Ballers: (S02E05) "Most Guys"

Spencer has been going through a rough time with his pain increasing everyday. He even takes painkillers the way children eat mentos sweets. After a diagnosis it turns out his ball and socket have been eating themselves up and his hip is showing he is 80 years old.
The registration is also bugging him as they will now make an investigation on he didn’t manage his funds properly and by the best person – Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) from Suits (not the character but the actor).
Who says when life is not cool you can’t have some fun? He teaches Mack a lesson in humility humiliating him infront of everyone in the gym. 
Turning the shift to Vernon who is happy but wanted someone he can really love like a pet. Reggie comes up with the huge idea of getting an animal he deserves which turns out to be a wild animal because the others were all taken. When they took it to his house to surprise him, Vernon already had a dog and their gift has broken the mirror of a Lamborghini escaping into the wild.
The best moment however was seeing Charles teach the kid a lesson showing up in his minivan and making minivans look cool as well. But he also got an offer after he tried to get angry for being kicked out – he will most likely be a coach.
However someone got visited by an ex – Ricky. She tried to give him an advice to not go for Buffaloes but maybe try New Orleans. Would you listen to your ex-wife?
Overall the series is getting tense, you can feel it. Only five episodes in and the story keeps on twisting with no mention of Andre this episode showing that the show has more than one card at play.