Mr. Robot: (S02E07) "h4ndshake.sme"

Review: The first scene was a throwback scene with Tyrell and his wife and I am excited about that! It feels good to have a scene with him at last. I’ve … Missed him? Despite the fact that he is the biggest mistery of the season and he’s been most talked about. 
Angela is trying to fit into so many different pieces. She helped the fsociety with the FBI hack, which definitely got her into trouble, because that cop Dominique started snooping around. Just the fact that Angela is now going to be looked at, even if the FBI has no evidents, is pretty scary. I don’t think she is going to make a mistake, but she was this innocent character in the season one and she just seems to be a part of all kind of trouble in season 2. She even talked to her father, I think, about settling with the E-corp over the death of her mother. Is she some kind of a mastermind or is she just confused about everything she is doing? She got a promotion, so maybe that’s her “goal”.
Meanwhile, Elliot asked for answers and Mr. Robot started explaining to him what went down at the night of the hack. “It was either us or him,” he says. Could Tyrell seriously be dead? If this was any other show, I’d say there’s no way. Tyrell’s wife has been getting gifts and, as I’ve said in the previous review, it seems as if she was seriously protecting Elliot. Would she protect the man who potentially murdered her husband? She filed a request for a divorce, but would she be grateful if Tyrell actually died? And if he is dead, does that mean somebody else has been sending her gifts, could it be Elliot? So many questions, you guys!

The people are still protesting. Why? Was that explained and I didn’t catch it or is it in fact a mistery?

Elliot took down the site on the dark web that Ray put on, which got him in a lot of trouble. Ray was actually suspiciously calm about it, but a group of guys decided to get their revenge for what Elliot did. I knew the show would include the dark web sooner or later, but it’s a disturbing storyline, I won’t lie … Everything was fine up to last 10 minutes when so many things happened. Elliot’s friend stabbed those men that phisically abused Elliot, saying something like “Make sure you tell the Whiterose I helped you” … Is the Dark Army protecting Elliot? After that FBI attack and the reveal of the Chinese president having woman’s clothes, the Dark Army hasn’t been mentioned. I was getting upset about that up until that exact moment, but I don’t know what does it mean.
And before wrapping up … Here’s the biggest bomb drop of the season. ELLIOT IS IN A PRISON! I called it! Even so, this was just … Such a huge reveal. We are slowly, but definitely getting our answers. I am so thrilled. This was yet another awesome episode, 10/10.