American Gothic: (S01E09) "The Oxbow"

The episode begins with Brady saying that when you arrest an innocent person, they freak out but when they arrest someone guilty, they go to sleep. Brady says to Garrett when they put him in the cell he lay there all night wide awake without making a noise. Brady says he believes Garrett didn’t kill anyone. It is just that Garrett had the knife with the missing piece so they know Garrett was involved.
Flashback to 14 years ago when Garrett is covered in mud and is holding the knife and Maddie is asking Garrett what he has done. Garrett doesn’t answer.
Back to present day. Maddie is visiting Garrett in prison and making sure he didn’t say anything. Garrett says he didn’t now. Maddie says not ever. Garrett tells Maddie to save her money. That it is over. This was inevitable. They just postponed it 14 years. Garrett says it was nice though being back in the fold. He says that’s over now. Maddie says no it’s not. Maddie says she has been thinking and it seems that she remembers his father giving him the knife. She wants Garrett to say the knife is Mitch’s. Garrett says he remembers some things more than others. Garrett flashes back to leaving a picture of him with Tessa on Tessa’s bed as she was sleeping.
The attorney is talking to Garrett and says she can destroy the evidence of the knife by saying there is so much time between when the knife was used and when it was found. Garrett starts talking about how evil is inevitable. Garrett says he expected to end up in jail. The attorney tells Garrett to not say anything to anyone, not even her. The attorney asks if Garrett is sleeping OK. Garrett says yes. He can sleep anywhere.
Flashback to a young Garrett. He must be sleeping in someone’s cabin. He hears them out the window and he runs before they even know he is there. The next thing you know he is trying to break into another cabin and a man shoots at him with a bow and arrow. Garrett says he is just looking for someplace warm to sleep. Garrett admits to couch surfing at different cabins. The man can’t believe Garrett came out here from Boston without food or a plan. The man tells Garrett to go back to Boston. Garrett says he couldn’t go back. The man asks why. Garrett says he can’t take the people there. The man says he understands. The man still tells him to go away and never come back to his cabin.
Cam calls Garrett in prison and asks him how it is. Cam says things are going OK in rehab. Garrett tells Cam that he is proud of him. Garrett says Cam stayed true to himself by wanting to be an artist and pursuing his dream. Cam asks why Garrett is being all philosophical. Garrett says he wants to get it all out before he goes to the electric chair.
Yet another flashback to Garrett in the woods. He is running after something to kill to eat. He runs into the same man from before and the man invites him in for supper. Garrett asks if the man lives here all the time. The man says no, only for about a month once a year. The man says he can teach Garrett how to hunt. He also tells Garrett there is a cabin he can stay at that no one owns anymore since the owner died without any relatives. The next day the man takes him to the cabin. The man teaches Garrett how to set traps. The man asks if Garrett went hunting with his dad. Garrett says yes. Ha! Hunting for what? Humans?
Alison is visiting Garrett in prison and says she doesn’t believe that Garrett is the accomplice. He asks about when she believed he was the killer. She says water under the bridge. She tells him she is on his side. Garrett thanks her. Alison asks if there is anything she can do for him. Garrett says no and that he is OK. Alison says she has to go.
The reporter Jennifer is doing affirmations and yoga and Alison sneaks into her apartment. Alison says she needs something on her competition. She tells Jennifer to find a way to get something she can use or Jennifer can start doing those daily affirmations from her cell.
Garrett’s friend in the woods says he never talks about his family because they are all dead.  Garrett says he was close to his sister Tessa and misses her. The man asks why Garrett hangs onto that old knife. He asks if it has sentimental value. Garrett says something like that.
Tessa is talking to Brady saying the knife could have been planted in Garrett’s cabin. Brady tells Tessa to stop and that he doesn’t understand her loyalty to Garrett. Brady tells Tessa to go down to the prison and ask Garrett if he was involved. Brady says she needs to know the truth.
While sitting in his cell, Garrett remembers being in the woods and approaching his family’s house but never going in. He finds Cam’s comic in the paper and smiles. You can tell he is proud of Cam. Over the years he sneaks up closer and closer and watches his family from a distance. He smiles as he watches them. Garrett hears Cam tell the family about how he met Sophie. One day, night actually, Garrett goes into the house while everyone is sleeping and leaves a piece of paper with his phone number on it in Tessa’s purse. She calls him and is so happy to hear his voice. Garrett doesn’t answer any of her questions but promises they will talk again soon. Tessa cries and says she loves him. Garrett says you too.
In the prison Tessa has gone to visit Garrett. He asks her how she is doing. Garrett asks if she heard a heartbeat. She says yes. Everything is good. She asks how he is holding up. He says fine. Tessa asks Garrett how that knife wound up in his cabin. Garrett tells Tessa not to ask. Tessa begs Garrett to talk to her. She tells him she doesn’t think he is a killer but for her own peace of mind she needs to hear him say it. Tessa says just tell me you never killed anyone. Garrett says he can’t do that. Tessa cries and leaves.
Tessa is back home and tells Brady that he was right. She has been naïve and in denial. She shows Brady the picture that Garrett left her the night he left. She tells Brady she will do anything to help.
Brady is visiting Garrett in prison and talks about showing a photo to witnesses to jog their memory. Garrett tells Brady he likes him, thinks he’s a good person and good for his sister and that he is happy Tessa married a good cop and congratulates him on the baby. Brady says Garrett has now lost Tessa, his last supporter in the world. Brady tells him to confess because he is going to show young Garrett’s picture around.
Garrett admits to the man in the woods that he watches his family and tells the man about his family. The man says maybe someone will come along for Garrett. Garrett doesn’t think that is in the cards for him. The man has a bad cough and Garrett asks if he is OK. The man says no. He has congestive heart failure.
Jennifer is following Mayor Conley and then she saw Linda getting into the mayor’s car. Hmmm…Why is that? Jennifer says if she finds anything out she will tell Alison.
Jack is visiting Garrett in prison and brought him the book “Escape from Alcatraz” thinking it may be helpful. Ha ha ha ha ha. Jack says he hopes Garrett gets out soon. Garrett says he hopes so too. Jack says he saw Christine when Tessa when to the doctor. Christine was there as a patient. Is Christine pregnant with Garrett’s baby? Garrett calls Christine and tells her about Jack’s visit. He says he has to know. Christine must hang up before answering. Garrett then calls his attorney Darcy and says he needs to get out of there now. Garrett asks if he tells her something is it covered under lawyer client confidentiality. Garrett tells Darcy that he is going to be a father.
Garrett’s lawyer Darcy is in the police station going through the records. Darcy finds evidence of a missing cufflink. She says she will have turned this into a full blown conspiracy before her opening statement.
Alison is talking to Garrett and he is asking if there is anything she can do. Alison says she thinks things are going to get better for both of them. Garrett asks Alison to give Tessa a message, that he needs a chance to explain his answer to her.
It is finally 2015 in Garrett’s flashbacks and he finds his old friend on the floor dying. Garrett wants to give him his medicine. The man just wants to die. He wants Garrett to suffocate him with a pillow. Garrett says he can’t. The man begs him. Garrett does it. He suffocates the old man with the pillow. He cries as he does it. He has become good friends with the man over the last 14 years. The police arrive and take the body away as Garrett watches from the woods. He must have called in the death without identifying himself. Then it turns 2016 and a man says his sister Tessa called and his dad is in the hospital. That must be when Garrett decides to return.
Garrett is watching the news in prison and they are waiting for a report from Jennifer. She looks nervous and is crying. She says she has a message from the Silver Bells Killer accomplice. The message says he is back. Then the man appears to kill Jennifer. There is a silver bell on the table next to her.
Flashback to when Garrett is all muddy and dirty in his bedroom and his mother is asking him what happened. Garrett says he tried to kill me. Who? Mitch? That is the end of the episode. We have to wait for next week for more answers.