using them to find Khlyen. But D’avin says he put a tracker on Sabine. He will always put the team first and that he felt sympathy for Sabine seeing that any one of them could have been her. Dutch apologizes for her out burst and they go and find Sabine. Johnny infiltrates Springhill, breaking into Jelco’s office only to find Semback bloody and tied to a chair. Semback had warned Jelco beforehand. It was a trap! Why do we keep forgetting that Springhill has cameras everywhere??? Jelco has evidence of Johnny breaking into his office and trying to steal Company intelligence giving Jelco rights to arrest Johnny. Sabine is on Leith where she finds the silver cube in the woods. Dutch tracks her down and they fight. Sabine claims she wants Khlyen to help her. Since he’s betrayed the Sixes for Dutch, Sabine figured he would have a change of heart and try to help Sabine herself. Sabine tells Dutch that Khlyen had taken all memories of Dutch (or I guess her doppelgänger) out of the Green. Sabine tells Dutch that Khlyen already made Dutch a Six (without the green) that she’s with the Jakobis because they can feel but she can’t. Sabine says Dutch hates her because they’re so much alike. Sabine begs Dutch to kill her so Dutch obliges, finishing Sabine with a headshot. Dutch explores the silver cube finding things for her left by Khlyen as some secret message. She finds a red box. Johnny is now held prisoner in Springhill. Sabine’s body is taken by Black Root. Dutch finds a new name in the box, Aneela. She tells D’avin that this could be her doppelgänger. The weapon she’s given is the dread knot.
I give this episode an A+! Not just for some sexy Alvis and Dutch scenes (though that was a bonus). Dutch is such an amazing character full of complex layers who fears the beast inside her while at the same time ready to unleash that monster on those who try to hurt ones close to her. It was another Dutch central episode in a way where Dutch looked at Sabine like one would look into a mirror. Combine that with her jealousy and you can understand why Dutch was so ready to treat Sabine harshly. Feels like we’re leaning towards some battle with aliens given the mystery with the Wall that wasn’t made by the Company. Dutch’s new assignment from Khlyen perks my interest. Dutch could be a clone from some evil doppelgänger who is still alive but in hiding. Can’t wait to see that battle! Could be an even fight.