Killjoys (S02E08) "Full Metal Monk"

The Plasma Is Strong With This One
Johnny is BUSTED! Dutch goes to see Johnny in Springhill but she’s not as boiling angry as we thought she’d be. Dutch is just worried about her partner. Johnny says he’s in love with Pawter. Dutch tells Johnny about killing Sabine and the red box Khlyen left her to kill another Six then calls Pawter to get her partner out leaving Johnny to deal with his “thing” so she can deal with her “thing”. Turin and D’avin track down a Six only to get beaten up by him. But just when this Six has him choking, D’avin uses his plasma controlling super powers to… make this Six’s eyes explode. Ewww. Dutch tells D’avin he needs to control his power better. Pawter comes to get Johnny out of jail and like a creepy crawly Jelco shows up. Pawter threatens Jelco though I think it only turned him on a little. Regardless, Jelco releases Johnny. Dutch informs D’avin that her partnership with Johnny is suspended for now while they both pursue their goals. D’avin doesn’t think Dutch should go off to war doing Khlyen’s dirty work but Dutch is insistent on going after her evil twin, Aneela. Given the choice between helping his brother or helping Dutch, D’avin chooses Dutch. So Johnny and Pawter take a stroll into Westerly where Pawter thinks the Company is going to cull Oldtown, killing off the weak and keeping the strong. They need to find the virus or whatever the Company is going to use to hurt everyone. I know you missed her… Delle Seyah comes to Springhill. Yep, Jelco tattled (not surprising). Delle Seyah decides to show Pawter and Johnny what the wall is for. On Leith in the monastery Alvis tells Dutch and D’avin that Olan isn’t well. He tried to kill his brother with something like a dread knot. Dutch decides to use Aneela’s name which triggers some psychotic break in Olan as he starts writing weird symbols on the wall and speaking “devil”. Olan says it’s a map and begs them not to follow it but we know Dutch…
The Writing On the Wall
Pawter and Johnny hang at the Royale trying to find proof so she can show Arun her only ally what’s going on. Pree tells them that Oldtown hasn’t been starving because someone has been sneaking in food so Pawter thinks it could be in the food. D’avin asks Alvis to help him control his plasma power though Alvis doesn’t give a clear answer (not one D’avin is willing to take anyway). Dutch and her two boy toys land on Arkyn and find another silver cube that only Dutch is able to open. They go into the cube but it’s different. Suddenly the lights go out and they start falling through the earth. Worst elevator ride ever! They hit the ground floor to some creepy lab cut off from Lucy. They’re on their own so now it’s time to explore the creepy underground lair… Fun. Pawter and Johnny meet Carl, the Company Guard from “Wild, Wild Westerly” who has been sneaking in food from the outside. But no toxins. Carl says he’s getting some special contraband soon though… On Arkyn Dutch, Alvis, and D’avin find a bunch of mutated, grotesque corpses in a lab that reminds D’avin of when Red 17 tried to put the plasma in him. Alvis finds a monk who is alive but trapped behind a weird wall just like the one around Oldtown. Alvis figures this monk was one of the 12 who went to fight the Devil. In Oldtown things are getting a bit… giddy. Pawter and Johnny go to Pawter’s old office to formulate a plan until Pawter decides they should do a little role-play. Pawter says she feels strange… happy strange. Pawter and Johnny exchange “I love you’s”.
Further Down the Rabbit Hole
Alvis tries to talk to the monk but he freaks out the minute he sees Dutch thinking she’s Aneela. The monk runs away then attacks the team. The monk is a Six! D’avin uses his plasma control powers to subdue the monk. In Oldtown, Pawter and Johnny play target practice and Arun shows up. He thinks they may be on Jack they’re so high and giddy but Jelco arrives to explain everything. D’avin tries to get into the monk’s head to find some answers. Alvis translates, though it’s not very nice. Despite Dutch’s protestations, the monk still believes she’s Aneela. Dutch shows the monk a picture of her tutor, Khlyen but the monk says Aneela called him “Father”. Dutch puts the monk out of his misery but when she asks him for “forgiveness” he says “No.” Harsh. The Wall around Oldtown is causing people to be complacent and happy. Jelco shoots Arun dead. Jelco leaves them with Arun’s body but not without taking a picture to pass onto the 9 framing Pawter for the murder. Dutch is a bit shaken from the lab. D’avin gives Dutch his support. Dutch is afraid that she’s really Aneela but D’avin refuses to believe it. He has faith in her. Lucy tells Dutch and D’avin that the Wall kills fear and increases euphoria allowing the Company to do whatever they want to Oldtown. Dutch asks Lucy to alert Johnny on Qresh but Lucy says he’s not on Qresh. Johnny, Pawter, and all of Oldtown are all happy, euphoric drones. Some people jumped out of buildings but feel no pain while others dance on glass with bloody cut feet. Yet everyone is all smiles. Jelco announces that he’s giving Oldtown food. We’ve tripped further down the rabbit hole.
I give this episode an A! As we step closer to the season 2 finale we step closer to solving the mystery that is Khlyen and Dutch’s connection. The only complaint I have is that I can’t find half of these awesome songs that play on the show! The music fits “Killjoys” like a fine leather glove! The best part of the episode was Alvis and D’avin. They make a good team after setting aside their differences but still keep their conversations light with a bit of snark.